June 24th, 2019

Welcome to CovrPrice’s comic Week In Review! This week we talk about some price jumps for a few old cartoon/videos game comics, share some Ironheart news, and highlight a fun homage cover.

Tuesday, 6/18/19


After introducing Mr. Robert Downey Jr. at the Gene Siskel Film Center, Eve L. Ewing, a writer for Marvel, took to Twitter after hearing Downey mention his hope to see Ironheart in the MCU.  Ewing tweeted the following on June the 16th “The real story here is that Robert Downey Jr. said publicly in a room full of people that Ironheart should be in the MCU. I went straight back to the press area afterward and was like YOU ALL HEARD IT, WRITE THAT DOWN.” And so the press did just that as it spread like wildfire today. Unfortunately, while this would be awesome… it’s just a broad statement and nothing concrete. Regardless, Invincible Iron Man #7 (first Riri Williams) and Invincible Iron Man #9 (first full appearance of Riri Williams) are seeing some minor movement. Collectors are cautiously buying a few copies without driving any prices up.  (Find on eBay)


SHAKER: G.I. JOE, A REAL AMERICAN HERO #155 (MARVEL, 1994) We mentioned “last issues” in our newsletter from last week (i.e. the last issue in a series that are often rarer) Here’s another that had a rare CGC 9.8 sale today at $499.99, the highest ever for this issue. 155 issues is no small feat, yet sales slowed enough to cancel this series. With such a fan favorite franchise, collectors have a hard time tracking this last issue down (let alone in good condition). Raw price range with the condition, though high-grade copies sell for $100 to $130. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)


SHAKER: BATMAN BEYOND #1 (DC, 1999) This book rose in price back when there was a rumor (with prelim art) of a BATMAN BEYOND animated film in development at Warner Brothers. WB quickly set the record straight by confirming “We are not working on an animated Batman Beyond movie”. Sales remained high for a while and then settled significantly as this news reached fans. When Robert Pattison was recently announced to take on the Bat moniker, many speculated that he’s more fit to play Terry McGinnis then Bruce Wayne. This lead to speculation that WB used the word “animated” in their statement for a reason. Regardless, this has led to some renewed interest in this issue, specifically with a 9.8 selling for $410. This almost touches the height it had back in November when a 9.8 sold for $476. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)


SHAKER: GORE SHRIEK #1 (FANTACO, 1986) If you didn’t know already, GORE SHRIEK features the first published interior work of artist Greg Capullo (Spawn, Batman, etc.). While he didn’t do the cover, his interior work shows how he was destined to be a top comic artist. Horror fans ALSO seek this book out. It’s a fantastic cover that harkens back to pre-code. This run is hard to find and is almost impossible to find in high grade with their black covers. Today’s raw sale of $69.97 for a NM- copy is the highest sale yet. This comes right off the heels of issue #2 selling a CGC 8.0 for $195 last week. Fans are itching for even remotely decent graded copies.  It’s a series that will definitely continue to increase. (Find on eBay)


Wednesday, 6/19/19

NEWS: UNITED STATES OF MURDER It was recently announced that Brian Michael Bendis sold the TV rights for United States Of Murder, Inc. to an unknown content creator. There’s not much to go on other than that, yet sales moved briskly with a significant increase to land on our TOP 10 this week. It’s unknown when we’ll get official word of this deal. (Find on eBay)


SHAKER: MORTAL KOMBAT #1 COLLECTOR’S EDITION (MIDWAY, 1992) For all you diggers out there, we have seen plenty of Mortal Kombat books sitting in $1 bins. Books like this are easily skipped over. You wouldn’t think that a comic based on a long-running video game franchise would be worth much. However, this VERY hard to find Mortal Kombat comic holds the key designation of being the first appearance of the franchise and characters in comics. A NM- raw copy sold today for $175, which is the highest price this book has ever seen. This collector’s edition was shipped directly from Midway and was obtained by sending a money order to the address displayed on the screen within the actual arcade game. There are rumors of there being two versions of this book. One with “Collector’s Edition Comic Book” and $3 price on the cover and another without the collector’s text and price. We’ve never seen proof of this alternate cover. If it exists, let us know! (Find on eBay)


Thursday, 6/20/19

SHAKER: MORTAL KOMBAT II COLLECTOR’S EDITION (MIDWAY, 1994) Yep, another Mortal Kombat book. This sold for $179.99 raw, which is the highest sale ever.  This collector’s edition was pretty hard to come by as it was also only orderable through mail order. With the excitement behind this popular game sequel, the comic focused on describing the backstory of the game in more detail. How many collectors ordered these? We can’t imagine there were many. (Find on eBay)


Friday, 6/21/19


Red Sonja’s Production company, Millennium Films, has hired Jill Soloway to write and direct Red Sonja. If you can recall, this film has languished in development hell for years. This film began with Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan with an estimated release date of 2009… that never happened. It received renewed traction when Bryan Singer joined… until he was faced with sexual assault accusations. There are SO many amazing Red Sonja covers by Jenny Frison, Adam Hughes, J. Scott Campbell, Michael Turner, Michael Lisner, Lucio Parrillo, Arthur Suydam… just to name a few. There are a TON out there and many are exceptionally rare.  There are even some decent cosplay covers. The highest priced Red Sonja Variant that we’ve tracked in the past 6 months is RED SONJA #2 ADAM HUGHES RRP VARIANT with a raw sale of $295 in February.  (Find on eBay)


SHAKER: CAPTAIN BRITAIN #8 (MARVEL, 1976) Today, a CGC 9.8 sold for a huge $1,699. This is the highest sale we’ve recorded for a 9.8. This issue features the first appearance of Betsy Braddock (who later becomes Psylocke). We’re not sure why Psylocke is moving such a big sale with no news. Maybe it’s simply spillover from Captain Britain #1 heat. It IS a really hard to find this book in a 9.8. The last 9.8 recorded sale was in 2017 for $999.95. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)


Saturday, 6/22/19

SHAKER: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #157 30 CENT PRICE VARIANT (MARVEL, 1976) Price variants are really starting to pick up. It used to be just specific books (like STAR WARS #1 35 CENT VARIANT) that received all the price variant heat. However, collector’s are now realizing their rarity, especially in high condition. Today, a CGC 9.8 sold for a new height of $2,150. (Find on eBay)


SHAKER: SHE-HULK #3 CHRIS ANKA 1:50 VARIANT (MARVEL, 2014) She-Hulk variants are a thing and many command well over $100. Here’s another to add to the mix. We’re big She-Hulk fans and we’ll admit that this was off of our radar. But, today’s raw sale of $150 made us take notice. Searching for this book returns very few results. It doesn’t seem to come up often at all… and now, of course, we want one.  (Find on eBay)


Sunday, 6/23/19

SHAKER: TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #18 MARK TORRES RI “NIRVANA” VARIANT (IDW, 2011) Like most books with long runs, the Turtles have their share of high priced variants. This Nirvana “Nevermind” homage has been trending for a while.  Today’s $72 raw sale is just a nice reminder of how strong of a seller it is, even though its highest sale went for $127.50 in May 2019. It doesn’t hurt that Nirvana is getting more and more popular every day (“Smells like Teen Spirit” is SO close to 1 Billion views on Youtube… granted “Despecito” by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee is the most watched music video with over 6 billion views and it’s not even the Bieber version, so what do we know… okay, random fact over).  Another popular and affordable Nevermind homage variant is Arthur Suydam’s DEADPOOL MERC WITH A MOUTH #12(Find on eBay)


Monday, 6/24/19

SHAKER: SUPERMAN BRADMAN COMMISSION (DC, 1988) What do you get for the kid that has everything? Apparently, his own custom comic starring alongside Superman. British billionaire Godfrey Bradman commissioned this as a party favor for his son Daniel’s Bar Mitzvah. It’s a short 8-page story which makes for a thin book. The 2010 coffee table book “75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking” noted that the print run was around 200 copies. Today’s CGC 9.4 sale went for $2,500. The highest sale ever was a raw high-grade sale of $4K last year. Do billionaires and their guests care enough about a custom comic to carefully care for these over the past 31 years? Probably not. Only 40 copies have been graded with 2 9.8’s. So, who knows where the other 160 copies are floating around. (EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’re a billionaire, instead of making a comic, please use your money to buy cool gadgets and fight crime. Thank you.) (Find on eBay)


SHAKER: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #170 35 CENT VARIANT (MARVEL, 1977) Hey!  Another big price variant sale. This rare 35 cent variant sold a CGC 9.4 for $2,450.  Since we’re chatting so much about price variants, check out more info about them in our variant resource article here.  (Find on eBay)


SHAKER: INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #9 APOCALYPSE VARIANT (MARVEL, 2016) Above, we mentioned slow reacting sales to Robert Downey Jr. mentioning that he would like to see Ironheart show up in the MCU. Well, today’s sale of $400 for a CGC 9.8 is pretty significant and marks a new height for her first full appearance. This open order variant is surprisingly pretty hard to find online.  (Find on eBay)


SHAKER: 5 RONIN #4 (MARVEL, 2011) If you recall, we mentioned this awesome 5 RONIN set a few newsletters ago. Well, issue #4 (featuring Psylocke) hit a new sale height with today’s raw sale of $160. This is such a great and gorgeous cover. It’s also a fun read that features an intriguing take on Marvel characters (like Wolverine, Hulk, Psylocke, Deadpool, and Punisher) as Ronin warriors during feudal Japan. (Find on eBay)


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