August 4th, 2019

Welcome to CovrPrice’s comic Week In Review! This week we talk about a video game based comic, show some love for Elfequest, and highlight some large sales for 1950’s artist Matt Baker.

Tuesday, 7/30/19

SHAKER/ HOT:  SPAWN #299 SDCC 2019 VARIANT (IMAGE, 2019) We quickly mentioned this in our newsletter last week. However, since it actually happened on this particular day, it’s worth noting that this $10 buy-in SDCC exclusive hit $500 today and $550 on 8/3.  Wow! (Find on eBay)


Wednesday, 7/31/19

SHAKER: DANGER GIRL #2 SMOKING GUN VARIANT (CLIFFHANGER/IMAGE, 1998)  The RUBY SMOKING GUN VARIANT is considered one of the rarest and most expensive modern variants. However, the platinum and this standard version are no slouches either. Today, the standard variant hit an all-new high of $625 for a CGC 9.8.  With DANGER GIRL optioned, this could continue to see additional traction… when they come up for sale. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)


SHAKER: THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #2  DANIEL ACUÑA VARIANT (MARVEL, 2012) Gorr: The God Butcher, whose first appearance is in this issue, is rumored to be the big bad in THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER. Of course, rumors are exactly that. Yet, they still get significant traction. If you can recall, this variant gained steam back when Donnie Cates re-introduced the Necrosword, aka the Godslayer, aka All-Black into his current Venom series. With time passing, interest waned and prices came down. With this new rumor, today, a CGC 9.8 sold for $349.99, which is the first 9.8 sold (and therefore the highest). Notably, a 9.8 also sold for $750 on 8/4. However, since that listing is technically still up (the seller has 2 copies), the sale hasn’t yet hit our data. (Find on eBay)


SHAKER: FANTASY QUARTERLY FEATURING ELFQUEST #1 (WARP GRAPHICS, 1978) How does a 40+ year old popular cult series like ELFQUEST only sell for $40 to $100 raw? Creator couple Wendy and Richard Pini were both recently inducted into the Eisner Comic Hall of Fame. With that news, sales did jump a little. Today a CGC 9.8 sold for it’s highest sale ever at $549. This property has had several attempts for content development but never materialized. This is long overdue for a film or animated series. (Find on eBay)


Thursday, 8/1/19

SHAKER: DC COMICS PRESENTS #22 WHITMAN VARIANT (DC, 1980) Behold, one of the Holy Grails of Whitman variants! We actually have this book featured in our ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT VARIANTS resource article. It’s incredibly hard to find and one of our books we always keep an eye out for when digging for comics (though we’ve never found one, #sigh). While today’s low grade raw sale of $531.23 isn’t breaking any new records, it’s still always nice to see this book hit the market. It’s worth noting that a CGC 2.5 sold for $1,750 in June, so…. just a reminder to ALWAYS get rare books like this graded. We wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly what this $531 buyer is planning to do. (Find on eBay)


SHAKER/ HOT: THOR #1 ALEX ROSS 1:75 75TH ANNIVERSARY COLOR VARIANT (MARVEL, 2014) After all the dust settled around the Jane Foster SDCC MCU news, this Alex Ross variant took the lead as the most sought after variant of the bunch.  Granted, all covers are doing VERY well, yet today’s sales of $550 & $511 for CGC 9.8s are a big jump for the previous 9.8 sale of $184.99. It’s amazing how much just a little bit of news can push a book. (Find on eBay)


SHAKER: MONSTRESS #1 2ND PRINT (IMAGE, 2015) This first print for Monstress is a strong seller. However, with no variant for this 1st print, collectors have turned to the 2nd print as the go-to variant (which does feature a new cover). Today’s CGC 9.8 sale of $349.99 makes this a must grade for all NM+ copies. (Find on eBay)


Friday, 8/2/19

SHAKER: SUPER MARIO BROS. ADVENTURES (VALIANT, 1991) Jumping right back into a video game comic book sales comes today’s pretty rare sale of SUPER MARIO BROS ADVENTURES (with Cassette Tape) for $400 sealed. This was a read-along of 4 collected stories from the core SUPER MARIO BROS. (1990) series and ADVENTURES OF MARIO BROS (1991) reprinted series. What’s interesting about this book is that it’s a slight variant of issue #3 from the first SUPER MARIO BROS series.  So, many buyers/sellers consider this a “variant” of sorts. There’s a loose copy listed for $300 if you feel inclined. (Find on eBay)


SHAKER: NAMORA #2 (MARVEL, 1948) Namora doesn’t get the same attention that her cousin Prince Namor does. Namora first appeared in MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS #82. This early Marvel “Good Girl” cover from Bill Everett is very hard to find in any condition. Today, a CGC 8.0 sold for a solid $2,350. If Namor does make an appearance in BLACK PANTHER #2 (as he’s rumored to be the big bad in), then Namora may not be far behind. (Find on eBay)


Saturday, 8/3/19

SHAKER: SPAWN #1 ERROR EDITION (IMAGE, 1992) If you’ve been following this Newsletter since it started, then you know how much we LOVE error books. This may just be THE modern book we want above all. It’s exceptionally hard to find. It’s so rare that we’ve only tracked down two sales. The only place we ever see this is on retailers walls at conventions (for crazy prices). This error is pretty noticeable as it has a faded look to it. CGC notes the MANUFACTURED ERROR as “Manufactured With Uneven Black Ink On Cover”. Basically, the darkest shade of black didn’t print. Keep in mind that there are plenty with various shades of this error where some of the print is barely readable, were other copies are missing it completely. We loved seeing this book hit the market and $1,150 for a CGC 9.6 is a pretty reasonable price. A 9.8 sold for $1,700 in February 2018. This is one of those books that gets rarer and rarer and will just always climb in price when they appear. (Find on eBay)


SHAKER: BLACK CAT MYSTERY #50 (HARVEY, 1954) This KEY pre-code horror is now SO coveted that even a CGC 1.0 is hitting big amounts, like today’s $3K sale. This classic cover is skyrocketing in price and is not likely to ever come down for the foreseeable future. (Find on eBay)


Sunday, 8/4/19

SHAKER: SPIDER-GWEN #5 SDCC 2015 DAVID AJA VARIANT (MARVEL, 2015) A year ago, there was one seller who had a bunch of these listed and flew them out the digital door at $20 each. Several collectors obviously knew how rare and hard to find this book was and instantly snatched them up. Now, try and find this for $20. Heck, try to find it at all. Right now, there’s only one listed. Today’s sale of $499.95 for a RAW copy is crazy sauce. As copies dried up, sales went up and up… landing with today’s top sale. This will be a fun book to watch. (Find on eBay)


SHAKER: ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4 NEWSSTAND VARIANT (MARVEL, 2011) How much would you pay for a slight variation in the barcode? Well, the answer is A LOT for those buying this highly rare Newsstand version of Ultimate Fallout #4, featuring the first appearance of Miles Morales. Today, a CGC 9.2 sold for $999.99! This squashes the last big sale of $700 for a CGC 9.6 back in March 2019 (which we covered here and also includes a little history of the newsstand “variant”). With the huge success of SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, Miles is a household name and easily one of the most important “new” characters of the past decade. So, having SUCH a big sale for a rare book… even if it’s just a different barcode… makes sense to us. (Find on eBay)


Monday, 8/5/19

SHAKER: TEEN-AGE ROMANCE #40 (ST. JOHN, 1954) Man… Matt Baker was freaking awesome. His stamp on comics in the ’50s was widespread. He has quite a significant/ loyal fanbase amongst collectors who happily pay for his hard to find covers.  In the ’50s, romance comics were very popular, yet not widely printed. With those factors in mind, today’s rare raw sale of $1,253 is almost double of previous sales. (Find on eBay)


SHAKERS: GOING STEADY #10 & #13 (ST. JOHN, 1954) Geez… someone was on a Matt Baker Romance cover buying kick as a raw GOING STEADY #10 went for $1,675 raw and GOING STEADY #13 for $2,705 raw. These are definitely a “buy them when you see them” as they are very scarce and only pop up for sale every other year or so. (Find on eBay)


SHAKER: SPAWN #5 GERMAN THERMO COLOR VARIANT (IMAGE, 1992) Okay, yeah, we probably talk about SPAWN a little too much. Though, this fun sale was another one we couldn’t ignore. Foreign variants are pretty popular today (which we also covered in our ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT VARIANTS resource). This German variant reprints Spawn #9 & #11 (in German of course). If you recall, #9 is the 1st appearance of Angela… making this even more desirable. The front cover is simple, unique and perfect. This Thermo variant is also known as the “chameleon edition”. The front cover actually changes color when heat is applied, ala a mood ring. How cool is that? Your comic presser would probably get the most enjoyment out of this. It was limited to 400 copies and sold during a limited shopping season between July 14-Aug 15, 1997 at Modern Graphics in Germany. Yup, now we want this. Like big time. (Find on eBay)


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