February 18th, 2019

Welcome to our weekly newsletter! This week we see some big price jumps for The Umbrella Academy (thanks to Netflix) and highlight some great Power Girl variants. For those of you new to the newsletter, each week our clever CovrPrice crew look over the major movements and news of the week and report what we find.

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Tuesday, 2/12/19

SHAKER: THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY: APOCALYPSE SUITE #1 RETAILER INCENTIVE (Dark Horse, 2007) is moving copies thanks to a very well reviewed new series on NETFLIX. All UMBRELLA books seem to be moving well. However, this variant is reaching the highest of all with today’s CGC 9.8 sale of $550. The FCBD (Free Comic Book Day) 2017 first appearance is also moving quite briskly. Just in the past month, it jumped from $19.99 in January to $45 today. 9.8 graded copies have jumped from $75 to $260 this week.

Wednesday, 2/13/19

SHAKER: VOLTRON A LEGEND FORGED #1 (Devil’s Due, 2008) Jenny Frison Variant had a sale today for $181.02 for a VF/NM copy, which is not too far behind a NM sale of $225 back in June 2018. What’s notable about this variant (other than being a fantastic $1 bin treasure hunt book) is that it’s the first published work for Ms. Frison. If you haven’t been paying attention to HOT modern day artists, her star is quickly rising. Her amazing art spans RED SONJA, VAMPIRELLA, WONDER WOMAN and REVIVAL. Many of her covers and interior work are all seeing nice price bumps. We’ll try to cover more of those in the future.

MOVER/SHAKER: INCREDIBLE HULK #181 (Marvel, 1974) sold a CGC 9.4 for $10,000! (similar to another sale for the same grade/price in January) In 2014 you could have bought this same grade for $3,200, in 2015/2016 for $4K, in 2017 for $5K, the beginning of 2018 for $6K, then by the summer of 2018 for $8K, and end of the year for $9K… to where we are now. Prices are up across all grades, though others are a little sporadic and can vary greatly from month to month (or sale to sale). This specific grade has the most steady and consistent price jumps over any other grade for this book. Man, to go back to 2014. However, if we can time travel… we might as well just go back to 1974 and stock up on new copies right off the rack. But then again… we should probably go get an Action Comics #1 too…

SHAKER: POWER GIRL #6 (DC, 2009) Guillem March 1:10 variant went for $155 for a VF/NM copy. This hard to find variant did have a higher sale for a NM+ copy this past January for $201.50. If you don’t know about this run of POWER GIRL, issues #1 through #6 all feature 1:10 variants that are seeing great market values. #1 & #2 are both highly sought after Adam Hughes variants. #1 sells for $50 and #2 sells for $40. However, Guillem March handles the variant covers for issues #3 through #6. #3 sells for $42, #4 for $40 and number #5 at $99.99. Looking at the prices for #5, it seems primed to catch up to #6 at some point in the near future. The last issue, issue #27, also sells really well. This standard cover by Warren Louw (another rising star artist) also saw some sales today for $100 & $125 raw. This is a great $1 bin/ back issue book to hunt for. A CGC 9.8 for this issue sells for $450. So, time to hunt!

Thursday, 2/14/19

SHAKER/ HOT: THESE SAVAGE SHORES #1 2nd print (Vault, 2018) is an awesome homage to TOMB OF DRACULA #1. With the 1st print hitting new heights (and landing on this week’s TOP 10), this 2nd print should not be overlooked as it’s aiming to overtake it. Up until 2/11, this was obtainable for $10 to $15. It had a few $30 sales last week and then, suddenly, turned a corner and hit $50 today. (Update: this hit a new height of $89.95 on the 16th). Just wait until a 9.8 hits the market. So, with all that said, go check your local comic shops if this is still on the shelf or back issues!

SHAKER: SUPERMAN BATMAN #8 Michael Turner SDCC virgin variant (limited to 1,000 copies) (Aspen, 2017) sold for $130 raw. This variant features reused interior art from this issue by the late and great Michael Turner (R.I.P.). Another copy also sold last week for $137.50. These raw prices are catching up to the very undervalued 9.8 sales of $150 to $200 (though two 10.0’s sold for over $1k). This same image (different background) was also used in the highly sought after German Panini variant for SUPERMAN/ BATMAN #4. This foreign variant was limited to 499 copies. Surprisingly, this new SDCC version has definitely hurt the value for the Panini version. In 2017 that cover sold at a high of $1,490 raw and $1,850 for a CGC 9.8. Most recently, raws have sold for $300 to $400 and a CGC 9.8 sold for $865. Collectors do seem to be turning to the more affordable SDCC version. Regardless, this is a great iconic cover by a legendary artist that we truly miss.

Friday, 2/15/19

MOVER / SHAKER: THE SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #17 Spider-Man 2099 JG Jones 1:50 variant (Marvel, 2013) sold a NM raw copy for $135. This has been selling well for a while now. However, today’s sale was a nice reminder for us to highlight this book as our favorite image of Spidey 2099. SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN has some truly fantastic variants in its series.

SHAKER: HANNA-BARBERA SCOOBY DOO… WHERE ARE YOU! #1 (Gold Key, 1970) sold a CGC 7.0 for $1,199.99. Mid-grade raws sell for $300. It’s really easy to overlook kid books while hunting for comics in the wild or online. With that said, it’s really easy to miss Gold Key books as plenty of them have low market values and can clutter old long boxes… but not this one! If you’re lucky enough to find this rare and hard to find 1st appearance of Scooby Doo (and gang), grab it!

TUMBLER: (AKA: books with the biggest negative trends) SAGA #1 RRP (Limited to 500 copies) (Image, 2012) has been slipping in market value. In November 2017, this variant had its highest sale of a CGC 9.8 for $3,400. It also had another high sale in August 2018 for $3,250. However, over the past several months, prices have dropped to $2,500, $2K and now most recently to today’s sale of $1,700. This is the lowest sale in about 4 years. So, why the drop? There’s no clear signs since sales are still strong. It’s still Image’s best selling book. We can mostly just sense some series fatigue and reports from longtime readers in a decline of story quality (which is quite subjective). However, even though this is still a pricey book, this is a GREAT time to buy. There will come a day when this will be developed. It’s still one of the most in-demand comics by studios and production companies wishing to make content out of it. Brian K. Vaughn has stated that he has turned down multiple industry offers and won’t entertain any until the series completion. With all that said, If you’re looking for a copy, now’s your chance. Unfortunately, raws still sell for the very consistent price of $1 to 1.3K.

Saturday, 2/16/19

SHAKER: GAME OF THRONES #17 Mile High Lucio Parillo Variant (Dynamite, 2013) sold @ $104.78. Lucio Parillo has been around for a while now but has been getting a lot of love over the past year or two (because he’s awesome). While we head into a new season of HBO’s GAME OF THRONES in April, this sought after variant is seeing some steady spikes in price with it’s highest sale today. This is definitely one to watch. AND, if you live in Colorado near Mile High… maybe look around to see if they have any in their back issues.

Sunday, 2/17/19

SHAKER: MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE #12 (Marvel, 1988) sold a CGC 9.8 for $400. This is the highest sale yet for this “Death of He-Man” issue. A bunch of MOTU (Masters of the Universe) books are starting to move with the recent news of Sony Pictures MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE possibly starting production in mid-July in Prague. Collectors are starting to feel some pressure to move on books they were hesitant to pull the trigger on. This book is a notable jump in price and most likely a direct response to all the above.

SHAKER: SPAWN #222 Kudranski Variant (Image, 2012) is easily one of the most valuable Spawn books. It’s almost a book of legend as it very rarely comes up for sale When one does, it commands larger and larger prices. Today a CGC 9.8 sold for $1,665.

SHAKER: HIT-MONKEY #1 2nd Print (Marvel, 2010) sold today for $135 (Update: another one sold on 2/19 for $132.50). With the HULU Animated show news, this somewhat arguable first appearance of Hit-Monkey was trailing well behind the 1st print last week at $9.99…. until these two sales. It’s worth noting that these were the only listed copies. A buyer must have felt like they had to have it. $10 to $100+ is a huge jump. These prices have brought several more to market, but are all heading towards $100+ sales.

Monday, 2/18/19

SHAKER: LIFE WITH ARCHIE #23 – Variant had a big jump today. Typically a $30 book, it jumped to $138. This issue was the turning point for Archie where the series first transformed into its modern-day, edgy version. This issue kick-started the “Afterlife With Archie” series which lead to the more adult-themed show content “Riverdale” and “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”. Unconfirmed rumors even hint that we might see an “Afterlife” themed episode on CW’s Riverdale.