April 22nd, 2019

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Tuesday, 4/16/19

SHAKER: THE UNCANNY X-MEN #510 CAMPBELL Partial Sketch Variant Today a CGC 9.6 sold for $6,000. This is the first non-SS 9.6 sold in quite a while. The highest sale ever was $12,500 for a 9.8 in 7/18. These partial sketch variants are pretty interesting. In 2008/2009, Marvel created several partial sketch variants for various books to be distributed at different comic conventions. This is not too dissimilar from what publishers do today. Even the prints runs were rumored to run around 300 to 500 copies. Which, again, is not uncommon for current convention exclusives. This always makes us wonder… what are today’s exclusives going to do in 10 years (especially those with 100 copy print runs)? Over the past decade, these partial sketch variants have proven their rarity and several now command large premiums. Here are the Marvel Partial Sketch Variants in the set (in order of most valuable):

  • Uncanny X-Men #510 – 2009 Charlotte Heroes Con 2009 and 2009 SDCC.  See above.  (Find on eBay)

Others thought to be in the set:


SHAKER: WOLVERINE #1 Campbell “Wolverine as Deadpool” Variant (Marvel, 2010) This ultra-rare Campbell variant sold a CGC 9.6 today for $3,375. This was one of those retailer incentive variants where retailers had to send in 50 ripped off covers of specific books that were specifically requested by Diamond. It’s a strange and appropriately criticized request to have a distributor request stores to purposely destroy books. For those very reasons, not many stores participated and thereby made this one of the most desired modern day variants. (Find on eBay)

SHAKER: VENOM: LETHAL PROTECTOR #1 Black Error Variant (Marvel, 1993) We chatted about this rare error variant a few months ago in our previous newsletter. Today’s sale for a CGC 9.6 at $2,600, shows us that for RARE books, investing in non-9.8 graded slabs can we worth your time and absolutely see significant increases. While 9.8’s have fallen from a high of $4,800 to it’s most recent $3,550, 9.6’s have jumped up. The last sale for a 9.6 was in 12/18 and went for $1,075. While the 9.8 would have been ideal, EVEN with the lesser price… it’s nice to know that the ceiling can still be broken on other grades. (Find on eBay)

Wednesday, 4/24/19

SHAKER: SPIDER-WOMEN ALPHA #1 Stacey Lee 1:25 Variant (Marvel, 2016) With all the market heat on books like Naomi, former popular books (like this title) may no longer be in active discussions, but will STILL sell high. Case in point: Spider-Women Alpha #1. It sold a CGC 9.8 today for $439.95. While it’s not quite the $600 9.8’s were getting in 12/18, it’s still solid. (Find on eBay)

SHAKER: SILK #1 COMICSPRO Johnson Variant (Marvel, 2015) Here’s an example of another book out of current conversations but still seeing significant increases. Today, a CGC 9.8 sold for $400. Again, not quite as good as the $600 sales we were seeing in 6/18, but definitely up from the $200 to $300 sales it’s been getting for the past 6 months. (Find on eBay)


HORRIFIC #3 (Comic Media, 1953) Man, could you imagine seeing this sitting on your comic newsstand in 1953? For a time period that was prim and proper, it’s not shocking that the comics code authority began policing comics like this in 1954. This classic Don Heck “Hole in head” cover is highly coveted by Pre-Code (PC) collectors and sold a CGC 2.0 for $2,000 today. These just don’t come up for sale often. (Find on eBay)

Thursday, 4/18/19

SHAKER: UNCANNY X-FORCE #5 Psylocke Milo Manara 1:50 Variant (Marvel, 2013) Milo Manara is not a name you hear often in casual comic communities, though his variants (and art) are highly sought after and collected. This Psylocke variant is perhaps his most valuable with a CGC 9.8 selling today for $700. His work is often sexual/suggestive in nature and has caused plenty of controversies (like his Spider-Woman #1 1:100 variant). Despite that controversy, it really hasn’t slowed his book values, as many of his hard to find variants are mostly moving up.  (Find on eBay)

SHAKER: LEGACIES #9 Bill Sienkiewicz 1:25 Variant (DC, 2011) For a time, LEGACIES #8 (Frank Quietly 1:25 Darkseid variant) was the variant everyone wanted in this series. However, this “Sink” variant for issue #9 really has been hard to find and therefore has been seeing higher and higher sales. This series lingers in forgotten back issues, so check your shops for this and maybe you’ll get lucky.  (Find on eBay)

Friday, 4/19/19

HOT/ SHAKERMARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #4 Bill Sienkiewicz 1:50 Variant (Marvel, 2019) This was the variant to hunt for last week (and maybe even THIS week). Not many stores are ordering this title, let alone 50 copies. If you pair fan-favorite artist Bill Sienkiewicz AND Moon Knight together, then you’ll most likely have a hot variant. While not many copies have been listed or sold, those that have sold are going for $149.95. There was also a HUGE sale for this in the UK for GBP 460.00 ($598.44 U.S.)  (Find on eBay)

Saturday, 4/20/19

SHAKER: TALES OF TERROR ANNUAL #2 (EC, 1951) Here’s a rare golden age, pre-code horror that seldom comes up for sale. A CGC 6.5 copy sold today for $2,150.(Find on eBay)

SHAKER: MYSTERIOUS ADVENTURES #17 (Story Comics, 1953) This features another classic PC Horror that rarely pops up. This sold a CBCS 6.0 for $3,025, dwarfing poor condition $75 raw sales. (Find on eBay)

Sunday, 4/21/19

SHAKER: ALBEDO ANTHROPOMORPHICS #2 (Thoughts & Images, 1983) Here’s a book we chatted about before. However, today’s CGC 8.0 sale for the first appearance of Miyamoto Usagi, a.k.a. Usagi Yojimbo, is impossible to leave out.  It sold for $3,997.97, greatly surpassing the last 8.0 sale in 12/17 for $1,500. Heck, this sale even surpassed a CGC 9.0 sale in 12/18 for $3,650. This is simply a book that moves on pure fan/collector demand.  (Find on eBay)


Monday, 4/22/19

SHAKER: VENUS #17 (Marvel, 1951) Yep, another pre-code (there were TOO MANY to choose from this week). Matt Baker gets a lot of our focus usually. So, this was a perfect chance to feature a classic Bill Everett cover. Today’s raw sale of $2,250 almost matched a CGC 4.5 sale of $2500 earlier this year. Seriously, pre-code is just moving like delicious hotcakes right now. (Find on eBay)

SHAKER: X-MEN #106 35 Cent Variant (Marvel 1977) Check out our previous newsletters on price variants. We’ve covered several of the big hitters. However, this 35-cent variant now gets a seat at the table with today’s sale $2,010 for a CGC 9.8. Granted, this is a 9.8 for a hard to find price variant. This book will absolutely not come up again for a while. With that rarity came a premium. Still, it definitely makes you check all those price boxes a little closer. (Find on eBay)

SHAKER/HOT: SILVER SURFER #1 (Marvel, 1968) Apparently, we should have been investing in Silver Surfer #1. Market values are way up across all grades for this first issue solo series for Mr. Radd. Today, a CGC 9.4 sold for $6,600. On 4/20, a 9.4 sold for $6,250. Yet, in 9/18 it went for $4,500. And going further back, in 2017 it went for $2,390. A 9.2 sold for $4K on the 17th this week, when the last sale for a 9.2 was for $2,790 in 12/18. See a trend? With FOX’s Marvel characters FINALLY heading home, collectors are banking on seeing the Surfer ride in the MCU one day. Kevin Feige has confessed that it will take years (and years) to see some of these characters on screen. Which means, this book isn’t coming down anytime soon. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)

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