March 2nd, 2021

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This week we check in on Spidey’s black suit, call out a huge Tales of Terror sale, and see some love for Calvin Ellis (AKA Superman). Don’t forget you can always swing by CovrPrice to check out our Movers and Shakers lists for a sneak peek at our newsletter picks! Enjoy!



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Captain America Comics #46 from 1945 is one of the most iconic and desired issues from the entire golden age Captain America run. This somber World War 2 cover created by Alex Schomburg, also known as “the Holocaust cover”, is disturbing in its imagery and a reminder of the horrors of that war. An incomplete (missing centerfold) CGC 0.5 copy of this issue sold this week for $4,800, and while we don’t have any records of prior sales at this grade, a 1.8 graded copy sold for $4,204 in November of 2019, indicating a significant increase in the price of this book. There are only 70 universal graded copies on the CGC census, so regardless of condition, whenever this book comes up for sale, a bidding war is almost guaranteed.

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Back in the ’90s, several publishers did these “Gold Signature” variants that featured a gold-stamped signature across all copies. This particular issue was limited to 2100 copies and came with a COA from Marvel. Since this is stamped on during the printing process, these “signed” copies get a blue label from CGC. This week, one of those CGC graded copies sold this week for $600 in a 9.8. This new high is still being driven by debunked rumors that Erin Kellyman will play Rikki Barnes. It’s also commonly mistaken that this is her first appearance. Her true first is HEROES REBORN 1/2

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Like the Regenerating Degenerate himself, speculation on Deadpool comics keeps coming back from the “dead.” This time we are seeing a spike in sales of some Deadpool titles following news from Kevin Feige that the Deadpool 3 movie will not depart from its popular format even as it moves into the more family-friendly Disney/MCU realm. This means the Merc with a Mouth can proceed unbleeped in all his “break-the-fourth-wall” R-rated hubris. It’s hard to argue with the success of the last two Deadpool movies which cleared about one and half billion dollars! Among the Deadpool books popping, we noticed a record-breaking sale of his 250th self-titled issue, Deadpool #45 from 2015. In particular, the Skottie Young “Run the Jewels” 1:50 incentive variant sold for a record $789.71 this week for a CGC 9.8 copy. The previous high sale in that grade was $450. Ironically, the comic was advertised as the last Deadpool comic, and further that it would conclude with the death of Deadpool. It was (sort of) and it does (sort of), in a surprise ending when two alternate universe Earths collide, smashing Deadpool’s yacht in between and incinerating him. But of course, he didn’t actually stay dead and he was back the next season… and the next… and the…

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HULK SMASH HIGH SALE! Well, not quite, but it got pretty close. Incredible Hulk #1 had a $13,200 sale this week in a CGC 3.0. While this doesn’t eclipse the high sale of $13,995 in this grade from March of 2019, it is a substantial jump from the $8000-$10,000 range it had been stuck in for the last couple of years. This book is notoriously difficult to find compared to the other major silver age keys and is often in fairly poor condition. So if you’re lucky enough to have a complete copy in your collection, remember not to be too rough with it. While Hulk may be nearly invincible, his first appearance isn’t.

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There’s no denying it, people love the black suit – it gave Spidey a new look back in 1984 and played a major role in the creation of one of our favorite anti-heroes, Venom. The biggest four books from a black suit 1st appearance/origin standpoint are Marvel Team-Up #141, Amazing Spider-man #252, Spectacular Spider-man #90, and Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8. So much so that we just hit an all-time high sale for a Marvel Team-Up #141 Newsstand copy in CGC 9.8 condition – $2000!! This is likely in response to the huge prices we’ve been seeing on Newsstand ASM #252’s. Now, here’s where the debate is: the CGC label notes state both books are tied for the 1st appearance of the black suit, so why shouldn’t they be at the same price point? Well, that’s because CGC (as well as many collectors and speculators) are all misinformed. There’s only one true 1st appearance of the black suit and that’s in ASM #252.  MTU #141 came out on February 14, 1984, as did Spectacular Spider-Man #90. Secret Wars #8 came out a full 6 months later on August 28, 1984. But ASM #252 came out on January 31, 1984 – 2 weeks before the Marvel Team-Up and Spectacular Spider-Man books. Don’t believe me? Check out a really nice free resource called Mike’s Amazing World. Mike has painstakingly documented helpful general information about comics from the major publishers – including actual release dates. It’s a great resource for answering some of those trickier 1st appearance questions.

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SHAKER: NAOMI #1 – SDCC 2019 – GIVEAWAY (DC, 2019)
This free giveaway copy of NAOMI’s first appearance sold a CGC 9.4 copy this week for $124.99. With a high sale of $599 or a CGC 9.8 in December 2020. With $80-$90 raw sales, it’s interesting to see this book continue to escalate. 

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Speaking of Deadpool books breaking records, we certainly couldn’t let this one slip by! Back in January, we reported on a high sale of $1350 for a CGC 9.8 copy of the direct version of this book. One month later, we have seen multiple copies sell well above that level, including two sales hitting $1999 this week for 9.8s. We are not talking about the Newsstand here. It’s quite possible that a Direct copy of Deadpool’s first appearance may crack $2000 in the near future. In the comic, when Cable and the team finally capture Deadpool he says: “Y’know, I’ve always wanted the chance to rehabilitate myself—you know, somewhere nice… How about a prison in the Bahamas?” Well, if Mr. Wade Wilson stashed away an NM/M copy of his first appearance back in 1991, then he probably can afford it now! 

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Okay, so what do you think? MEPHISTO or no MEPHISTO as the big bad on WANDAVISION? Despite (Spoiler Alert) Agatha’s reveal as the one behind it all… many still feel that she reports to a more powerful MCU villain, like Mephisto. This has been long-standing speculation since the beginning… and many are holding strong. In fact, one collector spent $15,950 on a CGC 9.6 which more than doubled the last high of $6,100 in December. 

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Soooo, this hit a new high sale of $659 for a CGC 9.8. Absolutely amazing. Just for some perspective (while not apples to apples), it took 11 years, a TV show announcement PLUS a year after the first season of THE WALKING DEAD to hit this type of aftermarket heat. 

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Pre-code horror comics continue to increase in demand, and if you throw in extreme rarity along with a hot title, you’re going to end up with some very high prices. This week we saw both of these requirements collide for Tales of Terror Annual #nn (un-numbered) with a CGC 2.5 copy selling for a record $10,200. This is a jump from the prior high in this grade of $6,900 in June of 2019. With a Gerber Scarcity Index value of 7, this book is extremely tough to come by, and we only have records of 6 sales in the last 10 years. If any collectors are attempting to put together a run of EC horror books, adding this one to their collection is a difficult task that could end up following them all the way to the Crypt Keeper.

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Robert Kirkman’s Invincible is one of those superhero hidden gems. It’s a bit like Superman, but with blood, guts, consequences, robots, young superheroes, aliens, oh, and did I say blood and guts? That’s why Invincible super fans got excited when Amazon picked up the property. But can an animated superhero series that DEFINITELY isn’t for kids be successful? If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out (The CP team LOVED it). Now, on to the comic spec! Early Invincible books are tough to get because there just aren’t that many of them. Invincible #1 (Jan. 2003) – around 10K. The sales dropped from there until about issue 12 where sales started to rise and the series went on for a solid 144 issues. But Invincible graced comic book pages before Invincible #1. Image Comics released a series of previews (content from Invincible #4) that dedicated collectors have been grabbing for years. There is, however, a debate about which preview came first – but there shouldn’t be. The earliest Invincible preview is in Tech Jacket #1 – released November 20, 2002 – just hit an all-time high of $299.99 for a CGC 9.8. The major contender is Savage Dragon #102, but it released two weeks after Tech Jacket #1. The debate centers around Savage Dragon’s August 2002 “cover date”, but it actually released on December 4, 2002 (per Diamond’s retailer portal). Don’t get me wrong, they are both cool books, as are the other late 2002 Invincible previews, but if you want the true first preview you gotta grab Tech Jacket #1!

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With all the Last Ronin excitement, there hasn’t been a lot of talk about TMNT’s newly minted turtle – Jennika. She first appeared in TMNT #51 as a human foot soldier. There’s a bit of a cameo vs 1st full appearance thing going on here as her initial appearance is around 6 panels and a couple of small bits of dialogue. Whereas her next appearance in TMNT #52 has her as a central figure – including Master Splinter schooling her on multiple levels. Regardless, the market has clearly chosen TMNT #51 as THE book to get with Cover A in CGC 9.8 hitting an all-time high this week of $600. This is also notable because there is a 1:10 Artist’s Edition of TMNT #51 that has also been selling around $600 ($650 all-time high) for a CGC 9.8 copy. With the ratio you’d expect it to be going for notably more than Cover A – but not for now! It’ll be great to see what they do with Jennika as a turtle, but don’t forget that she first appeared as a human long before TMNT #95. Cowabunga Dudes!

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Well, this will get your Thundercats sword growing. A CGC 9.8 sold this week for a new high of $975. In addition, the NEWSSTAND sold for $1,009 for a 9.8. Nostalgia is in full force. There’s so much love for this franchise, hopefully, there’s content in the future for our favorite Cats of Thunder. 

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Spoon!! There was a HUGE new high raw sale of $500 for this first appearance of THE TICK. Typically, raws have always floated around $150 to $200. While THE TICK has struggled to match the success of the ’90s cartoon… his fan base seems to continue to grow. 

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Holy smokes… a first print hit a crazy new high of $2,796.31 for a CGC 9.8. For those who expected prices at $1K to drop… that’s obviously not happening. Heck, $3K doesn’t even seem impossible. Yeah, the print run is massive… but the market demand currently exceeds supply. Still, we’ll admit, this amount WELL exceeds any expectations we had for this first appearance of Miles Morales. Pay close attention to CGC 9.6s. With this new boost for a 9.8, 9.6’s are now undervalued at $750. That will likely change. 

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This variant of America Chavez’s first appearance (as MISS AMERICA) hit a new high this week of $2,626 for a CGC 9.8. Honestly, we think she has potentially some of the flashiest/ coolest powers in the MCU. We have a feeling that she’ll quickly become a new favorite. 

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SHAKER: VISION #1 – SOOK (1:25) (MARVEL, 2015)

Scarlet Witch and Vision fever is not limited to their first appearances in X-Men #4 and Avengers #57. A modern Vision variant is getting some love as well. The Ryan Sook 1:25 variant of Vision #1 just hit an all-time high of $1499. The book has 1st appearances of Virginia, Vin, and Viv – a later family makeup to the Wanda, Billy, and Tommy family we experienced in WandaVision – and is an excellent 12 book series written by Tom King. Now, there have been some other recent eBay “sales” higher than the aforementioned all-time high, but those books seem to have been relisted and as such are suspect. Sometimes buyers don’t pay and the seller has to relist, or Buyers and Sellers reach an agreement for which eBay posts the original list price instead of the actual agreed-upon price. It’s a reminder that you can’t always take everything you see on eBay at face value.

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SHAKER: X-MEN #130 (MARVEL, 1980)

Recently, Dazzler has returned to the pages of X-FORCE. However, it’s multiple sources of comic-based websites and youtube shows showing mock-ups of what Taylor Swift would look like as Dazzler that has peaked collector’s interests. We’ll admit, she would look good in the role. Regardless, her first appearance in this issue hit a new high sale of $1350 for a CGC 9.8. 

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THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER recently posted an article about “Ta-Nehisi Coates to Write New Superman Movie for Warner Bros.” The article notes that “According to sources, the project is being set up as a Black Superman story.” This news circulated to every comic book news source, especially citing Calvin Ellis as the most likely candidate. Calvin’s first cameo appearance in FINAL CRISIS #7 and full appearance in ACTION COMICS #9 have gone nuts for all covers.  

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Variety announced that “Angel Manuel Soto to Direct ‘Blue Beetle,’ DC Films’ First Latino Superhero Movie”. Due to this, Jaime Reyes’ first appearance as the Blue Beetle in INFINITE CRISIS #5 (specifically the Jim Lee cover) also saw huge leaps in volume and price. 

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Deadline announced that “G.I. Joe Live-Action TV Series Centered On Lady Jaye In The Works At Amazon From Erik Oleson, Paramount TV Studios, eOne & Skydance TV”. G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO #32 features the first appearance of Lady Jaye (as well as Ripcord and Blowtorch).

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The recent Miles Morales price jumps made us look a little closer at Spider-Gwen. She has been on the heels of Miles’ market heat for a while now. However, Mr. Morales is currently “miles” away in value. His 1:25 is currently at $20K and the first print now at $2,600 (and climbing). However, Spider-Gwen is really starting to pick up. Miles’ trajectory really shows what may potentially come for Gwen. Her first print is now over $1K steadily and the 1:25 Land Variant just hit a new high of $6900 for a CGC 9.8. This sounds familiar, right? It’s very August 2020 for UF #4. Can she catch up to Miles? Probably not… but she’s going to get pretty close. Like Miles, pay close attention to 9.6’s. While 9.8 snobs (like ourselves) will turn their nose at a 9.6 modern… it’s a great investment. With all that said, we’re watching this book (and all the printings) closely.  

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Key books like this with a low print run are destined for continuous price increases. This week a CGC 9.2 sale of $27K smashed the previous high sale of $11,495. That’s the real turtle power right there. 

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