August 14th, 2020

Welcome to CovrPrice’s weekly Newsletter! This week we shed some light on the print run for Venom #27 (double cover), see a big sale for videogame-themed-comic Uncharted, and share some content updates. Enjoy!

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Every day CovrPrice’s Daily Shaker List calls out comics with the highest sales value sold that day. Throughout the week we pull the more interesting ones and elaborate on them here. Check out our sweet Shaker List here.

SHAKER: Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1 (Marvel, 2008)

ADAM THE BLUE LEGEND continues to hit new heights with this week’s new high sale of $1,550 for a CGC 9.8. It’s crazy to think that this was a $550 9.8 in June and has increased by $1K in less than 2 months. Think about what this book will do if this does find that small chance of making it into the MCU. 

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SHAKER: All-New Marvel Now! Point One #1 (Marvel, 2014)

After this first full appearance of Kamala Kahn hit $800 for a 9.8 two weeks ago, this new high sale of $950 shows that this book is JUST getting started.

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SHAKER: Amazing Fantasy #15 Newsstand Edition (Marvel, 2006)

This first appearance of Amadeus Cho has been speculated on since his Mom (Helen) appeared in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. Many assumed that if Helen Cho could appear, then Amadeus wasn’t too far behind. Amadeus, currently as BRAUN in the comics, is considered one of (if not THE) smartest characters in the Marvel Universe. With the heat behind diverse characters coming to the MCU, there’s some broad speculation that Amadeus might not be far behind. This week the standard cover matched the height it had last August 2019 at $600 for a 9.8. However, the big sale belongs to the newsstand version of this book that sold for $1,200 raw. This continues the trend of an ULTRA premium on newsstand editions. 

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This is one of our favorite Campbell variants that’s also considered the one that started his reign as a cover artist superstar. A CGC 9.8 sale of $1,300 keeps this 1:25 right at the top of the most valuable modern comic list.

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Last week, it was leaked that Marvel is casting for a “Puerto Rican girl between the ages of 12 and 15 years old” in DOCTOR STRANGE: IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS. This news lit up speculation, leading many to assume that this meant America Chavez. With just that nugget of a rumor (granted, she would make a good fit…seeing that she has the ability to create/punch star portals to different dimensions), sales took off for multiple books like this gorgeous Art Adams 1:50 variant. It had a new all-time high sale of $375 for a 9.8. Other variants like: Jen Bartel’s America #8 1:25 Variant at $150, Ultimates 2 #1 Deodato 1:10 at $70+ and America #1 McKelvie 1:25 at $150 raw and $325 in a 9.8 (plus plenty more!). However, this 1:50 seems to be the one variant outside of Vengeance (see below) that’s having the biggest boost in price. 

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With all the heat on Kamala Kahn, this 2nd print (which is her first appearance on a cover, though it does pre-date MARVEL NOW POINT ONE) FINALLY caught the fire it needed and hit a new height of $3,500 for a CGC 9.8. This one was due.

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Before the WALKING DEAD, there was The Dead Who Walk. This pre-code horror one-shot had a big sale of $990 for a CGC 4.5.

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While not a comic, HEAVY METAL is pretty much the near dear cousin of comic books. It’s featured some of the best art and short comic stories since 1977. This very limited (and VERY hard to find) Comicspro variant features THE LORD OF LIGHT drawn by the legendary Jack Kirby. If you aren’t aware, the LORD OF LIGHT has been highly referenced in the Donnie Cates THOR series. Due to this association, this rare listed copy sold for $299.99 for a raw copy. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)


SHAKER: Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1 – 4th Print (Marvel, 2018)

Along with newsstand heat are subsequent printings. Man, are they all the rage in comics right now. Add this awesome Rhino 4th print to the ever-growing list of low-print/high-price subsequent printings. This is selling for about $60 raw. It could still be a book you can find on the shelf at your LCS.

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SHAKER: Ms. Marvel #1 – Art Adams – B&W (1:100) (Marvel, 2014)

With all the Kamala Kahn heat, this great Art Adams variant was long-overdue for some market attention. At $375 for a 9.8 this week, we still feel like this has plenty of room to grow.

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With the Tedesco variant hitting news heights earlier this month, this Turner SDCC variant is following the lead and sold for a new height of $299.99 for a 9.8.

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SHAKER: Star Wars Kanan #1 – Killian Plunkett (1:25) (Marvel, 2015)

As you know, this issue is packed with first appearances. However, it’s Sabine Wren’s first appearance that continues to drive sales. Keep a close eye on this variant. It has really dried up. The sales that do pop-up are really starting to move, like this new high sale of $449.99 for a 9.8.

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SHAKER: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #104 – Ken Garing (1:10) (IDW, 2020)

Back when this had a $10 price tag this variant was on our watcher list. This week it had a high sale of $120. This market movement is all due to speculation that Raphael is the last Ninja Turtle in the LAST RONIN series. 

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SHAKER: Thor #2 – Nic Klein 2nd Print (Marvel, 2020)

Here’s just ANOTHER subsequent printing that’s jumping in price. With an awesome Beta Ray Bill cover, this 2nd print is selling for $54 and is another book that might still be at your LCS. 

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SHAKER: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 – Newsstand (Marvel, 2011)

Yep, another newsstand sale. This ULTIMATE COMICS #1, featuring Miles, hit a new height of $1,299 for a CGC 9.6. Not to be outdone, ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4 also had a newsstand edition sell for $3,500 for a 9.2. 

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Post Season One of Netflix’s THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY, this variant hit a height of $1,200. By June 2019, a 9.8 took a big tumble to a low sale of $431. This week, with CGC 9.8 selling for $1,099, this variant is ALMOST back up to that high we saw last year. It seems that most fans agree that this second season was even better then the first, which has renewed interest in this series. Typically, books die (and stay dead) after the first content appearance (unless it’s an evergreen character like Iron Man, Spider-Man, etc.). So, this upward trend is a GREAT sign for other comic book shows leading into their second seasons, like THE BOYS. 

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With the Tom Holland UNCHARTED movie currently filming, this incredibly hard to find Hughes variant had a big $453 raw sale this week. Video game comics like this series usually have low print runs, giving them significant premiums. The standard cover is a $30+ book and is definitely a series to look out for. BUT… that Hughes variant… did we mention how hard it is to find? Until this month, it’s been about 7 months since the last listing/sale. Fans just aren’t letting their copies go. Once a trailer hits, this variant should see more listings and will hit huge numbers. 

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Since we’re already talking about America Chavez, it’s impossible to not discuss the big sale the variant had for her first appearance. It had an all-time high sale of $1,700 for a CGC 9.8. And this is JUST upon the rumor. This variant has been building steam for years and is finally getting the boost it needed. We think this is going to continue going up. 

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SHAKER: Venom #4 – Ryan Stegman – 3rd Print (Marvel 2018)

Another subsequent print hitting a new height. This 3rd print with KNULL on the cover sold a CGC 9.8 for $599.99 this week.

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SHAKER: Wonder Woman #72 (DC, 1993)

One of our favorite Wonder Woman classics by the great Brian Bolland had a huge sale of $698 for a 9.8 this week.

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This comic is packed with first appearances and will most likely be an important book for the MCU’s phase 4. This book is also pretty important outside of content. Key Marvel comic storylines (like Captain Marvel) have characters like HULKLING front and center. This book is no longer “one to watch”, as it’s officially here. This sketch variant sold last week for $911 in a CGC 9.8.

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SCREENRANT recently reported that “Valiant Entertainment is targeting a 2021 release date for their Harbinger comic book movie, but Paramount hasn’t announced an official date”. Talk about a wishy-washy news release. Per the article, the film hasn’t even been cast yet, let alone started production. So, 2021 is… not likely (especially with so many high profile franchises that pushed their 2020 summer releases into 2021… it’s going to be SUPER crowded). Regardless, this news STILL moved copies with a HARBINGER #1 selling for $700 in a 9.8. The all-time high sale was $1,299.99 back when Sony announced they had purchased the rights to make the film (which they then sold to Paramount during the production of BLOODSHOT).  

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DEADLINE recently reported that “Lion’ Director Garth Davis To Direct Disney’s New ‘Tron’ Movie With Jared Leto”. While you wouldn’t think that this news would move a Tron comic, you are wrong. It sure did. This news helped ignite a fire under the Slave Labor series (first Tron comic series), with copies of the first issue selling for $27. The news also helped renew interest in the 10 “Tron Month” variants that Marvel did in October 2010 to support TRON LEGACY that was released in December 2010. Those are:

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WATCHING: Venom #27 – Jonboy Meyers Double Cover (Marvel 2020)

So THIS was an interesting book this week that has A LOT of misinformation out there at the moment. First off, this double cover features the Ryan Stegman 1:100 variant with an additional top cover by Jonboy Meyers (trade dress version), an exclusive of BIG TIME COLLECTIBLES (BTC). It had a high sale of $820 raw this week, with current copies selling for about $500. We wanted to get clarification on exactly what happened, so we reached out to BTC’s owner Nelson Chua to hear what went down directly from him. Here are the facts:

  • Nelson was told that his Venom #27 Jonboy exclusives (trade dress limited to 3K and a virgin limited to 1K) were going to be delayed 3 to 4 weeks. Additionally, the 1:100 was ALSO going to be delayed until 8/26.
  • While at the printer, both BTC’s trade dress variant AND the 1:100 were being printed at the same time. During the final process, the Jonboy Meyers cover was mistakenly stapled to the 1:100 cover.
  • ONLY the one Diamond Olive Branch location received these copies, which they thought were the 1:100 copies and sent them out to retailers who qualified for the 1:100.
  • While it’s unknown how many were printed, only 2 cases were sent out to retailers before the error was caught. Each case is about 240 copies… giving this double cover an estimated print run of 480 copies. This number is WAY smaller than the 3K that’s been speculated.
  • Diamond is destroying/destroyed the remaining covers but did NOT recall the copies that were sent out (as of right now). Can copies still leak out? Maybe. However, even Nelson was told a hard NO from Diamond when he asked to have ONE copy of this error book that shared his exclusive cover. 
  • Diamond are reprinting the BTC exclusives AND the Stegman 1:100. 

So, there you go. We told Nelson that the one saving grace is that his store name will forever be engraved into the ranks of legendary comic book errors. It may sting now, but this will be highly sought after for years. With this featuring two first appearances (we won’t spoil it yet… just in case you haven’t caught up yet), this could have a lot of potential both short and long term. 

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KEY OF THE WEEK:  Captain America #110 (Marvel, 1969)

This book has so much going for it: (1) Classic Steranko cover, (2) Hulk vs. Cap fight, and (3) first appearance of Madame Hydra (who later becomes Viper). The likelihood of seeing Madame Hydra or Viper in the MCU is high (even though we’ve already seen her in AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. This week, a CGC 9.8 sale made a big jump to a new high sale of $2,198.88. 

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Written By: Matt DeVoe | [email protected]


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