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If you haven’t seen AVENGERS: ENDGAME yet, run away… this newsletter is FULL OF SPOILERS. The hottest books of the week all stem from excitement for the MCU’s future after this absolutely awesome end to a 10-year build up.

Tuesday, 4/23/19

SHAKER: SPIDER-GWEN #1 (Marvel, 2015) Nick Bradshaw 1:25 Variant sold today for $76 raw. Now, this price jumps around from $50 to $75. So, this is just one of those Gwen variants that usually does well. There are collectors out there for Spider-Man homage covers (this one homages McFarlane’s Spider-Man #1) and this is (arguably) the best of them for Gwen. Oddly, 9.8’s only sell for $100 to $150. (Find on eBay)

Wednesday, 4/24/19

SHAKER: AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #13 In-Hyuk Lee 1:50 Variant was featured in our 4/3/19 newsletter. That was back when a raw copy sold for $304. Well, a CGC 9.8 sold today for a huge $789.95. Gorgeous cover featuring Black Widow front and center that is very rare and hard to find. There are only 14 on the CGC census. (Find on eBay)

SHAKER: NIOBE #1 Hoknes Variant (Limited to 100 copies) is a book we’ve mentioned at least twice now. Yes, we’re repeating ourselves. No, we don’t own one (sadly). We wanted to mention this specifically due to today’s auction sale of $1,182 for a CGC 9.8 copy. This is notable due to a RAW copy selling for even MORE at $1,200 just two weeks ago. When selling, many sellers debate auctioning their book with the hope of creating a bidding war or listing it at a high price as a “buy it now/ best offer” with the hope of feeling out offers. With a book this rare, it doesn’t always get a lot of eyes. At such a high price and being an independent title, there are only a handful of buyers coming to bid. This book could have easily received $1,500 to $2,000 in that grade if it was a “buy it now.” Auctions are best on books of great popularity, a large fanbase or has significant market heat. There’s no hard rule nor does it apply to every book. However, we felt this was an interesting case study of when/how to sell online. (Find on eBay)

Thursday, 4/25/19

SHAKER: VAMPIRELLA LIVES #2 (Harris, 1997) sold raw today for its highest raw sale ever at $70. Since it’s Vampirella, this (unfortunately) tends to end up in most stores’ $1 bins. This gorgeous Adam Hughes cover is finally getting some love and attention. There are only 10 copies graded on the CGC census. This looks fantastic in a slab. (Find on eBay)

Friday, 4/26/19

HOT/ SHAKER: SHADOWMAN #13 (Valiant, 2013) features the first appearance of Punk Mambo, whose first series came out this week, sending this issue to significant sales. Sales were hitting as high as $66 for the standard cover but have since settled to $32. The incredibly hard to find 1:20 Ben Templesmith variant had one sale for a CGC 9.6 at $240. A raw copy hasn’t sold since last fall but was selling for $100 then. (Find on eBay)

Saturday, 4/27/19

SHAKER: HELLBOY: THE FURY #3 (Dark Horse, 2011) Mignola Virgin Variant is another variant we mentioned recently. But it’s hard to NOT mention that it sold then for what we thought was a high price for $261 on 4/11 and then sold today for a crazy high price at $600 raw. You would think that the poor reviews of the new Hellboy film would have slowed sales… apparently not. (Find on eBay)

Sunday, 4/28/19

SHAKER: DANGER GIRL #2 Ruby Red Smoking Gun Variant (Cliffhanger, 1998) is yet ANOTHER one we’ve mentioned before (sorry), specifically when Danger Girl was optioned a couple of months ago. This sold a CGC 9.4 for $3K, which matches the same price for a 9.2 back in June 2018. This variant VERY rarely comes up for sale. There was a point in time when this didn’t show up anywhere for a few years. This massive price has helped draw copies out. There are now 34 copies on the CGC census. (Find on eBay)

SHAKER: TIP TOP #173 (United Features, 1936) sold for $4,211 raw, surpassing the last sale of $3,105.25 (CGC 5.0) in September 2018. This is a pretty big number for a raw. This comic’s significance isn’t obvious. Looking at the cover, you might easily pass it over. This issue features the first comic appearance of Charles Shultz’s Peanuts. This is a huge collectible for Peanuts/ Snoopy/ Charlie Brown collectors. Check out the internal page within TIP TOP #173 below. (Find on eBay)

Monday, 4/29/19

SHAKER: TRANSFORMERS: UNIVERSE #1 OTFCC Unicron Variant (3H Enterprises, 2003) FINALLY saw the first sale in years today for $1,259.56 for a CGC 9.6. OTFCC is an acronym for “Official TransFormers Collectors Convention” in 2003. This variant was passed out to just a handful of fans at this small convention. It’s thought that this was limited to 100 copies. This price actually seems like a steal for being SUCH a rare book for a such a popular collector/fan series. The last known sale was back in May 2016 for $1,050 raw. Only 2 copies are on the CGC census. This is easily one of the rarest variants we’ve ever seen (or have NOT seen). (Find on eBay)

SHAKER: ACTION COMICS #419 (DC, 1972) sold a CGC 9.8 today for $1,032. This classic Neal Adams is super tough to find in a 9.8. Most mid-grade copies sell raw for $27. The last CGC 9.8 sold for $315 in December 2018. That’s a massive jump. A 9.6 sold in January for $190. It’ll be interesting to see if any other 9.8’s can match this big sale in the future. (Find on eBay)

After a VERY successful opening weekend for AVENGERS: ENDGAME, we say goodbye to some very key characters in the MCU, like Tony Stark and Black Widow. This film has WAY less new appearances and hints of what’s to come next then MCU films have teased in the past. Fans have returned to the theatres for repeat viewings to pull out any and all possible easter eggs (while small and very speculated). Here are some books seeing market heat today:

SHAKER/ MOVER/ HOT: A-FORCE #1 (Marvel, 2015) During the battle with Thanos, there’s a key moment when all (sans Black Widow, RIP) female MCU characters come together to land key blows to the Mad Titan. This led to plenty of speculation of a possible A-FORCE film in the MCU’s future. Brie Larson has been on record expressing her hopes for an A-Force movie to Kevin Feige, saying it would be “powerful and iconic.” The standard cover sells for $12. The Stephanie Hans “Singularity” 1:25 variant sells for $40. The Hughes “Medusa” sells for $60 raw and $279 for a CGC 9.8. Those are the hottest covers for this issue. (Folks keep mentioning the Hughes Hip Hop variant, which actually belongs to the 2nd 2015/2016 series… yeah, they rebooted it in the same year).

MOVER/ HOT: INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #10 (Marvel, 2009) Back in Oct. 2018, when Gwyneth Paltrow tweeted herself in the Rescue armor, this book went nuts. The 2nd print was hitting as high as $100 raw and $430 for a 9.8. That was the highest it got to and will most likely ever be. However, with Rescue (not named in ENDGAME) in her on-screen glory, the standard, variant, secret retailer variant and the 2nd print are all back up in price. Though, they’re not touching what it once was last fall. In terms of speculation for the next MCU wave, it’s likely Ms. Paltrow will show up in a quick cameo. (Find on eBay)

MOVER/ HOT: YOUNG AVENGERS #6 (Marvel, 2005) Well, speculation missed the mark when everyone guessed that the young archer in the ENDGAME trailers was Kate Bishop, aka HAWKEYE. Marvel threw fans for a loop when this girl ended up being Clint Barton’s daughter, Lila. To add insult to injury, he even calls her by his moniker HAWKEYE… leading many to believe that Lila will be the one to take up the Young Avengers role in the future (IF they do a Young Avengers film). However, Young Avengers #6 features Cassie Lang first appearance as Stature. Since Cassie is now clearly of age to do superhero stuff, this issue is seeing continued interest. It’s selling for around $30 and $175 in a CGC 9.8. (Find on eBay)