July 15th, 2019

Welcome to CovrPrice’s comic Week In Review! Leading up to SAN DIEGO COMIC CON, this week has been rather quiet as the industry gears up for a flurry of comic news, film/tv happenings, and hard to find exclusives. However, there were a few things we wanted to highlight including an old McFarlane homage cover (to his own work), news about upcoming comic shows, and comics based on old video games!

Tuesday, 7/9/19

SHAKER: DOC SAVAGE #1 (STREET AND SMITH, 1940) If you can recall, DOC SAVAGE (starring The Rock) has been sitting with Sony Pictures since 2016 (read article). While The Man of Bronze has been stuck in development hell, rumors of it picking back up have begun to circle. Today, this book sold a CGC 5.5 for $1,500. While this is a rare copy of the first issue of Doc Savage, his first appearance is in the even more impossible to find with DOC SAVAGE MAGAZINE #1 (STREET AND SMITH, 1933). Even finding a bad copy of this is extremely tough. We’ve actually never seen a single copy… and we look! (Find on eBay)


Wednesday, 7/10/19

SHAKER: G. I. JOE A REAL AMERICAN HERO SPECIAL #1B (MARVEL, 1995) Before it was cool to homage Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man #1 (1990), Paul Gosier was one of the first with this hard to find (and immensely awesome) Snake Eyes cover. For many Joe comic collectors, THIS is the book to have… especially in high grade.  Today’s raw sale of $300 is the highest we’ve ever seen. This price almost matches what a CGC 9.8 sold for last August 2018. (Find on eBay)


Thursday, 7/11/19


Deadline reported that “Paper Girls”, by Brian K. Vaughn, has received a full series order from Amazon! This is the first project to come from Legendary’s multi-picture deal with Vaughn (which you KNOW they’re probably earmarking that last project for SAGA… just watch). Sales have been briskly moving at $30. (Find on eBay)


SHAKER: DOOM #1 (GT INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE, 1996) We’ve been on a video game comic kick for a couple of weeks now. Nostalgia and rarity are the core drivers for this niche comic group. However, this is a niche that will only continue to expand. The gaming aftermarket is immense. The prices for old and hard to find games can hit within the tens of thousands!  The list of valuable games is huge and if you’re searching for one, it can disappear from eBay within minutes of listing. This is all driven by nostalgia for the video game systems we grew up with (whether it’s the NES, N64, Sega Genesis, etc.). Today’s digital world simply doesn’t compare to the antique art of pushing a game cartridge into a console and switching on the power button (*sign).  This boom in “gaming collecting” is definitely bleeding into the comics world as hard to find first appearances are seeing significant sales lately. Take this issue of DOOM #1 (KNEE DEEP IN THE DEAD), which sold today raw for $199. This was a poorly received and ignored comic back in 1996 that slowly gained popularity in the DOOM fan community. This is a book, that when it comes up, consistently sells well.  We’ve captured a total of 4 sales, and they range from $125 to $200. We should also note that there’s an even rarer Giveaway/Convention version that is practically impossible to find. We’ve never seen a single sale for this ghost of a book. To distinguish the two, the most noticeable difference is the issue number. The giveaway version has a slanted italic number, while the standard version is normal. These video game themed comics are simply fun books to highlight in our newsletter as they’re not widely known and can easily be found while digging through dollar bins. Happy hunting! (Find on eBay)


Friday, 7/12/19

SHAKER: CRIME SUSPENSTORIES #22 (EC, 1954) Here’s a PCH (Pre-code Horror) book that we’ve showcased before. However, with this being one of the most in-demand PCH books, it’s worth noting a couple of new sales this week. This classic Johnny Craig Decapitation Cover sold at a new raw height of $2,700 and on 7/15 a CGC 5.0 sold for $3,100, a new height for that grade. These just keep going up! (Find on eBay)


Saturday, 7/13/19


Per an article in DEADLINE on 7/12, the ‘Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers’ is an adult toon series from Mark Canton and others that will star the ‘Workaholics’ team of Adam Devine and Blake Anderson to lead the cast. WHICH company picked this up is expected to be announced at San Diego Comic Con this weekend. This 60’s counterculture underground comic (like Crumb which we mentioned a couple of weeks ago) first appeared in FEDS ‘N” HEADS (GILBERT SHELTON, 1968) which sold for $200 raw today. This was a book that was selling for $10 or less a just couple months ago! In 1969, Gilbert Shelton and friends founded Rip Off Press in San Francisco, which took over the publication of all Freak Brothers comics. The first compilation of their adventures, FABULOUS FREAK BROTHERS #1 has had at least 20 various printings. The first 10 printings all had a price of 50 cents. The only way to determine the various printing lies with the various colors used within the cover art. Specifically, for the first print, the tire behind the trash can is completely grey where the tire is white-walled (or various shades of white). (Find on eBay)


Sunday, 7/14/19

MOVER/ SHAKER/ HOT: TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #51 & #95 (IDW) It’s hard to not talk about the new ninja turtle, Jennika.  For the past two weeks, this has been the subject of many online discussions, hunts, and races to obtain the rarest versions of #51 & #95. This reveal has kickstarted immense interest in future issues #96 to #100, which are coming with a slew of variants. #95 has been steadily selling well, with a fervor on the SAN DIEGO COMIC CON VARIANT, now hitting a steady $250. With SO much attention, IDW pulled the book from the convention, only allowing pre-orders to pick them up at the con. However, the most surprising sales are for #51, which features the first appearance of Jennika in human form. The 1:10 Eastman variant had a raw sale today for $299. That’s nuts. Granted, it’s selling for $200 mostly, but still… that’s huge. Collectors tend to gravitate towards the NEW version of a character, like Jennika in her Turtle form. However, to see so much interest in her first human appearance has mixed up the game a bit. Many even debate if issue #51 is more of a cameo.  Regardless of that debate, the market has given #51 heavy prominence. It helps that this issue came out years ago when sales were MUCH smaller than #95. The market may always correct. We’re thinking that, eventually, the SDCC variant for #95 will be the high-priced go-to book. We expect sales to at least double after SDCC. We’ll watch and see! (Find on eBay)


Monday, 7/15/19

SHAKER: AMBER BLAKE #1 VARIANT (IDW, 2019) The HOT variant of the week tends to take a tumble a few weeks/months after a release. However, today’s CGC 9.8 sale of $407 is pretty big for this 1:10 variant. This variant has proven to be VERY difficult to find. If you have a copy, grading it is a must!  (Find on eBay)


SHAKER: THE SENTRY #1 (MARVEL, 2000) While the Sentry is mostly MIA in the comics right now, his first appearance has been selling consistently well. And, while there are murmurs of MCU rumors, there hasn’t been much news regarding Marvel’s Superman-like character. With that said, the value for this first issue, and ALL of the variants, continue to see big sales. For example, today a CGC 9.8 sold for $330. This is a book that continuously commands high prices like this. The SDCC variant floats around $100 and $300 for a 9.8. The Cover A and the Artie Rosen variant both sell raw for around $50. Even though the MCU rumblings aren’t anything substantial, his villainous dual identity THE VOID could make for an amazing villain for the MCU. We can’t wait for the next phase MCU news to come from either SDCC or D23 to help put all the random guesswork to bed.  (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)


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