April 8th, 2019

Welcome to CovrPrice’s weekly newsletter! This week we see some big sales for Invincible and Siege. Not to mention the “real” first appearance of Hellboy. Be sure to sign up for CovrPrice.com and start your 14-day free trial.

Tuesday,  4/2/19

MOVER/ SHAKER/ HOT:  It was announced today that AKIRA (set-up with Leonardo Dicaprio’s production company & Warner Bros.) is among 18 films to receive large tax credits from California. This Warner Bros. release has not yet been cast but is scheduled to film only in California for 71 days. For a project that has been stuck in development hell for decades but, it sounds like it’s finally going to happen. With this new news, Akira books were instantly on fire and hitting $25 raw and $230 for a 9.8 (update: it now sells raw for $45. While issue #1 has the highest volume, the most in-demand Akira books with the greatest value are the last issues in the series (ending with #38). This issue is incredibly hard to find and therefore sold for $200 BEFORE the news hit. No single raw sales (non-sets) have come to market. A few CGC 9.0’s sold today for $285 & $247.95 today. There’s one CBCS 9.8 currently listed, which seems like a decent deal. Other then that and one raw copy, it’s pretty dry out there. (Find on eBay)

Wednesday,  4/3/19

SHAKER: SPAWN #185 McFarlane Headless Variant (Image, 2008) sold for $340 raw (not to be confused with the easier to find Capullo headless variant). We talk about SPAWN a lot, but his fan base is huge and has multiple expensive and hard to find variants. This is one of the moderately expensive ones. This $340 sale isn’t even the highest. Its frequently hit $450 in the past. We’ve seen people pluck these out of back issue bins with retailers/sellers being none-the-wiser that it’s a variant. These books don’t have the words VARIANT anywhere on the cover, nor is it your typical qualifying incentive variant. Regardless, when digging, be sure to look out for this fun, stealthy buy. (Find on eBay)

SHAKER: INVINCIBLE #1 (Image, 2003) sold a CGC 9.8 for a second place sale high of $1,031. The top sale was $1,195.00 for a 9.8 on March 25th, 2019. With an “adult” animated series coming from Amazon, Invincible books are only moving up at this point. With the initial press release (back in June of 2018), it was also noted that a live-action film was still in development by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (who produced PREACHER). So, plenty of room left for this book to grow. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)

Thursday,  4/4/19

SHAKER: THE MARVEL FAMILY #1 (Fawcett, 1945) CGC 4.5 sold for $4,550. This issue is the first appearance and origin of BLACK ADAM, Shazam’s big nemesis. If you’ve seen the film, then you will have noticed/heard several references to Black Adam. Without going into spoilers, collectors are anticipating that we’ll see him appear at some point in the next round of DC or Shazam films. (Find on eBay)

Friday,  4/5/19

MOVER/ SHAKER/ HOT: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 Walmart Artgerm “Long Hair” variant was one of the hottest books of the weekend. At first glance, it looks like Walmart simply used the Artgerm variant for LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 for this one. However, when collectors realized that this version had longer hair (see image below), news of this variant moved through comic communities like cosmic wildfire, sending droves of comic fans to their closest Walmart. With a high sale of $35 for this 3-pack, copies starting flooding the market and drove prices down. While it’s still selling at $20, the print run realization is probably quite large. Word is this was limited to 2 copies per store, though large ones received more. “The Internet,” tells us there are 4,769 Walmarts in the U.S. So, mathing that up….. It’s a lot.  (Find on eBay)

SHAKER: SIEGE #3 Deadpool J. Scott Campbell Variant sold a CGC 9.8 for $2,400. This is the lowest we’ve seen in a while. A 9.8 sold in 6/19/18 for $2,950.00 and another 9.8 sold in 3/8/18 for $2,750.00. This is easily one of the most expensive modern variants. It’s impossible to know the print run on these. In order to receive a copy, retailers had to send Marvel 50 unsold issues of DC’s Blackest Night (ouch). How many did that?  Based on rarity and large value, not many. (Find on eBay)

Saturday,  4/6/19

SHAKER: WONDER WOMAN #609 & 614 Alex Garner 1:10 Variants are some Wonder Woman variants that always sell. This week, #609 (our favorite Wonder Woman cover) sold a raw NM copy for $169.99 on 4/4. Today, a buyer received a huge bargain when a CGC 9.8 copy sold in auction for $91.99. Deals are out there! Mr. Garner did 1:10 variants for issues #602 to #614. Several of those sell for decent values, though #609 and #614 sell for the most. #614 was the last issue in this Wonder Woman run and can be difficult to find and often sells for $100.  Today, #614 1:10 Variant sold a raw NM- copy for $92. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)

SHAKER: BEWARE #10 Frank Frazetta CGC 3.0 sold for $1,714. This is just an awesome classic Frazetta that’s increasing in value. Mr. Frazetta is amazing and his work only gets more and more attention. Just to price compare, a CGC 2.5 sold for $800 back in May 2018. (Find on eBay)

Sunday,  4/7/19

SHAKER: SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON COMICS #2 (Dark Horse, 1993) – A CGC 9.8 sold for $702.91. While this isn’t the highest ever, it’s pretty close. The highest sale sold on Dec. 6th, 2017 for $760. With a new (and violent) Hellboy film releasing, there’s continued interest in his first appearance in this issue. We wanted to say “renewed” interest, but this book has always sold well, especially for high-grade copies. And if you’re scratching your head why this marks his first appearance, there’s a short story with Hellboy in here (dated August 1993), predating his “first color appearance” in Next Men #21 in Dec. 1993. If you really want to jump into the first appearance debate, then we should note that Hellboy also appears on the cover of DIME PRESS #4 (May 1993) which predates SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON COMICS #2. CGC notates it as “Hellboy cover predates first U.S. appearance”, so there you go. (Find on eBay)

Monday,  4/8/19

SHAKER: MALIBU SUN #13 Error Variant sold a CGC 8.5 for $850, which is $150 more than an 8.5 did this time last year. Remember, we love error variants, and this is right there at the top of our favorites list. The error for this lies on the back cover, where the black ink didn’t print, leaving a bright green Spawn in its place. It’s very hard to find in any grade. For example, a 9.2 is the highest graded sale and it sold for $1K. There are 33 copies on the CGC census, with two 9.8’s (one a McFarlane Signature Series). Imagine what one of those 9.8’s would go for!  (Find on eBay)