July 8th, 2020

Last June we saw a ton of comics (and comic spec) hit the scene. With everything from rare variants, content rumors, and new characters hitting the scene, there was a lot of comic movement happening. So where are those comics now?

At the end of each month, the CovrPrice team takes a long look back to see how books from one year are doing now. Why do we think this is important? Short answer – because no one is doing it. In a world hyper-focused on the next HOT comic and loose content rumors… It’s nice to take a deep look back to see how things panned out.

Our goal is to elevate your comic know-how with real-world examples and trends tracked by (almost) a million real comic sales taken by CovrPrice over the year.

So let’s jump in and see how those comics A Year Ago This Month are doing!

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J. Scott Campbell is one of the most popular artists in comics. While mostly known for drawing the women of Marvel, this Lizard variant clearly stands out amongst all his other covers. Many Campbell fans point to this (arguably) being his best cover to date. This variant came out during the “Magic Variant Years” where the print runs were low and 1:50 variants rarely hit shops. The sales for this book kept climbing with a 9.8 sale one year ago at $1,898.80. Certain books just prove themselves as mainstay variants, and this is a beautiful example of one. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Since that big sale last year, there has only been one 9.8 sale, which sold in Nov. 2019 for $1,026. That’s a pretty steep drop. Raw sales also dropped from $500 to $400. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Even the biggest and hardest to find variants can dip in price. It always depends on where the market’s focus is. Campbell’s variants have all taken a few steps back. Why? His market is pretty saturated, mostly with covers that feel familiar… which is also what makes him so successful. However, he’s still one of the best artists out there with a huge fanbase. His key variants (especially this one) will always be valuable. This is perfect for high-end variant collectors. This Lizard variant is NOT easy to find and will only dry up more in the future. Now’s a great time to pick one up with prices as low as they are. They won’t go down much further. 

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Yep. Another Campbell. This cover is absolutely gorgeous and pairs well with Campbell’s Lizard variant above. Many point to this variant as his best female variant, and one that kickstarted his long history of drawing Black Cat. Last year’s raw sale of $999.95 and CGC 9.8 sale of $1,499.99 is a reminder that Campbell is one of the most valuable cover artists in the industry. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: One-year later and sales will confirm what we mentioned above. High-priced variants like this ebb and flow with where the market is. A year ago, after that $1,499.99 9.8, other sales hit $811, $852 and the recent $1,150 for a 9.8. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Variants like this aren’t going anywhere. Where the Lizard is at a market lull, this one is heating back up. Now’s not the best time to grab a copy. However, as you can see, the market will dip again. It’s all about timing. 

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Amongst all the ENDGAME noise, this was one of the few confirmed titles coming to Disney’s streaming service. With that news, this variant sold at a new high with last year’s sale of $650 for a CGC 9.8. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: One-year later and Disney already scrapped the planned GHOST RIDER to star Robbie Reyes. While they still are developing a Ghost Rider project of some kind, it’s unknown if Robbie will be the focus again. This news SHOULD have killed this book, but it didn’t. One year later, it’s still very hard to find. We haven’t seen another 9.8 on our site, yet raws have increased over the year to $180. This amount is close to the price it was getting when the initial press release hit.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Content plans can change quickly. While a character may be out, hard to find variants can still command top dollar.  

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This AMAZING Dave Stevens Planet Comics #1 homage is one of our favorite covers. Honestly, between Dave’s original cover and Adam’s take, we don’t know which one we love more. It’s probably a tie. Regardless, this variant is hard to find. Last year, a CGC 9.8 sold for a height of $800 and hit a high raw sale of $250 in July 2019. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Sales have surprisingly dropped. Raws sell for about $130 to $140 and the most recent 9.8 sold for $328. Why the drop? Well, while it’s not nearly a flood, these high prices brought copies to the market, reducing the “impossible to find” label it had for several years. Hughes has also seen an overall dip in his market value. `

WHAT DID WE LEARN: The old economic model of “supply and demand” is at play here. Scarcity is a key factor in high price variant market retention. High market prices are usually a dinner bell for more copies to get listed. If those copies exceed demand (at those high prices) then prices begin to drop. This is exactly what’s happening here and an important factor to take into consideration when buying high priced books into today’s hot market. 

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For the past year or so,  VOLTRON: A LEGEND FORGED (DDP, 2008) has been hailed as Ms. Jenny Frison’s first variant. However, this B cover to HACK/ SLASH #14 came out the same month and the timing is creating debates. The debate lies in VOLTRON being published first, but HACK/ SLASH is thought to be her first job in comics. Either way, sellers are listing BOTH now as 1st Jenny Frison work, which will cause plenty of market confusion. Last year, this cover appeared to be creeping up to VOLTRON’s market prices with HACK/ SLASH’s raw sale last year at $149.98.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Frison’s HACK/SLASH fared a similar fate to DIRTY PAIR, raw prices range from $50 to $70. VOLTRON has also slipped from a high raw sale of $250 last year to its average sale of $130 this year. 9.8’s have slipped from $700 last year to $328 this year. Higher priced copies appear to be sitting, hence the lack of recent sales. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Jenny Frison is a fantastic artist. However, in a similar fashion to Peach Momoko, she was the artist that collectors paid premiums for her hard to find books. While Frison is still popular, collectors have moved on to the next hot new artist (Momoko). As prices drop, stubborn sellers keep their books listed for months, still hoping for that market height. When sales stay static it creates an impression of market fatigue for that particular book. With all that said, even with the price drop, the books do still have significant value.

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Wow, was this variant hot last year. It hit a height of $1K for a CGC 9.8 and raws were getting $350. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Today, raws are ranging from $120 to $180 with the last 9.8 sale at $350. While it’s easy to say that this book fell hard (it did), the market just settled. $100+ is fantastic for a 1:50. Still, $350 is a sharp drop from $1K.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: It’s important to note that the $1K sale was a first to market 9.8. If you weren’t aware, first to market 9.8’s typically see high market sales (often the highest) for hot books. A crazy high price makes other sellers rush their copies to CGC with the hope they capture that market sale, only to bring more copies to market (see a trend?). This cover has two of the MCU’s phase 4 future stars. This is an excellent time to jump into a copy. 

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Rick & Morty is one of the hottest animated shows today, yet the print runs have been (and stay) relatively small. Most stores only order R&M books for pull customers. So, finding a store that’s buying 25 copies of a $6.99 cover price anniversary issue is pretty darn tough. Per Diamond, these variants weren’t listed in the system. To obtain one, you had to call and request the set, order 25 copies, and then wait for Diamond to obtain approval from Oni. Last year, this set sold for a huge $1,125 in an auction. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Prices on these sets couldn’t sustain such high prices. They dropped almost immediately to $400 a set. Over the past year, this set has also taken a hard fall. Recent raw sets sell for around $130. Individually, they can sell for $60 to $90. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: While stores/sellers didn’t initially qualify for copies of this variant, post-release they could still obtain copies (which they did). This brought plenty of copies to the market, bringing down the prices for these niche variants. Again, these current prices are still solid for a 1:25.  

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Last year, Knull’s appearance on this 2nd print cover spiked demand with 89 copies sold and a high sale of $25 raw. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: This year, with the heat around Knull, this 2nd print has increased to $50 raw and $155 in a 9.8. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Knull heat has only increased. This cover priced 2nd print is a surprise winner one year later and is only going to increase. 

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This rare and hard to find Michael Turner German variant for Superman/ Batman #4 sold last year for $1,900 in a CGC 9.8. This was our highest recorded graded sale at the time. This cover has been highly sought after for years. Lately, collectors have accepted Superman/ Batman #7 SDCC 2017 Aspen virgin variant as a consolation prize to owning this rare German version. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: In December 2019, this had a new height at $2,250 for a rare 9.8. However, it took a big step back with a sale this past June at $1,499 for a 9.8. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Could that Aspen virgin variant, that now gets over $300 in a 9.8 and $150+ raw, be affecting this variant’s overall market value? We think it is. It will never overtake it, but it definitely seems to be affecting it. 

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Brian Bolland is awesome and truly underrated. This Zatanna variant of his is fantastic and is quite hard to track down. Last year’s CGC 9.8 sale for $350 marked the highest sale ever for this variant.  

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: The last 9.8 sale this past April sold for $1 less at $349. Raw prices have been around $50. With the recent rumor that Zatanna is in development, this should see a nice bump in price. This 2010 series has most of her best covers by both Bolland and Hughes. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: This could have been JUST a variant that sees steady sales. However, this recent news shows us that timing is everything. Once confirmation hits, this book should start moving. 

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Last year, a CGC 9.8 sold for a huge $1,699. This was the highest sale we’ve recorded for a 9.8. This issue features the first appearance of Betsy Braddock (who later becomes Psylocke). We’re not sure why Psylocke is moving such a big sale with no news. Maybe it’s simply spillover from Captain Britain #1 heat. It IS really hard to find this book in a 9.8. The last 9.8 recorded sale was in 2017 for $999.95.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: One year later, we saw an additional 9.8 sell this past March for $1,695. This hold is pretty amazing as big books like this tend to fluctuate more. Maybe Psylocke is just that popular.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: We know that the X-Men will appear in the MCU at some point in the future. We just don’t know which ones and when. However, their first appearances are perfect books to be buying into right now. Granted, this is already pretty high… but can it go higher? 

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While many debate Kamala Kahn’s VERY brief panel appearance in this issue as her first appearance (in cameo), it has been confirmed by the creators. This book has been slowly, but consistently, increasing in price for the past several years. Last year’s $199 raw sale is a reminder of how much potential Kamala has and how big these books will go once she’s confirmed for the MCU. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: One year later, this book is holding strong. Raws dipped a tad to $150, however 9.8’s are selling for $425. We’re still waiting for more Kamala Kahn news. However, this will skyrocket once it does. There are rumors that Marvel will make their annual big announcements during the digital SDCC. We don’t know what news we’ll get, but we know they’re very focused on Kamala. Your time to jump into this is right now. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Initial key appearances, large or small, are highly sought after. While Kamala has several books in her cameo/full appearance list, they all eventually jump up as every other one gets too expensive.  

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A very rare and highly sought after raw copy of the SOTI (Seduction of the Innocent, which brought about the comics code) famed REFORM SCHOOL GIRL came to market and sold for $2,040. This is one book you just won’t see too often. We noted last year that this is one that goes up in price every time it pops up. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: It did just that with a massive $18K sale for a CGC 8.0.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: SOTI covers are becoming VERY sought after lately. The mixture of pre-code horror and good-girl art has collectors racing for ANY condition. While it’s easier to seek out moderns at you LCS or conventions, educating yourself on these key issues and their current market price can end up being very significant investments.

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AVENGERS #196 (MARVEL, 1980)

With The Taskmaster appearing in the MCUs’ BLACK WIDOW, collectors have passed on the Ultimate version and went back to the original. Last year, a CGC 9.8 sold for $1,009 with raws selling for around $90 in a 7.0 to 8.0 grade.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: It been rumored that TASKMASTER might end up playing a bigger role in the MCU and could end up surviving the BLACK WIDOW film. This news has helped prices to stay consistent as we wait for the film’s release. The most recent 9.8 sold for $1,020. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: If he does survive, his full appearance in this issue will see nice price jumps. However, it’s a bit of a gamble. If he dies, the value will drop. If he survives, then this is going to go up. It depends on how much you trust the rumor news. 

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This book rose in price back when there was a rumor (with prelim art) of a BATMAN BEYOND animated film in development at Warner Brothers. WB quickly set the record straight by confirming “We are not working on an animated Batman Beyond movie”. Sales remained high for a while and then settled significantly as this news reached fans. When Robert Pattison was recently announced to take on the Bat moniker, many speculated that he’s more fit to play Terry McGinnis then Bruce Wayne. This lead to speculation that WB used the word “animated” in their statement for a reason. Regardless, this led to some renewed interest in this issue, specifically with a 9.8 selling for $410.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Uh wow, did a fire light under this book for the past year. Even with all these rumors dying, this continued to make HUGE price jumps… leading into July with a 9.8 sale of $890 and a high-grade raw sale of $400. NOW, there have been new rumors that BATMAN BEYOND is in development at WB. While this news didn’t make this book jump any higher, it did light a fire under the free promo version. That jumped from $30 to $100 raw pretty quickly.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Buy into characters people love. It doesn’t always have to be characters you love. Batman Beyond has been a fan favorite for a while now. He has a lot of nostalgia behind him, a slick design, and a fun take on the Bat franchise. This was a book we should have bought heavily back in 2017 when raws sold for $25 (though 9.8’s have always been expensive). 

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BONE PARISH #1 (BOOM!, 2018)

Boom hinted last year that this was optioned, however, there has been no confirmation after. This rumor turned this issue into a $20 book.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: With no follow-up news, this dropped quickly back down to cover price. It wasn’t until this past April that prices jumped with the announcement of Boom’s first-look deal with Netflix. Granted, nothing was confirmed in that press release, though many speculated that this would be one of the titles they focus on. This news pushed this back to a $15 to $20 book (granted sales are VERY slow)

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Never buy on rumor (unless it’s SUPER cheap… like $1 bin cheap). The development process is fickle and news is thin and far between. Almost every independent book with content news hit these dips in market value in just 3 months. If you miss out, just wait. 

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THE BOYS #1 (DC, 2006)

The red band trailer for season one landed this time last year and fans loved it. It kicked off a small market surge to move 25 copies with a CGC 9.8 hitting $299. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Wow, it feels like this show came out WAY longer ago. Obviously, the show was a massive hit. It was done incredibly well and market sales reflected that with it hitting a big $499 for a 9.8 in August 2019 and raws were getting $100+. Today, 9.8’s are selling for $250 and raws at around $60. The second season’s trailer JUST hit today (check it out HERE). Will this see a resurgence in prices? We think so.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Like UMBRELLA ACADEMY, this title changed the way the market reacted. These books were hitting their market height post content release, which was unheard of for as long as we could remember. This changed the way we looked at speculation and market expectations. While we think sales will pick back up, they typically never hit the highs from the first season. That’s one trend that hasn’t changed yet. BUT, there’s always a first. The next couple weeks will be the true test. Keep an eye on this book. 

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Before Barney and H.R. Puffenstuff, there was The Banana Splits. Check out the intro (you’ve probably heard the theme song at some point) here. So, why did this mostly forgotten kids show have their first comic appearance sell for $70 raw last year? Well, a BANANA SPLITS movie trailer (on SYFY) hit Youtube with an R rating for “Horror, Violence, and Gore”.  When you watch the trailer, it almost feels like a terrible joke taken too far… yet completely intriguing. Regardless, interest in the Banana Splits moved all the cheap copies off of MCS and eBay. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Yeah, this book doesn’t sell at all anymore. The few sales over 2020 have ranged from $3 to $15. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: There were several red flags on why we shouldn’t have bought into this book. Content like this doesn’t sustain value for very long. With no long term plans, interest in this book really “split.”

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Hungry Ghosts, written by the late Chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain, first gained steam when Bourdain passed away back in June 2018. While morbid, sales spiked with his passing and eventually settled back down. Last year’s official news reignited sales and increased in value, with a high sale of $169.99 for a CGC 9.8.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Market prices are pretty low right now. Raws sell for $5 to $8 and 9.8’s sell for $45 to $70. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Animated films take a while to create… like years (typically two to three). Basically, you have plenty of time to find copies cheap in the wild. Prices always dip with no news. And we’re not going to see more for at least another year or so. Again, take your time on this… you have time to savor a delicious find.

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Last year, photos from the set of Marvel’s solo BLACK WIDOW film confirmed that the actress, Florence Pugh, will play Yelena Belova as the Black Widow. This news caused several titles to instantly heat up, including the first appearance of Yelena Belova in INHUMANS (Vol. 2) #5 and Yelena as the Black Widow in the 1999 Marvel Black Widow series. INHUMANS #5 landed on our TOP 10 in the #7 spot and had a top raw sale of $85 raw. BLACK WIDOW #1 featured 3 covers, a Natasha main cover, a Yelena variant, and a Dynamic Forces variant. The Yelena cover went from $5 to $50 raw. The Natasha cover saw a $39.99 sale and the Dynamic Forces cover sold for $69.99. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Man, some of the timing in the newsletter is perfect. One year later from this news, this book is SUPER hot again. It was just confirmed that Florence Pugh will take over the role of Black Widow for future MCU content. Before this news, prices had dipped to $25 raw for INHUMANS #5. This week, it hit $60 raw. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Timing is key. This news is still early, so the market values have not drastically changed for the BLACK WIDOW solo series that Yelena appeared in after Inhumans 5. However, we should start to see big jumps as we get closer to its release date on 11/6/20. 

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Last year, post-ENDGAME rumors focused on Riri Williams (aka Ironheart) donning the Iron armor and trying to fill Tony Stark’s shoes. Sales started to move as Robert Downey Jr. commented that he would like to see the character in the MCU. Riri’s first FULL appearance as IRONHEART is in this issue and this Apocalypse variant was the winner with a 9.8 sale at $299.99 and raw at $25 to $50.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: What perfect timing. With Riri officially confirmed, her books have skyrocketed over the past week. This particular cover is ON FIRE. Raws are hitting $350 and the last 9.8 sold in a two-book 9.8 lot for $1,300 (putting this 9.8 value at around $800). 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Timing is everything. Rumors are essentially the flare gun for market values. Confirmation is lighting the fuse. When one book gets hot, the explosion spreads out to multiple key issues, lighting some on fire more than others. Looking back, this was the book that jumped with just a rumor. As prices dropped, this would have been a perfect book to buy up over the year. Those that did are having a great week.

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Rumors that KORVAC, who’s first is in this issue, would be the MCU’s next big bad were traveling across speculation sites and YouTube channels last year. This rumor helped this book to hit a high sale of $250 for a CGC 8.5.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: There must be many out there who feel strongly about this speculation. Christian Bales’ name has also been mentioned as being rumored for the role. Keeping this speculation at the forefront has helped increase this book’s overall value with a 9.4 reaching $630 in Sep. 2019. Raw values have stayed the same at around $70 for a 7.0 to 8.0 copy. High-grade copies sell for $100+.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: It’s all guesswork at which characters will appear in MCU’s phase 4. While we can all make educated guesses, the unknown of WHEN and HOW is still a large factor that could mean years to a decade for it to come true. The threat of confirmation helps keep the value up as collectors feel the pressure to buy now before it goes up even more. We still say wait. 

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THE KITCHEN #1 (DC, 2014)

The trailer for this film hit this time last year, moving 37 copies with a high sale of $119 for a CGC 9.8.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Well, this film bombed and brought down the market values with it. Raw values are terrible. You can find copies for as low as $1. However, 9.8’s held up okay. A sale in May 2020 sold for $135. You shouldn’t expect to get that now… but it does show some level of life still here.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: A popular question we hear often is, “when should I sell”. One-off films like this VERY rarely retain value. The trailer was the key time to sell for this book. 

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THE JOKER #1 (DC, 1975) 

Last year, a CGC 9.8 sold for $617.77. The JOKER movie starring Joaquin Phoenix was HOT and helped drive demand for this book. It didn’t have much of a connection to the film, but this is still the first self-titled series for The Joker.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: This film was celebrated by both audiences and critics alike. It was a surprise hit that made WB rethink their whole DCU strategy. This book is healthier than ever with its biggest sale yet this past May at $995 for a 9.8. Raws still range in price (dependent on condition), but can sell for over $100 in a high grade. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: With the right amount of heat, EVEN a book completely not connected to the content can still sell well if it’s close enough. This was unheard of a few years ago.

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MISTER MIRACLE #1 (1971) was trending last year thanks to rumors back in January 2019 about DC’s NEW GODS film focusing on Mister Miracle and Big Barda. Even with just the rumor, it was enough to make one buyer pull the trigger on the VERY elusive 9.8 from CGC for an incredible $4,250!  Raw values averaged around $100. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: No new news has been released to confirm Mister Miracle & Big Barda. Raw prices have dropped to $50 and another 9.8 hit the market in October for $3,800.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Always be wary of rumors. Even if they end being true, they often take months to years for final confirmation. Prices tend to drop within 3 months of rumors, which is a great time to pick up copies. Mister Miracle is a great character that we’d love to see hit the big screen. 

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Sometimes, keeping track of development deals can be challenging. In 2015, Universal Pictures announced a 2-year First-Look deal with Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment. In 2017, Amazon then announced a first-look deal with Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment. So, where does a comic that was released in 2018 lie… strangely with Universal. Deals are complicated, but we digress. Regardless, OBLIVION SONG had a nice surge in both price and sales this time last year. The focus went straight to the standard cover and the pink signature variant of #1. The Advance copy saw some small movement at $30 but could not hit the heights it was hitting when it was first released at $140. Even the rarer foil variant (which came in a statue set) was not even close to the heights it hit around release when a set sold for $450. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Again, with no news, values have dropped for the core issue (selling for $6), the pink signature cover (selling for $10) and advance copy (selling for $20). However, the collector’s set (limited to 1,000 sets) has been seeing sales at $275 and the foil cover from that set selling for $250 in a 9.8.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: No news can definitely affect values. However, hard to find variants have better retention as collectors scoop them up during the price lull. 

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OMEGA MEN #3 (DC, 1983)

Lobo was announced last June 2019 to have his own DC show, pushing his first appearance to $265 for a CGC 9.8 and moved 35 copies. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Lobo appeared on KRYPTON… and boy was it rough. Word then came that he was not going to get a show on DC’s streaming service. Sales fell to $150/$175 for a 9.8. Granted, that’s not drastic. Raws seemed to be mostly unaffected and continue to sell for $40 in high grade.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Lobo has his die-hard fans, who continue to give steady market sales for his first appearance. The loss of (good) content definitely slowed the market. But don’t count the Main Man out. This is still a great book to own. Look for those cheap raws!

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Last year, Brian K Vaughn tweeted “Extra, extra big Paper Girls news coming your way soon.” Of course, many figured that this means content. However, the market movement has been light with small gains at $10.  

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Again, this newsletter seemed to be perfectly timed and new news hit last week with the news that Christopher Cantwell (HALT AND CATCH FIRE) has been added on as the showrunner for the series. With this, raw sales have jumped to $20 and 9.8’s are beginning to sell again with a most recent sale of $90. This even landed on our TOP 10 this week as it sold 31 copies and had a 7-day trend of 162%.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: News is key. The timing is almost impossible to calculate though. Use those market lulls to find super cheap copies and then just tuck them away.

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PEARL #1 (DC, 2018)

This hit our top #1 spot on 6/3/19 last year after Bendis hinted at movie news via a tweet. It hit a high sale of $30. The variant also landed on our TOP 10 at #2 and sold for $20. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: One year later there has been no new news. The first print has fallen hard to recent sales of $1 to $4. The variant does a little bit better at $5.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Don’t buy upon rumors. Take that time to look for cheap copies. OR just wait. The prices can’t go any lower right now. The market is your oyster, find your Pearl. (sorry, that one was bad)

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Sooooo, this first appearance of Bloodshot sold a CGC 9.9 for $2,500. With this film in production last year, this book was hot. Raws were hitting $100 and a 9.8 sold for $439. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Well, the film released in March JUST in time for the world to shut down due to COVID. The film didn’t do well, yet found some success via streaming. But boy… the market values were obliterated shortly after. Raw copies sell for $20 and 9.8’s sell for $75. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: BLOODSHOT fans had high expectations to see a Valiant character hit the big screen. Many had reservations after watching the trailer, but sales kept mostly steady. Once the film released and died, faith in a future franchise went with it, forcing sellers to move their copies quickly. To invest in a book like this, you have to determine the long-term content potential. The sale of Harbinger to Paramount was a major red flag that Sony had no plans to develop further Valiant films. 

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SANDMAN  (DC, 1988) 

SANDMAN has been stuck in Hollywood development hell for years. It was announced in June 2019 that Netflix ordered 11 Episodes for the amazing Neil Gaiman iconic comic series. With that news, both SANDMAN #1 and SANDMAN #8 (first Death) each sold a CGC 9.8 for $549.99. Both were selling 9.8’s around $350 pre-news. Raws sales have also been climbing for #1 and even hit our runner up list for the TOP 10 comics.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: One year later sales have held well, despite no new news. Raws are selling for $140 and a 9.8 recently sold for $456. This past April, Gaiman responded that development was moving well… until COVID put a delay on things like casting. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Netflix is pretty good at making the projects they buy into, so fans feel comfortable investing in this book so don’t “sleep” on this one.

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It was recently announced that Brian Michael Bendis sold the TV rights for the United States Of Murder, Inc. to an unknown content creator. There wasn’t much to go on other than that, yet sales moved briskly with a significant increase to land on our TOP 10 that week at a market value of $20. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW:  Bendis was busy announcing content deals that have yet to materialize. This title is no different as absolutely no follow-up news came out. Market values dropped down below cover. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Take announcements via twitter with a grain of salt. When deals begin negotiation, creators can tend to get a little excited and let new slip. However, deals fall through constantly and no one likes to share news like that. 

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Word spread quickly this time last year that Wolverine has yet ANOTHER daughter – and this one has both claws AND magic. Marvel Comics Presents (2019) series writer, Charles Soule, confirmed the news via Twitter last year – urging people to pick up issue #6. Soule failed to mention he and artist Paulo Siqueira slipped the daughter, Ms. D’Arqueness, into two panels in issue #5 and that she had been narrating the series all along. Online resales of #6 hit about 250 copies sold by 6/28 with an average sales price of $40. Issue #5 moved about 27 copies with an average of $22.

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: One year later and prices have held. Issue $6 sells between $50 and $75 raw. Issue #5 dropped to $20. The 1:25 2nd print is really where the value lies, with raw sales of $60 and CGC 9.8 sales around $250.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: It’s still not clear what Marvel’s intention is for Ms. D’Arqueness. We’re not even sure how things ended with her being (or not being) Wolverine’s daughter. She kind of just disappeared. However, since she was introduced in such a grand fashion and everyone made SUCH a big deal about it… we can see her coming back. 

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This adult series (the other issues in this series are NSFW) is a hard-to-find comic, featuring a cover by fan-favorite Adam Hughes. Being an early and hard to find Hughes cover, it’s been commanding higher and higher prices. Hughes has been accused lately of “phoning” some covers in. However, this cover really highlights his amazing skill set as an artist. Last year’s sale of $108.50 was a sign of prices rising. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: A NM- copy sold in February for $180. Copies are few and far between. When they do get listed, they seem to sell quickly.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: This has proven to be a tough book to find. Obviously, adult comics are not easy to find (for good reason). If you’re brave enough to dig through the adult section, finding this could be a fun reward. 

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Last year, this first appearance of Miles Morales landed all over our top 10 and runners ups for months, hitting a height of $340 for a GCC 9.8. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: One year later… well, you know by now. This went absolutely insane with raws selling for $400+ and 9.8’s at $1K+!

WHAT DID WE LEARN: We don’t often tell you what books to buy and not buy. EXCEPT when we see steady month after month growth as we did with this book last year. It was one that we had recommended buying… yet we had NO idea it would turn into what it did. However, one of the fun elements of CovrPrice is the ability to watch trends and see how books perform. (we love this stuff!)

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WALKING DEAD #191 & 192 (IMAGE, 2019)

Kirkman surprised everyone last year by killing off Rick Grimes in issue #192. With this unexpected twist, collectors rushed out to grab copies… moved 208 copies in one week with a high sale of $51 raw. Fan also grabbed #191 to catch up on the events leading into #192, moving 87 copies with a high raw sale of $25.  These issues and it’s various covers dominated our Top 10 for almost two months. 

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: The Walking Dead is greatly missed. Market values have dropped from $20 to $10, with plenty of copies listed. 9.8’s only sell for $50, which doesn’t make grading them worth it. However, most fans just bought these to read and finish an epic long run that gave us some fantastic reads.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: With the series over, there’s not much hope for this book to see any increases in the near future. End of run books for low print run books can see big price values. However, this one had a pretty decent print run. 

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Written By: Matt DeVoe | [email protected]


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