January 24th, 2021

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This week we see a new high sale of Stacey Lee’s 1:25 Spider-Women Alpha #1, we see another example of how Thrawn is commanding the aftermarket, and we do a full breakdown of the most valuable and rare covers for Something Is Killing the Children. You’re gonna want to read this one! Enjoy!



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Scorpion may have been a bit of a bust as Virus in the recent Donny Cates Venom run, but that hasn’t stopped his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #20 from reaching new highs. This week we saw a CGC 8.0 copy of this book sell for $1800. This is a significant jump from recent highs in the $1200 – $1500 range, and an all-time high at this grade, even exceeding a white pages copy that sold for $1700 back in 2018. It’s not clear what is driving up the prices on all of these early Amazing Spider-Man keys, but it is likely tied to speculation around the next Spider-Man film that is scheduled to come out later this year (maybe?). From the news that we’ve seen so far, it seems like they’re bringing in just about every past villain (and version of Spider-Man) you can think of and it’s not outside of the bounds of possibility that we’ll start seeing some new villains grace the big screen.

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A CGC 9.8 copy of this book just sold for $1100, but that’s not even the highest price this book has commanded ($1129.50 back on 10/4/2019). So why are we talking about it? It has a cool Spidey/Punisher cover and story, but it’s not a newsstand edition and it’s not a key book. The interesting thing to us is the value spread between CGC 9.8 and 9.6, as well as the difference in value between ASM #201 and #202 for 9.8 copies. For ASM #202, there is a precipitous drop from a CGC 9.8 down to a 9.6 – over $1000 down to around $175 (the price you could pay now to grab a 9.6 copy on eBay). Think of it this way – assuming you could find them – you could get six CGC 9.6 copies for the same price as one CGC 9.8 copy. What!? All because of a couple of small spine ticks? Also, take a look at ASM #201 (iconic Spidey/Punisher pink bullseye cover) – where a 9.8 goes for $250-300 and a 9.6 goes for around $100). That value/grade spread is a bit more “normal” at 2.5-3x the price when going from 9.6 to 9.8. One more bit of data to consider is the CGC Census (coming soon to CovrPrice!). While there are notably more copies of ASM #201 than #202 on the census (overall and between 9.8 and 9.6 copies), it’s not likely one book had a much higher print run than the other. Interestingly, there are about 3 times the number of 9.6’s as 9.8’s for ASM #202, whereas its about even between the two grades for ASM #201. Does CGC grade harder on ASM #202? Do collectors sense the relative rarity of ASM #202 in the coveted 9.8 and thus pay up for it? We’re not sure – but what we do know is that if you have a super high grade raw of ASM #202 OR you have a really clean CGC 9.6 copy, it might be worth submitting/cracking and resubmitting to see if you can get a 9.8. The price premium on an ASM #202 in CGC 9.8 is real! Also, these are the kind of discussions collectors should consider when seeking to maximize the value of their collections. Good luck webheads!

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Elsa Bloodstone’s first appearance in this issue has been a sought after book for years now. However, this book has seen significant increases thanks to loose rumors of appearing in the Mahershala Ali’s BLADE for Disney+. Recently, her name has been mentioned as wishful thinking for her to join the cast of DEADPOOL 3. These rumors, plus her general growing comic book fanbase, helped this key issue recently hit a new high of $455 for a CGC 9.8 which is way up from this time last year when a 9.8 cost around $250. 

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The market is conflicted on whether this or ALL-NEW MARVEL NOW POINT ONE #1 MCNIVEN 1:75 VARIANT is the MOST desired key issue of Kamala Khan’s first appearances. Last week, CAPTAIN MARVEL #17 2ND PRINT sold for $3350 for a CGC 9.8. This issue features a 2nd cameo appearance inside with the first full appearance on this 2nd print cover. However, ANMNPO #1 features her first full appearance. The MCNIVEN 1:75 variant has had a high of $4999 for a CGC 9.8. Both are hard to find and both have significant value. Will the two eventually run neck in neck price-wise? 

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Wow. This hit a huge $2K for a CGC 9.8 last week, marking an all-new high. Despite getting no Doctor Aphra news during the Disney Investor Summit, collectors didn’t care. They are certain Aphra will appear in upcoming content, which continues to push ALL the various covers of her first appearance to new heights month after month. 

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With all the hype around Star Wars lately you may have forgotten that there are some other pretty big Bronze Age keys out there hitting new highs. One of the biggest (maybe only behind Hulk 181) is Giant-Size X-Men #1. This groundbreaking issue for the X-Men introduced multiple new characters including fan-favorites Storm, Nightcrawler, and Colossus, while also (speaking of Hulk 181) including the 2nd full appearance of Wolverine. This comic has been on a tear over the last year reaching new highs across the board, and this week we saw a CGC 7.5 white pages copy reach a dizzying new height of $4080. This is an increase of $1380 over the last high sale we recorded on December 14th, just a little over a month ago. Similar to other major keys, if these prices are out of reach, there is a facsimile edition that was printed in 2019 that can be had for $50-$75 in a 9.8 or anywhere from $5-$15 dollars raw.

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Jen Bartel’s work is gorgeous, which gives her incentives variants high demand. With the confirmation of IRONHEART for Disney+, this first issue of Riri’s first solo series. This variant sold for a new high sale of $595 for a CGC 9.8. 

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One of the most compelling characters in Neil Gaiman’s classic series The Sandman, Death, makes her first appearance in this issue. She is one of the Endless, among the first beings in the universe, the daughter of Time and Night, and the sister of Dream. She’s a fantastic character and actually pretty hilarious in the story, encouraging others not to despair and offering advice with a kind of dark optimism. In October it was reported that the Netflix/Warner Brothers show had already started filming, adapted by Allen Heinberg and co-produced by Gaiman. Official casting news has been scant but recent rumors may be starting to drive sales of key issues in the run. In particular we saw two record-breaking sales of CGC 9.8s for $825 and $850 this week, approximately double what they were selling for a year ago. Gotta love that return on investment!

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A few weeks ago we talked about spiking sales of Silver Surfer #3 which features the first appearance of Mephisto. Well, the comic is continuing to hit new records following the launch of the first three episodes of Marvel’s Wandavision which include mounting evidence that Mephisto may appear in the series. But “the devil’s in the details” still because to be clear Mephisto hasn’t appeared yet in the show. However, upside-down crosses, 666 iconography, and storks in red clouds of smoke have collectors convinced “that’s not the only place he is!” We saw the biggest sale ever of a CGC 9.4 today for $4495 beating the past record at that grade of $3000. This follows other record-setting recent sales such as a graded 9.6 for $6000 and a graded 9.8 for $38,400.

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We all know by now that SPAWN has a huge fanbase with money to spend. This headless variant has been climbing up in price for years now. With this week’s new high sale of $2K for a CGC 9.8, it’s officially one of the most valuable SPAWN variants… which is saying a lot (there’s a ton). 

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Stacey Lee is another artist we love that deserves the same attention that Bartel, Frison, Momoko command. This 1:25 variant originally spiked in price upon an announcement in 2018 that Sony Pictures Animation was developing a SPIDER-WOMEN film that pulled directly from this series. Over the past two+ years, we haven’t heard any new news and this project may have been put on pause. Regardless, this variant continues to go up in price, recently hitting a new high sale of $699.99 for a CGC 9.8. 

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Seriously, we realize many of you might be a tad tired of hearing about Star Wars books. But, wow, they sure are selling. This Mattina variant sold for an all-new high sale of $2799 for a CGC 9.8! Like Aphra, we haven’t even seen him appear. All it took was the mere mention of his name. Incredible. 

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Now’s definitely the time to pay attention and even seek out the various covers for this first issue for the Jane Foster/ Thor series. With a 2nd cameo in this issue and first cover appearance, the various printing are already hitting big new high sales, like this 4th print’s $799.99 sale for a CGC 9.8 and the 2ND PRINT’s big sale of $399.99 for a CGC 9.8. As we get closer to THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER, these should continue to increase. Here’s how the first appearance breaks down:  Thor: God of Thunder #25: first cameo appearance, Thor #1: second cameo/first cover. Thor #2 as the Goddess of Thunder’s first full appearance. Thor #8: first reveal of Jane Foster as Thor. 

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Back in June, naysayers claimed that $1K for this full appearance of Miles Morales was the market height. However, almost 8 months later it just hit a new height of $1,500 for a CGC 9.8. With swirling rumors of a possible appearance in SPIDER-MAN 3, this book still hasn’t seen it’s market height. 

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Boy we love error books. This was one of our early favorites as it was common and inexpensive. It’s a fairly simple one too, where the Hologram printing process created only blue-tinted versions… compared to the standard blue/green ones. However, thanks to last week’s new high sale of $1130 for a CGC 9.8, it’s now in a whole new ballpark! 

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As reported, Second Game of Thrones Prequel Series in Development at HBO. The show will be based on Tales of Dunk and Egg, who’s first comic appearance is in THE HEDGE KNIGHT #1 (Image, 2003). Upon this news, market trends hit a high sale of $50 for an ungraded copy. The rare 2003 convention variant saw a height of $70 for an ungraded copy. 

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As reported, Titans fans got some major news when it was revealed that Savannah Welch has been cast for Season 3 of the HBO Max series as the fan-favorite character Barbara Gordon. Barabara’s first appearance in DETECTIVE COMICS #359 (DC, 1966) already commands top dollar in the aftermarket, in fact… it had its highest (pre-news) sale ever at $135,000 for a graded CGC 9.8! 

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As reported, Ice Cream Man TV Series Still in Development Despite Quibi Shut Down. Despite Quibi’s recent closure, ICE CREAM #1 (Image, 2018) continues to to climb to new heights every month… and will now continue it’s meteoric rise. Currently, MARTIN MORAZZO’s standard cover is selling for $300 ungraded and $520 for a graded CGC 9.8. The FRAZER IRVING cover sells for $170 ungraded and $500 for a graded CGC 9.8. 

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As reported, The Boys Showrunner Teases Herogasm Episode.  The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke recently confirmed a Herogasm-based storyline for the show’s third outing. This first issue of HEROGASM #1 (Dynamite, 2009) saw interest several months ago, thanks to early confirmation that Supernatural actor Jensen Ackles would be playing the role of Soldier Boy. However, this recent confirmation helped push this issue to its current market price of $65. The 1:25 negative has been exceptionally tough to find with one lonely recent sale of $160.50 for an ungraded copy. 

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Comparing Rarity and Sales Values

Individual issues from Something is Killing the Children (SIKTC) appear in a lot of our various top sales and shaker lists. It’s an especially interesting run because later issues and later printings command some of the highest prices. Ross Richie, CEO of Boom! Studios recently counted down the five rarest covers in the SIKTC series on his Instagram page. We took the opportunity to compare those titles to our top average sales values in CovrPrice. Publishers have intimate knowledge of the print runs of various covers. CovrPrice meanwhile collects aftermarket sales data and therefore focuses on the actual prices paid for those books. Check it out!

Here are the two lists:


Rarest according to Boom! CEO Ross Richie via Instagram

1         #6 1:25 Jenny Frison Color Splash (CovrPrice raw average =  $290)

2         #8 1:25 Jeff Dekal variant – (CovrPrice raw average =  $178)

3         #11 1:100 Dept of Slaughter variant – (CovrPrice raw average = $150)

4         #9 1:25 Ward variant – (CovrPrice raw average = $42)

5         #7 1:20 Emma Rios variant – (CovrPrice raw average =  $78)


Most Valuable according to CovrPrice

1         #6 1:25 Jenny Frison Color Splash raw average = $290, recent CGC 9.8 sale = $408

2         #3 2nd print raw average = $248, CGC 9.8 average = $300

3         #4 2nd print Werther Dell’Edera raw average = $229

4         #1 1st print raw average = $200, recent CGC 9.8 sale = $375

5         #8 Jeff Dekal 1:25 raw average = $178, CGC 9.8 average = $440


It’s interesting to see how the lists intersect. The #6 1:25 Jenny Frison color splash variant makes the top of both lists – it’s the rarest and most valuable. The #8 Jeff Dekal 1:25 variant is also on both lists. Missing from the Rare list are any of the #1 covers, while the #1 first print cover A comes in at number three on the most valuable list. While the #9 1:25 Ward variant is the fourth most rare cover, it isn’t selling at the level of other 1:25 covers. The highest ratio variant of the series, the #11 1:100 Department of Slaughter variant is only the third most rare book which says a lot about the increasing print run of this series as it went on! That cover doesn’t appear on the most valuable list yet, even though sales have been steady in the $150 range (hint: one to pick up!). We’re definitely watching this series closely as we’ve never seen such market heat for so many various issues and covers. Issue #13, which came out at the end of December, left us on the edge of our seats and we can’t wait to see where the story goes next!

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Last week, this black and white promotional copy hit the market and sold in an auction for $405 raw. However, this variant sparked many questions… like where did this come from, who got it and HOW CAN I GET ONE? Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information out there. All we know is that it was an advanced copy due to the text on the cover that states “CONTENT UNDER STRICT EMBARGO UNTIL 12/14/20”. What’s impressive is how only ONE copy has come to market, despite this series incredible heat and sales performance. That seller mentioned that he had “won it”, though didn’t clarify how or where. While we’re still trying to learn more about this “embargo” variant, we’re VERY curious about this book and closely watching for another copy to come to market. We’re certain that the next copy to sell will go for WAY more than $405. Meanwhile, this is currently the most valuable cover, with the PAOLO VILLANELLI CBE “CLONE WARS” HOMAGE in close 2nd (sells for $600+ for the two-cover set). 

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WOW – This Batman classic has been around for 35 years! Hard to believe how time flies when you’re protecting Gotham City. 35 years and still going strong with the highest ever CGC 9.8 sale we’ve recorded – coming in at $995! This book has been a very consistent $600-800 seller at this grade level, with a few sales hitting around $900 here and there. Seems like if you look for the right opportunity you can get them in the $6-700 range, yet there’s been quite a few sales in the $8-900 range over the last few months. Is it a sign of times to come for the Dark Knight classic? Can’t think of a great reason for this book to rise, but we’ve seen a lot of nostalgia ruling buying decisions, so perhaps The Dark Knight Returns is getting a bit of that love (which is nice to see for a DC book as DC books have largely been left in the dust when compared to Star Wars, Turtles, GI Joe and other late 70’s/80’s greats).

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