May 20th, 2019

Welcome to CovrPrice’s weekly newsletter! This week we see an explosion of Atlas / Seaboard comics making their way to the Top 10 list and also call out some comics with unintended sexual innuendos. Fun times!

Tuesday, 5/14/19

SHAKER: MONSTRESS #1 (Image, 2015)  If you’re not reading Monstress, you’re missing out.  This epic fantasy, written by Marjorie Liu, is easily one of the most gorgeous books on comic shelves.  Artist Sana Takeda has this highly detailed American Manga feel to his pencils. Creators like Neil Gaiman have spoken high praises for this title. It’s also won numerous awards, including five Eisner and three Hugh Awards. While raw prices have dropped recently from the formerly steady $50 to the current $30, we wanted to point out the $249.99 GCC 9.8 sale from today. This is the highest sale ever for this title. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)


SHAKER: SHE-HULK #1 Siya 1:100 Variant (Marvel, 2014) This is one of our team members #1 most sought after variant. It always pains him to see sales like today and watch this book drift further and further out of reach. Just a few years ago, this variant sold raw for $100, with 9.8’s selling for $300. Today, a CGC 9.4 sold for $750. A 9.8 sold back in January 2019 for $1,200. Artist Siya Oum, who mostly drew for Aspen at the time, became a fresh new fan-favorite artist. She did multiple variants for Marvel, including this VERY hard to find 1:100 incentive. Now, before the recent She-Hulk fervor, She-Hulk wasn’t a title that stores order a 100 copies of. We’ve been watching this title since the beginning and it would often disappear from eBay for months on end. At one point, it was over a year before a copy came to market. With Siya and She-Hulk’s growing popularity, this variant jumped onto new collectors’ radars and is now one of the most valuable variants in the industry.  (Find on eBay)


Wednesday, 5/15/19

SHAKER: BLACK CAT #50 (Harvey, 1954) So, we’ve mentioned this pre-code horror book before.  But it’s SO awesome, that we had to call out this new raw height of $4,192.43. When collectors chat PCH books, this book is at the top of their must-have lists.  It’s a classic, horrific cover with amazing colors. And we thought we were getting priced out of She-Hulk above! (Find on eBay)


SHAKER/ HOT/ MOVER: INCREDIBLE HULK #449 (Marvel, 1997) We had this book in our TOP 10 for the WEEK IN REVIEW for 2/10/19.  Back then, this book saw a sales spike upon the news of a potential new comic series and possible TV show in the works. Today, this book has ALSO been thrown around amongst all the post ENDGAME speculation. CGC 9.8’s sold in February for $299 and today had a sale of $340 and $350 (on 5/20).  While it’s not in our TOP 10 lately, it’s steadily selling very well. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)


Thursday, 5/16/19

NEWS/ HOT/ MOVER/ SHAKER: ATLAS COMICS & PARAMOUNT PRODUCTION DEAL With today’s sale of the 1970s Atlas/Seaboard library and a potential movie franchise deal with Paramount Pictures, a spotlight has been placed on some of the more notable comics produced during the publisher’s short lifespan. Although Atlas Comics has a long history dating back to the early 1950s, by the ‘70s it was started anew as Atlas/Seaboard and struggled to keep up with Marvel and DC who dominated the comic book market. The founder of Atlas/Seaboard (as well as Atlas Comics) was Martin Goodman, who had founded Marvel and subsequently sold and left that company.

The interesting part of the story is that Goodman, in an attempt to compete with Marvel and DC, attracted many of their artists and authors by offering more lucrative contracts. Thus, the Atlas/Seaboard library displays work from such comics notables as Steve Ditko, Wally Wood, Howard Chaykin, and Neal Adams among others. Many of the top Atlas/Seaboard titles appear in Covrprice’s current Top Ten List  (as well as the runner ups) but if you are interested in digging a little deeper, here are a few suggestions:

Barbarians featuring Ironjaw #1 (June 1975) which is currently on an upward trend and has a raw average of $9.33. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)


Planet of Vampires #1 (February 1975) which has an upward trend and has a high raw sale of $11.50. (Find on eBay)


Phoenix #1 (January 1975) which has a strong upward trend of 17.09% and has a raw average of $7.93. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)


If you pay attention to our MOVERS, SHAKERS, TOP 10, and RUNNER UPS lists, you’ll get a clear sense of which titles the market is leaning towards. We expect to see these and more Atlas/Seaboard comics continue to grow in value over the next few months and years as movies are announced and franchises are started. However, without a clear confirmation of which titles Paramount will focus on first, it’s all a gamble right now. It’s worth noting that this deal will take years… and years… and years… to flush out. So, there’s plenty of time to chase these titles that have cluttered dusty $50 cent/ $1 bins for the past 45 years. Take your time and buy these cheap. Be patient and wait for news to hit as it comes out.


Friday, 5/17/19

SHAKER: AQUAMAN #11 (DC, 1963), the first appearance of Mera, sold a high grade raw for $1,136, dwarfing other high sales of $200+. There was another NM raw that sold back in February of this year for $549. However, this new raw sale is the highest ever… by a long shot.  Like with Hulk #181, this sale makes sense if the buyer intends to grade it. An 8.5 last sold for $2,100 in December. As long as the buyer can hit an 8.5 or higher, then this was a smart buy. Granted, it’s still a gamble. We’ve never seen anything sell higher… so, we’re curious to see what this book can get! (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)


NEWS/ MOVER/ HOT: THE MAGIC ORDER #1 (Image, 2018) Today, The Magic Order received a series order for Netflix. Since this was the first Millarworld title under the Netflix deal, it was pretty obvious to collectors that this would be developed one day.  Because of this, The Magic Order had a big print run and multiple variants. These are two factors that scare away most speculators and collectors. Hence, even with the series news, it just saw a small bump in price. Who knows, it could end of being amazing and have that Umbrella Academy affect where it gets hotter after release. For now, the news just gave it a slight bump in price and sales. (Find on eBay)


NEWS: VAGRANT QUEEN #1 (Vault, 2018) The market can be fickle. Certain books (like all the Atlas titles) can FLY off the aftermarket online shelves with minimal news and no official title confirmation. And then you have a title like this, which received a series order (not just an option) and only gets just a short/ quick spike in price and then just… stops. It’s worth noting that Vault titles can be hard to find, let alone Vault titles that came out a year ago. With today’s news, there was a definite jump in price. Cover A went from a $3 book to $30 (on 5/19). However, there were only 3 sales leading up to this height… and then collectors just stopped buying them. 3 sales? That was the storm? The big question is, why? Well, for one, there aren’t many listed and those that are got marked way up as high as $50. That can discourage collectors who hope to get in early (and cheaply). Even the hard to find B variant hasn’t moved at all. Outside of sets, it hasn’t sold a copy since it came out in June of 2018, despite available copies. Many are pointing to the fact that this is on SYFY, who hasn’t had the best track record at seeing projects through. However, DEADLY CLASS has proven that they can make a great show out of a comic. For now, the market is tepidly watching this one. (Find on eBay)


Saturday, 5/18/19

SHAKER: WAR OF REALMS: NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 MICO SUAYAN VIRGIN VARIANT (Marvel, 2019) Store variants with high print runs get a lot of various opinions from collectors. Some fans love them and other fans feel they’re destroying the market. It’s a far bigger conversation to handle here (though check out our VARIANT ARTICLE here to learn more).  However, when a store lucks out and has the right art on a hot book with several first appearances, then you have a surprise winner like Mico Suayan’s trade dress and virgin variants. These were exclusives from Comic Odyssey Philippines and were not easy to find… until it was too late. Today, a CGC 9.8 sold for a cool $700. A raw copy sells for $255 (sale on 5/22). Even the trade dress version is selling for $200 raw. Sometimes it pays to gamble on the right store exclusives. With that said, it doesn’t happen often and we still recommend only buying what you love. (Find on eBay)


SHAKER/ MOVER: TEEN TITANS #20 CRUSH DESIGN 1:25 VARIANT (DC, 2018) While 1st appearing (via cameo) in Teen Titans Special #1, Crush – The daughter of Lobo –  made her first full appearance in Teen Titans #20. She appears on all covers for this issue, however, this 1:25 variant was instantly hot when it came out last year. Over the past year, sales fluctuated from $20 to $40. Today, a raw copy sold for a new height of $65 and a CGC 9.8 also sold for a new height at $225. It was a big day for Crush!  You might even say she crushed it. (*eye roll) She is getting more attention and drawing in a fanbase. There’s still the mystery of who her human mother is, which is currently being speculated on. When asked who Crush’s mother is, co-creator Adam Glass is quoted saying she’s “one of the biggest hitters of the DCU”. Many are guessing that it could be Harley Quinn, due to his numerous “relations” with her during his time on Earth (as seen in Harley’s Little Black Book #6, featuring Lobo). This little nugget of possibility has spiked plenty of interest. Even if it’s not… it’s still a big “hitter” of the DCU, which will still be fun to discover. Crush is one character that could have some longevity. (Find on eBay)


Sunday, 5/19/19

SHAKER: DC 100-PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR (LOVE STORIES) #5 (DC, 1971) In the 60’s and 70’s, Romance comics were popular and have become VERY collectible over the past decade. This Super Spectacular can be hard to find, especially in high grade. Today’s CGC 7.0 sale for $999.99 confirm this. This book is also proof that a reprint CAN be of value long term. This 100-page comic reprints stories from Young Love #60 and Girls’ Romances #99, #100, and #130. (Find on eBay)


SHAKER: ALF #48 (Marvel, 1991) Okay, so you know about this book right? It features everyone’s favorite cat-eating loveable alien from Melmac, and it’s highly collected and sought after. It even sold today at its highest sale ever at $150 for a raw copy. So, why do collectors want this so bad? Well, Alf has a rather wet seal in a very… umm… compromising position and the seal doesn’t seem to be happy about it. It’s coupled with Alf proclaiming “So hurry up already!”. Now, being a kids book, it’s really just Alf talking to the buyer to hurry up and buy the book while he holds back “the safety seal”. Regardless, people see what they want to see and read into what they want to and boom, instant collectible. We could spend a whole newsletter on collectible comics centered around sexual innuendos (hmmm…. we’ll probably do that eventually) but, here’s one more example: BETTY AND ME #16 (Archie, 1968). On this cover, Archie carries Betty out of the water away from 3 guys still in the water dazed. Betty asks, “Archie, Did you have any trouble rescuing me?” Archie proclaims “I sure did Betty! I had to BEAT OFF three other guys”  Hence, you have what collectors call “The Beat Off” Archie. (Find on eBay)


TUMBLER: NAOMI #1 (DC, 2018) With issue #5, we finally got Naomi in full costume and showcasing her powers. As soon as that issue hit, it felt like some air released out of her balloon. CGC 9.8’s dropped sharply from a height of $500 to its current $200. Now, raw prices are doing okay. While sales have greatly slowed, prices are still holding around $80, down from a height of $100. With all the build-up to her power reveal/origin, many anticipated that this reveal could end up being… disappointing. We think there’s still plenty of potential with her as readers still need to explore her power’s origin and how she mingles with the Teen Titans and other DC heavy hitters. Regardless, after weeks of Naomi dominating our Top 10 and runner ups, this was a surprise drop this week. (Find on eBay)


Monday, 5/20/19

SHAKER/ HOT: ALEXANDRIA OCASIO CORTEZ AND THE FRESHMAN FORCE: WHO DIS (ONE SHOT) So, how do you make a $45 variant worth $2K+ in less than a week?  Apparently, all you need is a cease-and-desist order. Let’s step back for a second. For those who have mentally checked out of politics lately, Alexandria is (as NPR states) “a young socialist activist, woman of color and political newcomer.” She’s a 29-year-old democrat with a large following and is frequently mentioned with the word “President” (don’t stress, she can’t run until 2024 due to the minimum age requirement of 35). So, without getting into the whole political side of it all, this comic was created to tap into the fandom she’s currently generating. Political comics, farse, fantasy, or biographical, have been done many times before. In fact, this publisher (Devil’s Due) previously had BARACK THE BARBARIAN (with Sarah Palin in the Red Sonja role). So, placing politicians into the role of popular comic book characters is not new. With Alexandria’s new title, several retailers commissioned their own store variant. Such was the case for NY Collector Cave, who commissioned artist Carla Cohen to draw Alexandria as Wonder Woman. However, the costume was TOO on point which forced DC comics to send a cease-and-desist order to Devil’s Due. Now, other news sources have mentioned that there was an order for copies to be withdrawn and destroyed. However, these sold out well before the order came… so the likelihood that most of the 250 made it out is pretty safe. However, it’s unknown how many (if any) were withdrawn and destroyed. Because of this cease-and-desist and un-confirmed recall, prices started going crazy… jumping to $70… then $100… then $400… then $1,000! Currently, there are multiple listings ranging in prices from $850 to $8K. While that seems insane, there’s a current NM++ auction that is already over $2K with 5 days left to go (as of 5/22/19). It’s insane. While it’s not up to us to determine if it’s worth that, the demand is definitely there. Also, several of the other variants aren’t too shabby either. The Convention Variant is selling for $150.  The Captain America homage variant is selling for $50. And the Washington Warrior variant is selling for $50 to $90. This is going to be a fun book to spectate on.  (Find on eBay)


SHAKER/ HOT: LADY KILLER #1 (Dark Horse, 2015) I know, we mentioned this last week. However, it was selling for $50 last week. Today, a NM raw copy sold for $100. Wow. Keep in mind, there has been NO confirmation that this is getting developed, however, it’s definitely seen the biggest spike in price out of all the Dark Horse titles that haven’t been already announced or developed. (Find on eBay)