May 13th, 2019

This week we chat about the Netflix / Dark Horse news, call out some bad spec that moved some issues, and see how Endgame spec is still affecting the market.

Tuesday, 5/07/19

SHAKER: 5 RONIN #5 DEADPOOL (Marvel, 2011) Here are some awesome books that are mostly affordable. This somewhat obscure Marvel series has been getting a lot more attention from collectors. Usually, variants will sell for a premium over their standard cover. However, in some cases (like Naomi #1), the core A cover will sell for a significant premium over the variants. For this 5 Ronin set, this is absolutely the case. Artist David Aja created some amazing covers for this series (which look AMAZING together) and they command the market over their variants. For the past year or two, his Psylocke cover for issue #4 has had all the attention and sells for $50 raw and $200 in a 9.8. However, 5 Ronin #5 Deadpool is now seeing some of Psylocke’s attention and sold a VF/NM copy for $40. There are no cheap copies listed anywhere. Even Issue #1 Wolverine has seen some price increases at $20/25 raw and $103 for a 9.8 (though MCS sold one recently for $5.10). A full Aja set has sold for $120. We have to note that searching for these are a bit of a mess. MANY sellers incorrectly list the AJA covers as the variant. We recommend drilling down to the specific book and add the character name, like 5 RONIN #5 DEADPOOL. You can also add AJA to that list. (Find on eBay)

Wednesday, 5/08/19

SHAKER: BREAKING BAD: ALL THE BAD THINGS (AMC, 2013) As fans of this highly-regarded series, we would easily overlook this comic. Which is why some sales even surprise us and put books on our radar for the first time. This promotional BREAKING BAD comic sold a CGC 9.8 for $425. In March, another 9.8 sold for $375. On average, RAWs sell for $25, though it has hit $44 and $80 over the last couple months. Word is, this was given out after the BREAKING BAD/ AMC SDCC 2013 Panel. This comic gives a look back on the events of Season 1 through 5, leading up to Season 5’s finale. Sellers often mark this as “limited to 500”, though that number is unconfirmed (though could be not too far off). This book is a reminder to visit panels during high profile conventions and to always take the free comics (and get them into bags & boards ASAP).  San Diego ComicCon has a long history of turning free/cheap comics into today’s most valuable comics. (Find on eBay)


Thursday, 5/09/19

SHAKER: WOLVERINE #75 BLUE ERROR HOLOGRAM (Marvel, 1993) Hey, remember Holograms?  They never really worked well and were always somewhat hard to see. Like comics in general, these sometimes had errors with them as well. This rare “Blue Error” is more properly designated by CGC as “Distorted hologram on cover”. On regular issues, this hologram is more yellow/green/blue depending on the angle you’re looking at it. This error is noticeably pure blue and has no 3D effect. Historically, prices have always jumped around a bit. Raw copies could be had last year for as low as $30. A CGC 9.8 sold last August for $300. However, raw prices are moving back up and hitting $80 and a CGC 9.8 sold today for a whopping $800. Apparently, there are other fans of error books out there besides just us.  (Find on eBay)

NEWS: NETFLIX/ DARK HORSE Out of the massive success of THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY, it was announced today that Netflix closed an overall first-look deal for all Dark Horse titles for both film and TV. What’s not said in here is whether these will be live action or animated. Netflix has been building a substantial animation team. So, there’s really no book that they CAN’T do (logistically) in their library. Some titles might have rights issues. Keep in mind that like BOOM and ONI, DARK HORSE also publishes comics for other licensed IP. So, not every title of theirs is available for future content (at least not through this specific deal). That said, many books are going to see nice increases as they tap into Dark Horse more. With that in mind, be patient. Announcements will roll out one by one for years. So, there’s plenty of time. We recommend hitting up dollar bins as there are plenty of Dark Horse gems collecting dust. There are some titles already seeing market movement, here are a few:


BLACK CROSS #1 1986) This book may be one of Dark Horse’s most important comics as it was the first Dark Horse title and kicked off a successful run of “Dark Horse Presents” which has had had notable 1st appearances in the run, including ALIENS, PREDATOR, SIN CITY and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. More directly, this issue also features the first appearance of the character CONCRETE (who has been “in development” several times through the years) and BLACK CROSS. If you want a place to start, this title is a good entry point. Note, there’s a 2nd print that looks almost JUST like the 1st print. The easiest way to tell the 1st is by the looking at the Dark Horse Logo. The 1st print has nothing underneath the logo, where the 2nd print has the price block underneath. There are few other differences, like the issue number. The 2nd print has a square around the issue number. The 1st print has just the number “1”. It’s currently selling for $15 raw and $140 for a 9.8. (Find on eBay)

LADY KILLER #1 (2015) Lady Killer is just awesome. Fantastic story and even better art by the amazing Joelle Jones. This book was hot right out of the gate, hitting $25 the first couple weeks. It saw some dips in 2018 to $10 and under, but has recently bounced back better than ever to the current $50. 9.8’s have sold for around $100. Those were copies available BEFORE the Dark Horse news hit. The Emerald City Comic Con variant was pretty dry before the news hit and is now completely gone. Raw prices for the variant varied from $10 to $50 (dependent on condition and availability). The only listed copy was a CGC 9.8 that sold quickly for $109. That was an excellent buy. (Find on eBay)

THE WITCHER #1 (2014) This has been in development with Netflix for a while now, starring Henry Cavill. In fact, the release day of December 20, 2019, just leaked a few days ago. This bit of news hasn’t affected current prices, but it’s still worth noting since it still sells at $40 for the main cover and $60 for the Sakai variant.  (Find on eBay)

We like BUZZKILL #1 (2013) While this isn’t heating up price wise, the creator’s name of Donny Cates should sound familiar and get some attention. We’re absolutely not saying “buy this”, but check it out. It’s awesome. Mr. Cates is one of the most popular writers in comics right now. This was also co-written by the Toadies drummer, Mark Reznicek. The premise is: “Ruben is not your average alcoholic; he’s an unstoppable superhero who derives his powers from imbibing MASSIVE amounts of alcohol. After all the disasters it’s caused in his personal life, he’s ready to get clean . . . and the city’s supervillains couldn’t be happier!”.  We would watch that. (Find on eBay)


There are other obvious titles like UMBRELLA ACADEMY, HELLBOY, BLACK HAMMER which have been, are being, and will be developed. Many buyers are also looking at FEAR AGENT, which is a bit tricky as it was first published under Image in 2005-2006 and then went to Dark Horse from 2007 to 2018 and then BACK to Image in 2018. So, it looks like the rights lie with its creator Rick Remender. This was in development with Universal for years, so it could still be locked up there. Other collectors are looking at THE LAST OF US, for which the rights lie with the game developer NAUGHTY DOG. Dark Horse simply published the comics. We’ll keep track of more Dark Horse books that start trending. (If you want even more info on Dark Horse and Netflix, here’s a good article from Comic Book Invest)

Friday, 5/10/19

SHAKER: CAPTAIN MARVEL #14 (Marvel, 2013) Newsstand collectors are hardcore. The ONLY newsstand we’ve ever seen for this issue just sold a CGC 9.6 for a massive $1,700. Which is about $1,500 more than its non-newsstand counterpart. Granted, as noted above, this newsstand is exceptionally rare and doesn’t come up for sale. That extra $1 price was well worth paying. For those of you who don’t know the history of this book, CGC notes this as the “First appearance of Kamala Kahn in one-panel cameo”.  Here’s the panel:

This panel has was HIGHLY debated until CAPTAIN MARVEL writer, Kelly Sue DeConnick, confirmed that Kamala’s quick appearance in Captain Marvel #14 saying, “Kamala is in the background of a scene in Captain Marvel 14 … She is very deliberately placed in a position where she sees Carol protecting civilians from Yon-Rogg.”  So, there you go. We’ll dig into ALL of her firsts in the future… it’s complicated and makes you REALLY appreciate when new characters are CLEARLY on the cover and make a full appearance all within the same issue.  (Find on eBay)

SHAKER: INCREDIBLE HULK #181 (Marvel, 1974) Sometimes, we get sales in that just look glaringly off and make us investigate its legitimacy. This was one of those today, where we saw a raw Hulk 181 sell for $11,000. This amount stuck out and made us do a double take. Now, the most expensive raw sale we’ve ever seen was for $5,606 back in March 2019. Looking into this, the sale appears to be legit and the copy listed is noted as being in NM+ 9.8 (potential) condition (with the value stamp). It does look like a really nice copy. If we do the math a little, a graded 9.8 sells for $20K to $39K (yeah, 9.8’s fluctuate wildly). And if it IS a potential graded 9.8, then that’s a pretty good deal. Even 9.6’s sell for $14K+. Breakeven is a 9.4 at $11K. So, this buyer even has a little room on the grading. It all makes sense. But still, this was a HUGE increase for a raw. We’ll have to see what kind of effect this has on all other future sales. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)

Saturday, 5/11/19

SHAKER: NOVA #15 DALE KEOWN 1:50 VARIANT (Marvel, 2014) When characters are speculated on to appear in some form of content, most collectors will immediately search for their first appearance. When casual fans are priced out of that first appearance, many then search next for a rare or hard to find variant. Well, with this one you get a twofer. Both Beta Ray Bill and Nova grace the cover of this hard to find Dale Keown variant. Now, this variant has sold for various prices depending on availability. It’s sold for as high as $145 back in May 2018 and then $16.76 two months later. This week, we saw three copies sell: $89.99 at $110 and finally a big jump to today’s sale of $300. It is a cool variant that’s now on the TOP variant list.  (Find on eBay)

Sunday, 5/12/19

SHAKER/ MOVER/ HOT: BLOODSTONE #1 (Marvel, 2001) Another comic book website played “what if” with the idea of Marvel developing Blade for Hulu or Disney+. With the confirmed Ghost Rider and Helstrom shows, Disney+ began their press release with “The Spirits of Vengeance are coming!”.  If you recall, Blade was an integral member of the Spirits of Vengeance. To add to the buzz, Wesley Snipes recently tweeted a picture of himself as Blade on his motorcycle  “Caption this…Blade”. So with those unconfirmed reports, speculation has ALREADY begun on characters like Blade (or similar characters) that could also appear, including Elsa Bloodstone. Elsa’s first appearance in this title, BLOODSTONE #1 (2001), has been sought after for years. However, with this nugget of spec., it’s taken a sharp increase from a $12 book to a CGC 9.8 sale of $270 and it’s highest raw sale ever of $55 (for a VF/NM copy nonetheless).  (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)

SHAKER: ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4 (Marvel, 2011) Djurdjevic Variant  Just when you think this variant, featuring the first appearance of Miles Morales, can’t go up any more… it does… and in a big way. Today a CGC 9.8 sold for $2,900, which is $650 more than the last highest sale of $2,350. Raws generally sell for around $300. However, high-grade raws sell for $600 to $750. So, with SUCH a massive premium on 9.8’s why wouldn’t everyone just grade these? Well, the problem is the drop down to a 9.6 is pretty significant. Most 9.6’s are selling from $750 to $850. Many sellers would rather sell raw then bother with grading costs and waiting for the book to return. For all the other grades: 9.4’s were getting around $400 to $450, though recently hit a big $800 on 5/3. 9.2’s & 9.0’s sell for $400. And here’s the kicker, a CGC 7.5 sold for $320. Seeing all of this, we feel that 9.6’s are way undervalued and are due for a market correction. (Find on eBay)

Monday, 5/13/19

SHAKER: ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER #1 1:50 TRADD MOORE VARIANT (Marvel, 2014) Tradd Moore has a very distinct style that really allowed his version of Ghost Rider to stand out. His 1:50 variant for this series new GR, Robbie Reyes, wasn’t easy to find BEFORE the Disney+ news of a new GHOST RIDER series featuring this version of the Rider. Today, a raw copy sold for $201, and a CGC 9.8 sold for $575. If you really want one, prices went up a little. The only raw currently listed is asking for $500, while the only 9.8 is asking for $999. Wouldn’t $666 be more appropriate? (Find on eBay)