April 30th, 2020

Remember all that Avengers: Endgame spec last year? What about new characters like Major X and Smoke? We love buying into comics for our collections (and to sell) but do we ever take the time to reflect and learn from where those books are today?

Our devoted (and sleep-deprived) team at CovrPrice likes to take a look back and see how books from one year are doing now, so we can level-up our collective comic game. How can we do this you ask? Well, we literally gather almost a million real comic sales each year from multiple online marketplaces for our Raw and Graded comic book price guides. This waterfall of sales data gives us (and those of you who use CovrPrice *wink wink – sign up for your Free trial) one of the most accurate and up-to-date snapshots of the comic book aftermarket.

So let’s jump in and see how those comics a year-ago-this-month are doing!




CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 Walmart Artgerm “Long Hair” variant 

Remember when this was one of the hottest books of the month last year? At first glance, this Walmart variant simply reprinted the Artgerm variant for LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL #1. However, when collectors realized that this version had longer hair, news of this subtle variant (which was selling for $35) moved through comic communities like cosmic wildfire, sending droves of comic fans to their closest Walmart. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: There’s one problem with Walmart exclusives… there are A LOT of Walmart in the U.S., which translates to a high print run. Most buyers purchased these with the intention of flipping them and ended up just flooding the market, dragging the market value down rapidly in just a week or so. This book now ranges from cover price to $15.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Print run is everything. This book suffered from too high of supply, forcing sellers to undercut sales until it squeezed the value out of this. While sales can still hit $15, there are still a high number of copies listed causing very slow and low sales.

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GHOST RIDER #1 1:50 Neal Adams Variant (Marvel, 2011) 

This is considered one of the rarest variants out there. It’s a GHOST book (literally and figuratively). Last year, we noted how this sold a raw copy for a hefty $550. This Neal Adams version of GHOST RIDER rarely appears in any marketplace. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: We’ve watched this book for years and rarely see a copy get listed, let alone a 9.8. In fact, that $550 sale was the only sale for the entire year… that is, until this week when one of those ultra-rare CGC 9.8 finally came to market and sold for a hefty $1,400.  

WHAT DID WE LEARN: As we mentioned above with Captain Marvel #1 print run is everything, which is shown with this variant. The lack of listings and sales drives sales to all new heights. While unpredictable, rare variants like this can be excellent investment books. 

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THE IMMORTAL HULK #16 1:25 Bennett Wraparound Variant (Marvel, 2019)

If you can recall, this book was highly discussed. There were two camps of those who loved this cover and those who hated it with a passion. Last April 2019 was the height of Immortal Hulk, giving this even more reason to take off. With that said, due to this fervor, it hit high pre-sale prices months before it was actually released. When it DID finally release, it went nuts moving a staggering 112 copies and had a high sale of $175.95 for a raw copy. If you follow our movers and shakers, 112 copies is crazy high for a variant, let alone a standard cover. If that wasn’t enough, Marvel produced a 2nd print of this 1:25 in an alternate color which ALSO went nuts and had a high sale of $125 for a raw copy. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: We learned later that the awareness of this variant was well before final order cutoff, leading to a boost in orders. This means there was a higher print run for these variants then normal. Sales, today, average around $50 raw and move just a handful of copies each month. There was one high auction MCS 9.8 sale of $285, however they mostly sell for $90 on eBay. The 2nd print 1:25 sells today at ratio for $25. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Even with such heat and a high number of copies sold, the market still flooded and dragged this book’s value down. This variant was highly anticipated and stores had the rare opportunity to keep up with that demand. This book favored those who bought in early and sold quickly. Getting into this variant wasn’t the issue. Overpaying at such high prices can hurt. In the future, if you miss out, don’t panic and ride it out. Those who waited for the fire to settle now only have to pay double ratio (instead of 7x), which is still very solid for any variant. 

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MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #4 Bill Sienkiewicz 1:50 Variant (Marvel, 2019)

This was another variant to hunt for last year. Opposite of the Immortal Hulk #16 variant, not many stores ordered this title let alone 50 copies to qualify to receive this incentive. By the end of the month, this jumped from $87 to  $149.95 and then to $413. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: This continued to hit multiple $400+ sales throughout May, leading to its all-time height of $1K for the first-to-market CGC 9.8. First-to-market 9.8’s typically get that highest initial price as the market value is unknown and based on previous raw heights. Today, raw prices have settled to $250 and 9.8’s at $350/$400. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: This variant still has a lot going for it. However, it will be hard for a 9.8 to hit $1K again. Like Immortal Hulk, be wary of buying as the price skyrockets. Sometimes you have to tap out. Or, just set a limit to a price you’re comfortable at. If you bought in early, the current raw price of $250 is still fantastic for a 1:50 variant. 

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Spawn 1 Newsstands have really jumped over the past years. In terms of rarity, Spawn Newsstands are definitely that… especially when you look at the massive print run for the direct market edition. Many shake their heads at this significant price increase for JUST a barcode. However, if you look at these like the survivors they are, a 9.8 is pretty impressive. Newsstands were dying out quickly, even by the early ’90s. If you did find one, these were center creased on spinner racks at big book stores and thumbed through at street newsstands. Collectors like to celebrate a book like this that made it through all those years unscathed with such a high grade. It just means it earned that 9.8 more then it’s 9.8 direct market brethren. With that said, this time last year, a CGC 9.8 sold for $350.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Collector’s pay a premium for a newsstand compared to the direct edition of Spawn #1. While Spawn #1 sells for $20 raw and $120 in a 9.8, this newsstand sells for $425 in a 9.8 and over $100 depending on the grade. Notably, in November 2019, a 9.8 hit an all-new height of $630. While this is an outlier, it’s still notable and promising of how high this book will continue to go. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: If you’ve read one or two of these newsletters then you know the power of Spawn in aftermarket sales. Across the board, Spawn books continue to increase. This first issue, while immensely overprinted, is still one heck a gorgeous nostalgia-filled cover which is a must for every collection. Those with a little extra money to spend will aim for the rarest version, like this newsstand.

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SPIDER-GWEN #1 (Marvel, 2015) Nick Bradshaw 1:25 Variant 

Last year this sold for $76 raw. This is one of those Gwen variants that usually does well. There are collectors out there for Spider-Man homage covers (this one homages McFarlane’s Spider-Man #1) and this is (arguably) the best of them for Gwen. At the time, 9.8’s were only selling for $100 to $150. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Just a few months later this variant went nuts. It jumped up to $160 raw and $500 in a 9.8. Prices bounced around for a few months with raws between $40 and $75 and 9.8’s from $93 to $300… all in a matter of weeks between each sale. It truly was one of the strangest behaving books in 2019. Today, it sits at $90 raw and $200 in a 9.8. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: This is a perfect example of how just a little bit of heat makes buyers panic and buy higher-priced copies with the fear of missing out. This could have also been sellers listing books without matching previous sales. Regardless, this book’s current trend is unpredictable. 

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STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS ADAPTATION #1 Quesada B&W Variant (Marvel, 2016)

Last year this B&Wvariant sold a CGC 9.8 for $799.95.  While CGC doesn’t notate it (but CBCS does), this issue marks the first appearance of Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, General Hux, and Captain Phasma. In terms of modern Star Wars, this is pretty significant. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: With the Skywalker/ Solo/ Rey saga completed, collector’s seemed to have moved on to Mandalorian spec books. 9.8’s now sell for $305 with raws at $175. This is a pretty sharp drop when you look back and see that raws once hit as high as $550. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: While this is a great book to own, the heat is gone. Collectors can be fickle and moved on to focus on the future of the Star Wars Universe. 

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TRANSFORMERS: UNIVERSE #1 OTFCC Unicron Variant (3H Enterprises, 2003)

This time last year we FINALLY saw the first sale in years today at $1,259.56 for a CGC 9.6. OTFCC is an acronym for “Official TransFormers Collectors Convention” in 2003. This variant was passed out to just a handful of fans at this small convention. It’s thought that this was limited to 100 copies. This price actually seems like a steal for being SUCH a rare book for such a popular collector/fan series. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Not… one… single… listed or sold copy since that sale one year ago. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Again, print run is everything. This is what happens to a VERY low print variant 17 years later. It pops up once every few years and then disappears again. Many ask what tomorrow’s next expensive variant might be, and we respond by pointing you to today’s low print variants. Key characters, 1st issues, popularity, etc. all have an obvious role in this. Just keep that in mind when looking at books to invest. Unfortunately, time is also a big factor. 

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ALBEDO ANTHROPOMORPHICS #2 (Thoughts & Images, 1983) 

Last year we got excited about a CGC 8.0 sale at $3,997.97 for the first appearance of Miyamoto Usagi, a.k.a. Usagi Yojimbo. This was notable as it greatly surpassed the last 8.0 sale in 12/17 for $1,500. Heck, this sale even surpassed a CGC 9.0 sale in 12/18 for $3,650.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: And then a rare CGC 9.8 sold… for $31,000!!! Raw copies now sell for $3k to $4k, which is more than double what this book was selling for in 2018. Usagi is one of those characters, content or no content, continues to go higher and higher.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: First, this cover is amazing and a classic. Nostalgia also plays a factor here. Whether you’re a Stan Sakai fan or remember Usagi appearing in the 80’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, Usagi has a big fan base who will continue to pay for his first appearance.

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HORRIFIC #3 (Comic Media, 1953)

When you look at this cover, it’s not shocking that the comics code authority began policing comics like this in 1954. This classic Don Heck “Hole in head” cover is highly coveted by Pre-Code (PC) collectors and sold a CGC 2.0 last year for $2,000 today. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Since last year, about 10 copies of this have sold. One of those was its highest sale at $3,500 for a CGC 4.0 and several raws doubled in price from last year’s sales. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: PCH books have some of the craziest and most collectible covers. These books don’t get easier to find, especially in decent condition. Covers like this will only continue to increase in value.

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SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON COMICS #2 (Dark Horse, 1993) 

Last April, this first full appearance of Hellboy had a CGC 9.8 sale for $702.91. While this wasn’t the highest ever, it was pretty close (at $760). With a new (and violent) Hellboy film releasing, there was renewed interest in this issue. And if you’re scratching your head why this marks his first appearance, there’s a short story with Hellboy in here (dated August 1993), predating his “first color appearance” in Next Men #21 in Dec. 1993. If you really want to jump into the first appearance debate, then we should note that Hellboy also appears on the cover of DIME PRESS #4 (May 1993) which predates SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON COMICS #2. CGC notates it as “Hellboy cover predates first U.S. appearance”, so there you go. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: The new HELLBOY film was poorly received by both critics and fans. With a poor box office, a sequel is pretty much out of the picture for now. 9.8’s now sell for $360 and raw at $120 (which were selling for $400 before the release). 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: While key books like this always hold value, content is the key driver to big spikes. It’s unknown if we’ll ever see Hellboy live-action again. However, animated film/show done in the style of Mignola would be amazing to see. Who knows. Until then, prices seem pretty steady at this current value.

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SILVER SURFER #1 (Marvel, 1968)

With Endgame’s release this time last year, spec discussion immediately started on the next wave of Marvel Films. Silver Surfer rumors floated to the top pretty quickly. Market values were way up across all grades for this first issue solo series for Mr. Radd. A CGC 9.4 sold for a huge $6,600. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: In September, a 9.4 hit an even bigger sale at $9k! However, with no new news on Silver Surfer, market values have pretty much settled to where they were back in 2017. Even his first appearance in Fantastic Four #48 is reacting the same way, spikes in April/May 2019 and then significant drops by the fall. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Honestly, this was a window into what these books WILL do when the Surfer does eventually show up.

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AVENGERS: ENDGAME released last year on April 26th. We immensely enjoyed that theatrical experience and thinking back on it makes us miss seeing a Marvel film this year. However, in today’s global pandemic, all we can do right now is reflect back on how much fun ENDGAME was and how crazy books got after the film was released. Here are the books that took off due to key moments in the film:


A-FORCE #1 (Marvel, 2015)

During the battle with Thanos, there was a key moment when all (sans Black Widow, RIP) female MCU characters came together to land key blows to the Mad Titan. This quick scene led to plenty of speculation of a possible A-FORCE film in the MCU’s future. Brie Larson has been on record expressing her hopes for an A-Force movie to Kevin Feige, saying it would be “powerful and iconic.” The standard cover was selling for $12, while the Stephanie Hans “Singularity” 1:25 variant sold for $40. The Hughes 1:50 “Medusa” did the best and sold for $60 raw and $279 for a CGC 9.8.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: 1-year later, this spec still holds up a little. There’s been no denying a potential all-female Marvel team. In fact, this is continuously rumored every few months or so. This really took off when She-Hulk was announced in June for Disney+. The standard cover now sells for $10, the Hans 1:25 still sells for $40 and the Hughes Medusa sells for $80. 

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AVENGERS #12 (2011) 

Man, was this HOT last year! As we all know now, ENDGAME’s finale culminated in Tony Stark wielding the Infinity Stones and snapping Thanos out of existence, sacrificing his own life to do so. In this comic, Avengers #12, Parker Robbins (aka THE HOOD… who’s a character to keep a close eye on) holds all the infinity stones and is confronted by many of Marvel’s heroes. After dropping all the stones, Stark is able to obtain them and places them in his own iron man infinity gauntlet. There are some close similarities of plot points in this issue that match ENDGAME in a non-direct way. It’s not exact, but you can see how the development team took pieces of this particular issue to inspire the plot direction of the film. One beat is how Stark uses the gauntlet to “wish” the stones out of existence (like Thanos tried to do). However, he simply wishes it to a secure location where he and the Illuminati each take a stone to protect. I’m surprised it took this long for this issue to get attention. This all seems like a crucial story moment for the Marvel comic universe. With all that said, this sold 100s of copies in April and May and had a high sale of $135 for a raw copy. 


One year later, this Endgame connected issue significantly dropped in price from $135 to $15 raw. 

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This issue is noted by CGC as “Sam Wilson becomes the new Captain America”. So, as we all know now, Cap passes on the shield and moniker over to Sam at the end of ENDGAME. There weren’t too many obvious “next time in the MCU” scenes like we normally get with each Marvel film, teasing the next MCU film. However, this Cap scene was the most direct one. Hence, Sam’s first appearance as Cap quickly heated up with a big debate over the first time he dons the costume. This drove up prices for Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #9 (1999) and moved a massive 199 copies in one week, hitting $30 raw. This was our #1 comic of the week two weeks in a row. However, the ultimate debate over the first lies in how Sam takes on the mantle in this issue. With Captain America presumed dead, Sam dons a standard store-bought costume and shield until he rescues Cap at the end of the issue. In Captain America #25, the moniker and shield are passed to Sam in a similar fashion to how the film scene transpired. Captain America #25 also hit a height of $30 and landed on our Top 10 multiple weeks. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: It’s been strongly rumored that Sam Wilson, The Falcon will NOT don the costume and moniker of CAPTAIN AMERICA. This is supported by the Disney+ show titled THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER. We could still be surprised, but for now… this spec fell as soon as this title was revealed in June at San Diego Comic-Con. Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #9 now sells for $5 and Captain America #25 sells for $5 to $10. 

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MARVEL #1 (Marvel, 1977)

With both CAPTAIN MARVEL and ENDGAME released last year, Ms. Marvel #1 dominated our TOP 10 and runner ups for months. However, even by this point, the market value was dropping rapidly with a 9.8 selling for $1,800, WAY down from a height of $3,950 for a CGC 9.8 when Brie was first announced in the role in 2018.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: This book is pretty surprising. We’ve never seen a key book with a key Marvel character who was at the front end of content drop so significantly in value. 9.8’s are selling for $900 to $1K and raws sell for about half of what they did last year. What’s strange is that these values are as low as prices back in 2015/2016. It’s unclear why, but many point to their overall dislike of Brie Larson in the role. Maybe after a few films, collectors will get more comfortable with Brie in the role and the prices could go back up? For now, this is a perfect cautionary investment book at how dangerous it can be to invest heavily in one character/ one book. 

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“Smart” Hulk (aka Profession Hulk) appearing in ENDGAME was one of the few speculations that ended up being accurate. When “Smart Hulk” was officially confirmed, this first appearance of Bruce Banner and Hulk merged as one took off in the aftermarket with 103 copies selling the week after ENDGAME’s release with raw copies hitting $40 and a CGC 9.8 high sale of $275. The rare 3rd print hit an all-time high of $2,600 for a CGC 9.8.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Raw prices vary, but most average around $20. This is still higher than what this book sold for pre-Endgame. The 3rd print is still commanding top dollar with a recent 9.8 selling for $2,136. Compared to Captain Marvel, fans enjoyed a smart Hulk and hope to see more. 

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The Infinity Gauntlet #1 (1991)

Of course, this has a clear connection as the connective tissue for the first 3 MCU phases. While this issue doesn’t feature any of the first appearances of the stones or Gauntlet, it still is the most iconic cover and main plot reflected in INFINITY WARS and ENDGAME. It took 19 years for the stones to be collected and used by Thanos in the comics. So, the MCU version moved MUCH faster. The week after release, this book sold 65 copies and had a high sale of $150 for a CGC 9.8.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: One year later, this book still sells well with raw copies selling for $30 and 9.8’s selling for the same $150. In fact, this was on our TOP 10 list two weeks ago. Infinity Gauntlet #1 may just end of being one of the most important modern books in terms of connected content. 

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THE MIGHTY THOR #390 (Marvel, 1988)

If you recall, this issue saw some heat back when Mjolnir moved slightly for Cap back in AVENGERS #1. Early leaks reported Cap picking up Mjolnir… and that’s exactly what happened. We can say for ourselves that this was the most enjoyable scene of any of the MCU films. It was a fanboy dream and delivered in a big way. This trended for weeks and hit big sales with raw copies selling for as high as $120 and a CGC 9.8 selling for a height of $300.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Raw copies sell today for $15 to $24, with 9.8’s selling for $120, which is a sharp drop. Like Incredible Hulk #377, this book still sells for more than it did pre-Endgame.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: As we should know by now, never buy at the height. Almost every book on this list sells for lower than it did last year. If you find copies today, the good news is they still hold value. A-Force has plenty of potential and is the one book on this list that remains steady as fans hold out for confirmed news. 

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This time last year, it was announced that AKIRA (set-up with Leonardo Dicaprio’s production company & Warner Bros.) was among 18 films to receive large tax credits from California. For a project that had been stuck in development hell for decades, it finally looked like it was going to happen. With this new news, Akira books were instantly on fire and hitting $45 raw and $375 for a 9.8. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: In the past year, it was announced that Taika Waititi would direct this massive film. And then at the beginning of this year, Taika announced that he had to step away from the project to focus on other films, specifically for Marvel. This then fell right back into development hell (for now while they look for a new director… or hope Taika has a break in his schedule). However, that hasn’t stopped sales, which remain steady. Raws average around $40 and 9.8’s at $360.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Collectors WANT this film to happen. This is a hard book to find in high grade and was undervalued in the first place. This content news just gave it the kick it needed. For right now, it’s steady as it goes. 

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The Eternals #1 (1976)

This series is one of the MCU films next in line. We all eagerly wait for a trailer to hit any day now. All eyes have been on this film’s development to lend clues as to where the next phase will be moving towards. Week after week this constantly moves copies. Last year, post Endgame, a high-grade raw sold for $1,200. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW:  A 9.8 sold for an all-time high of $2,050 in August 2019. However, 9.8’s have dropped significantly to $900 and high-grade raws down to $400. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: The trailer will be the true test in how this book will do moving forward. This new MCU team will be laying the groundwork for the next MCU phase and will be around for years… if not a decade or more. A 9.8 sold for as low as $670 this past March. Keep an eye out for low priced copies like that. They most likely will see a nice jump once a trailer hits (and if it’s received well). There’s a lot of potential in this book and these low prices simply show fatigue and frustration for a market waiting on new information. 

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NIOBE #1 HOKNES Variant (Limited to 100 copies)

Last year, news leaked that Niobe was optioned and was in development with HBO.  This rare variant had an auction sale of $1,182 for a CGC 9.8 copy. The first appearance of Niobe in THE UNTAMED: A SINNER’S PRAYER #1 (Stranger Comics, 2011) had it’s 1:10 Variant sell for $699 for a CGC 9.8.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Sales a year ago hit $699 for a CGC 9.8 with other sales at $500, but since mid-2019 this book has dropped to around $400 for a CGC 9.8 and solid raws have been purchased for under $50. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Again, this is an example of the common cautionary tale – make sure you understand the movie/show announcement. If a possible movie/show is years away, there will be initial fervor that will die down long before the project results in a trailer, let alone an actual full release. There will be a lot of time in there for related comics to drop in value. If you bought in at $699, you’ve lost over 40% and could have bought a 9.8 at under $400 if you’d just waited.

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SHAZAM! (DC, 1972)

Did SHAZAM really come out last year? It feels like it came out years ago. Last year, there was a big resurgence on his early/1st appearances. However, the focus has mostly been on this particular issue. It sold 81 copies and had a high sale of $1,395 for a CGC 9.8. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: A year ago CGC 9.6’s were going for $240-300 and 9.8’s hit almost $1,400. Of late, CGC 9.6 copies go for under $150 and the last 9.8 sold for $425

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Oftentimes with movie spec, books hit their peak around the time of the trailer and then plateau or even drop as the movie approaches (especially the case if expectations are low for the movie). Shazam! released on April 5, 2019, and was a surprise hit. As word got out about the movie, prices actually rose to result in astronomical 9.8 prices. In spite of Shazam!’s success and the promise of a sequel (Black Adam), Shazam! #1 still eventually cooled off with current 9.8 prices at a third of their 2019 highs and 9.6’s at about 60% of 2019 highs. We all get excited about a successful show or movie but add to that excitement by selling at a great price instead of chasing the success with a purchase.

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DEADPOOL #10 (Marvel, 2019)

This issue marked the 1st appearance of a new villain called Goodnight. This issue was hot for months, landing on our Top 10 multiple times. At its highest, it sold 43 copies and had a high sale of $19 for a raw copy.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: This hot new character is now available for almost nothing ($1.50, $.99, etc. raw; $50 for CGC 9.8).

WHAT DID WE LEARN: New characters are smart pick-ups. You never know which ones will take off in both the short and long term. However, we constantly urge collectors to ride out the initial heatwave. Almost every new “hot” character in the past 5 years has dropped in value significantly one year later. GOODNIGHT is no different. In this case, you can now buy this way under cover price and simply tuck them away instead of buying at the top of the market and having one overpriced copy.  

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DIE #1 (Image, 2018)

DIE #1 hit the market hard and sold out so quickly that it hit a 5th print in just a matter of weeks. The standard cover was selling for $30 and 9.8’s at $150. The virgin variant (limited to 800 copies) hit a high of $250 for a raw copy and $840,

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: These sales were nuts last year without even a content announcement. This book dropped to an average of $15… yet recent raw sales are back up at $30 and 9.8’s at $85. The virgin variant took the biggest hit, dropping to $85 raw and no recent 9.8 sales in over one year.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: This series is still well-received and sought after. Variant sales have dropped after seeing high spikes, while the more affordable 1st print is staying steady. 

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MAJOR X #1 (Marvel, 2019)

Remember Liefeld’s Major X? Major X was Cable’s future son, Alexander Nathaniel Summers, from a future alternate utopian society called X-istence. This was one of the hottest books on the market for months and remained on our Top 10 for months. In its first week, it sold 107 copies and had a high sale of $200 for a CGC 9.8 and $20 for raw copies. The Portacio 1:25 Variant also hit our Top 10 several times and sold 95 copies in one week with a high sale of $89.99 for a raw copy. If you can recall, there was a debate over MAJOR X’s first appearance. Fans pointed to a first cameo appearance in SPIDER-MAN/ DEADPOOL #47 (Marvel, 2019) which sold 157 copies in one week and also had a high sale of $41 for a raw copy. However, Mr. Liefeld directly rejected this cameo as the first appearance and publicly stated that MAJOR X #1 was the official first appearance. Fans didn’t listen and continued to buy this cameo up. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: One year later, MAJOR X sells for cover price, with recent sales as low as 99 cents. 9.8’s have sold for as low as $21, which just barely covers the cost of grading. The 1:25 variant has been selling for a steady $5. Strangely, Spider-Man/ Deadpool #47 is doing the best with raws selling for $16 to $20 and $80 in a 9.8. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Seeing the decent sales of Spider-Man/ Deadpool, the market isn’t done with Major X. But man, the first issue took a major market hit one year later. We’re not sure why… it could just be the delay in new issues featuring MAJOR X that’s putting a damper on his first appearance.  It may be down, but we wouldn’t count this out.

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THE SILENCER #15 (DC, 2019)

Folks LOVE new characters these days and last year was packed full of them. This particular issue features the new character SMOKE and sold 43 copies and had a high sale of $18 for a raw copy. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: One year later, this sells for cover price with a few $15 sales sprinkled in. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: We’ve said it already above, tread lightly with new character heat. First appearances are smart purchases… but not when they’re already at the top of the market. 

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West Coast Avengers #9 (2019)

If you haven’t noticed a trend, new character appearances were popping up all through April & May 2019. This time it was the first appearance of ALLOY, a character who’s able to absorb and control Vibranium, landed in our TOP 10 list last year. In this issue, Ramone Watts (as Alloy) has a full origin story and costume reveal mid-way through the book and continues on to fight alongside the WCA for the rest of the book. This new character suddenly became highly sought after and sold 52 copies with a high raw sale of $30. WEST COAST AVENGERS #10 has the second appearance of ALLOY, which had a lot of momentum from the heat of issue #9 and outsold issue #9 with 41 copies, and had a high sale of $25 for a raw copy. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Prices are a little all over for both issues. Sales range from $1 to $10. Most sales average around $4. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: We highly recommend buying into new characters if you can jump in when it’s selling for cover price. If you miss out, don’t worry, you’ll have time. Sure, there’s the rare chance that characters like Spider-Gwen take off and never come back down. However, as you can see from this reflective look back, 2019’s new characters’ height were in the first month or two of release and then fell back down. Many of these characters have potential, so now’s a great time to buy-in. 

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Written By: Matt DeVoe | [email protected]

Comic Researcher: Matt Day | [email protected]


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