March 22nd, 2021

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This week we see some Falcon and the Winter Soldier market movement, we check in on some trending Star Wars sales, and call out a big sale for X-Men #11 (the one that came with the Pressman boardgame). Enjoy!

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J Scott Campbell has covered many various Spider-Man covers over the years. His name is almost synonymous with BLACK CAT, who’s been the central figure to MANY of his covers. It’s almost impossible to remember a time when he didn’t draw Black Cat. However, his relationship with Felicia started with these two covers, which each sell raw for $50+. These pre-dated his famous SPIDER-MAN PRESENTS: BLACK CAT #1 (1:50) by a year. Despite being highly sought after for 12 years now, it’s today’s love affair and premiums on newsstands that landed these two books on this week’s newsletter. A newsstand for #606 sold for $160 raw and a CGC 9.6 for #607 sold for a hefty $1,005.

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With the new Falcon and Winter Soldier Disney+ show dropping this past Friday, it is no surprise to see this iconic Captain America comic spread its wings and fly sky high! Astounding all-time sales this week just kept coming. Leveling off, we saw a record-breaking sale of $925 for a raw copy and a graded CGC 9.4 copy shattering the previous record of $2,635 from February, selling for a soaring $3,500! We cannot wait to see if and when a 9.6 or 9.8 graded copy sells. Our best bet is more record highs when one does! Until then, Captain America #117 has firmly planted itself in the MCU and will likely keep climbing in value.

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Not to be outdone by Captain America #117 (first appearance and origin of the Falcon), we followed up on our post of this issue from 2 weeks ago. This first full appearance of Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier continues its climb, hitting record sales this week. The regular cover sold for $215 (raw), while a CGC 9.8 hit $800 (up from $765), the B cover is really moving up with a raw sale of $280 this week and a record CGC 9.8 sale of $999 (up from $800). Who knows where this might end? If Falcon and the Winter Soldier lives up to the hype, we will likely see more record sales of this title, and more sales of other tie-in comics in general.

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The strength in Golden Age pre-code horror comics is clearly not going away. This week we saw a rare sale of Chilling Tales #15, which depicts four demonic beings carrying some poor man off to be hanged. It’s also got a skull and crossbones on the cover, which just adds to its desirability. A CGC 6.5 copy of this book sold for an astounding $9,000 this week. This was easily the record, with only one other sale of a graded copy of this book in our records being a CGC 1.5 that sold for $305 back in August of 2019. There are only 20 copies of this book on the CGC census, and there are 5 graded higher, but with how rarely this book appears to come up for sale, pre-code horror collectors fought over it and sent it to record heights. But don’t get “hung up” about it if you didn’t win this copy, there are plenty of other amazing horror covers out there that you can “hang” in your collections.

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If you can recall, this ECCC variant was particularly hot when it came out in 2019. Limited to 1,000 copies, it’s amazing how fast it dried up. Copies are fairly scarce and demand top dollar for 9.8 copies, like this week’s new high sale of $750. It’s not a title people talk about anymore, but there are definitely fans still willing to spend money on this hard-to-find convention exclusive. 

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Usually, when we’re talking about Matt Baker it’s because of one of his famous Good Girl Art headlight covers like Phantom Lady #17 or Seven Seas #4, but that’s not all he was known for. Golden Age collectors also love to track down the numerous romance covers he drew, and that is exactly what we saw a record sale for this week. A raw copy of Diary Secrets #26 sold this week for $2,236, which beat the prior record of $1,680 by approximately $550. That prior record was for a graded CGC 5.0 copy, and while this book was ungraded, it was advertised as a 7.0, and if it manages to hit that grade with CGC, it would tie for the highest-graded copy on the census. Books that are on the top of the CGC census almost always command a significant premium, so you can see why there was quite the bidding war to pick up this copy. While Diary Secrets #26 has become very expensive across most grades, there are other great covers in this run that are much more affordable. So keep your eyes open if you’re looking to add some Matt Baker to your collection because almost all of them sport Matt Baker covers and interior art.

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WANDAVISION didn’t just have an effect on all the various connected key issues and various mis-speculated issues. It also helped bring attention to some of the several gorgeous Wanda-based covers out there, like this 1:50 Adam Hughes variant from 2016. The Disney+ show helped levitate this from previous highs of $199 for a CGC 9.8 to its new high sale last week of $399.99. 

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It’s been 3 years since we’ve heard any new news on the Sony Pictures ROBOTECH Film in development. However, that hasn’t stopped steady and healthy sales. In fact, this is one of the best “GAP” books on the market. A gap book is when graded 9.8’s sell for exceptionally more than a high-grade raw. For example, take this week’s high raw sale of $40 and its CGC 9.8 sale of $995. Not many books have that high of an ROI. High-grade copies are a MUST grade.

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With Doctor Strange fans excited to see what new characters might appear in the upcoming Doctor Strange 2: In the Multiverse of Madness movie (widely touted to have elements of horror and inter-dimensional travel), it is no surprise Shuma-Gorath has become a strong speculation character. Although first mentioned in Marvel Premiere #5, issue #10 is widely accepted as his first appearance. While MOST of our exposure to Shuma-Gorath comes from the various MARVEL VS. CAPCOM games, he is actually quite a powerful and ancient demon that possesses vast supernatural powers who would fit in nicely with the forthcoming Doctor Strange storyline. With Strange having killed the Ancient One in order to vanquish Shuma-Gorath, it only seems fitting for this powerful Lord of Chaos to seek his revenge. All this hype has definitely driven up values for issue #10. This week we saw an all-time record $120 paid for a raw copy (the previous high was under $100) and a record high of $500 paid for a CGC graded 9.0 earlier this month. With the movie not slated for release until March 2022, there is still plenty of time to snag an affordable copy of this strange and supremely fabulous comic!

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Many POWER RANGERS fans consider SENTAI #2, an Antarctic Press Fanzine, as the first appearance of the POWER RANGERS in comics. However, it’s THIS Fruit of the Loom promotional mail away mini-comic that actually holds the honor. This issue was only available with Fruit of the Loom Power Rangers underwear packages. And man, due to this, it’s immensely tough to find. In fact, this book isn’t even on the CGC census. Not even one copy has been graded. With 51 bids, a rare raw copy hit the market and ended on a massive $1,913 bid. Remember, this is a mini-comic at 3 3/4″ x 5″, so if it’s out there in back issue bins… it’s mostly hiding below visibility. 

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A rare sale for this elite Deadpool variant by J. Scott Campbell sold a CGC 9.8 this week for an all-new high sale of $3,050. If you recall, this variant had significant requirements to obtain a copy. For those who wanted one, retailers had to send Marvel 50 copies of DC’s Blackest Night #1 to get a copy. Not many did so. This practice ended after Marvel did it again 6 months later with WOLVERINE #1 (2010) when, this time, they asked retailers to JUST send the covers ripped off of various Marvel titles, which infuriated fans and the various creators whose books were destroyed. 

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When EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2 first introduced us to Spider-Gwen, the character seemed like a joke… for about a week. There was so much Spider-Gwen heat that it warranted her own series. This anticipated new series came with 29 variants, one being this 1:100 Adam Hughes cover. This cover was actually a fan commissioned piece of art that Marvel slightly tweaked (adding Spider-Gwen to the left-hand side… though it was also a missed opportunity to replace the jacket she was holding with the Spider-Gwen costume). At the time, fans considered this repurposed art as lazy. However, it didn’t change the fact that it was still a gorgeous piece by Hughes. Time has proven it to be hard to find and sought after. This week, it had two new sales, a 9.4 sale for $500 and a new high 9.8 sale of $750. 

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Many of the issues in the 1977 Star Wars comic series saw some amazing jumps in value this past week. Here are a few that have been SHAKING things up lately:



Issue #2 has long been undervalued. Hard to believe considering it features the first appearances of many of our favorite characters including Han Solo, Chewbacca, Greedo (the bounty hunter), and a visually different Jabba the Hutt. Not to mention it also includes the first appearance of the iconic Millennium Falcon and Death Star. But it is the first appearance of Obi-Wan Kenobi that has sent this comic into hyperdrive. With how well both seasons of The Mandalorian were received, people are expecting Obi-Wan to be every bit as good. And with that, this book has exploded in value. A recent CGC 9.8 of the regular cover sold for a record high, hitting the $4,000 mark for the first time last week. 

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Another issue in this series creating a disturbance in the force is issue #1. The first appearances of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, R2D2, C3P0, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Stormtroopers help set the tone for all there was, and what was yet to come in the Star Wars Universe. This comic keeps rising in value, and with Star Wars so hot right now, it is understandable how this first issue has seen record sales this past week. A raw copy of the regular cover sold for $898 just a few days ago, which shadows previous raw sales by over $200! And two record sales of CGC 9.8s sold for $5,000 and $5,600 respectively. We also saw a record sale of a CGC 8.5 illusive 35 cent variant for $11K this month! Will the bubble burst? Perhaps one day. But for the foreseeable future, things are looking good for this iconic comic book.

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Issue #41 features the first appearance of Yoda in the 1977 comic series. Although not featured in the Disney+ Mandalorian series, much of the resurgence in our love for this wise and lovable Force-sensitive alien came from the immense popularity of his species-related character from said series, Grogu. And just as Yoda was able to use the force to raise the X-wing fighter out of the Dagobah swamp, so too have we seen a forceful rise in the value of issue #41! This past week a CGC 9.8 surpassed the $1,000 mark for the first time selling for $1,025. And we saw a sale of a raw copy at $113 earlier this month, surpassing the highest previously seen sale. 

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Perhaps no other character in the Star Wars universe has as much “badass cool appeal” as Boba Fett. When he finally made his comeback appearance in the Disney+ Mandalorian series, his rabid fan base could not have been more excited. Ever since, we have seen Star Wars #42 (first appearance of Boba Fett, cameo appearances of Dengar, Bossk, IG-88 and Zuckuss, Emperor Palpatine aka Darth Sidious) hit all-time valuation highs this past week. We saw a record-setting 9.8 CGC graded sale of the regular cover for $4,990 and the Newsstand Variant hitting $4,700 in the same grade. We also saw a raw Newsstand Variant recently sell for $610. No one knows for sure where the next Boba Fett adventures may take us, but having this comic in your collection is an excellent way to ready yourself for what comes next!

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Even the slightest mention of the Mandalorians can seemingly affect sales of this comic. One of the most desirable covers in the entire Star Wars 108 issue series, it prominently features a member of this clan-based cultural group bound by a common culture, creed, and code – the Mandalorian. This comic has steadily increased in value since the Disney+ show dropped back in November 2019, peaking this past week with a CGC 9.8 sale of the regular cover for $2,225, and a Newsstand Variant in the same grade for a whopping $3,151. Interestingly, raw sales of both covers did not follow suit with record sales. If you were thinking of adding this comic to your collection, the current lull between the end of season two and the release of the third season might be a good time to do so. This is the way…

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It was fantastic seeing Ahsoka Tano appear in The Mandalorian, but there hasn’t been a lot of solid news about what’s up next for our force-wielding friend. That hasn’t stopped the love for her 1st appearance in Star Wars The Clone Wars #1 Limited 1000 variant, as it hit an all-time high of $6,500 this week for a CGC 9.8 copy. Out of 1,000 copies, 179 have been graded by CGC and 72 of them hit 9.8. That is a pretty high ratio of CGC 9.8 copies to the entire population of the book and as such it’s not extremely rare in super high grade, yet it seems we have not seen the ceiling for this book and this character. You can’t even get a CGC 9.8 on eBay right now, so apparently, the owners of those 72 copies are content to hold them until they see what’s next. If you are seeking a super high-grade copy, all we can say is “May the force be with you.”

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This 3rd print is one of those rumored books that makes you wonder if it even existed. However, reminders like this week’s sale of $1,399.99 for a CGC 9.8 prove its existence. Essentially, these were uncirculated printer proofs that Image mistakenly sent to a comic shop in England for a Charlie Adlard signing. It’s unknown how many exist, but the number is most likely below 50. 

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The second issue of this 2019 four-issue series spotlights the villain Sindr (as featured on the regular cover) and has seen all-time high gains on this cover and the Ron Lim variant. Choosing a cauldron of flames and screaming souls over a mound of food after 13 days of starvation eventually earned our villain the Burning Throne and with it, the Queen of Cinders’ moniker. Now with Korea conquered (and the rest of Asia) only Amadeus Cho and his band of super-heroes can save the world from her desire to melt the polar ice caps and turn Midgard into her new home of Muspelheim! A Fiery hot record sale of the CGC 9.8 regular cover reached $180, with a raw sale hitting the $34.99 mark. And the Ron Lim 1:25 variant is still smoking hot with another $500 sale last week of a CGC 9.8. Now is the time to get the entire four-part series into your collection!

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Hey, X-Men fans – ever play the 1992 Uncanny X-Men Alert Adventure board game by Pressman? If not, apparently you weren’t missing out on terribly much as it only rates 6.1 out of 10 on boardgamegeek.com; but that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to talk about what came WITH the game! Pressman included a free limited edition comic with the purchase of the game. Depending on when you bought the game, you could get variants of one of four comics: X-Men #11, Uncanny X-Men #297, 303, or 307. What’s different about these variants? All have the same cover art as the regular editions, but the X-Men #11 has a silver background and the other books have some gold coloring either on the background or on some of the other cover art. Per the knowledgeable folks at recalledcomics.com, all but Uncanny X-Men #297 were available either in the box or via mail-away voucher. Issue #297’s variant was supposedly only available via the voucher and as such can be tougher to find. Regardless, having such a limited distribution comic variant means scarcity which in turn leads to higher prices than the non-variant counterparts. Moreover, high-grade copies likely come at a premium because they could have been damaged in the box or mishandled by kids playing the game. As evidence of this, while a CGC 9.8 copy of X-Men #11 regular cover recently sold for an all-time high of $280, an X-Men #11 Pressman in CGC 9.8 condition just sold for its own all-time high price of $850. The other Pressman variants go for similar premiums so be on the lookout for those silver and gold covers!

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Deadline reported last week that “Keanu Reeves To Star In ‘BRZRKR’ Film & Anime Series At Netflix Based On His Comic Books”. While this is no surprise to anyone, it is a surprise that it came so fast. There are a ton of variants for the 1st issue, so it’s been difficult for any one particular cover to take off. Though, we’re sure one will take the lead eventually. 

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Variety is reporting that “‘Hawkeye’ Spinoff Series About Echo in Early Development for Disney Plus (EXCLUSIVE)”. Her first appearance in DAREDEVIL #9 was already going crazy price-wise, now it will continue to see significant gains. 

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Variety is also reporting that “DC Films Taps ‘Promising Young Woman’ Director Emerald Fennell to Write Zatanna Superhero Movie”. This project has been in development for a while now. Hopefully, this means renewed progress!

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When it was announced back in May 2019 that Netflix closed a first-look deal with Dark Horse, LADY KILLER was the book that spiked the most in price with raws hitting $50 and 9.8’s at $130. While prices have fallen with no news, prices have suddenly started moving again with a raw sale of $72 and a CGC 9.8 this week of $215. This tends to be a flare for news to come… we’ll have to wait and see. 

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Among the many iconic and influential Frank Miller covers, the art on the first Wolverine solo title series from 1982 stands out. Each of the four books in this limited series features a different portrayal of Wolverine, showing distinct aspects of the character. This week the first issue sold for $1,000 for a CGC 9.8, an all-time high in this grade! Comparing this first solo-titled series with other Wolverine keys like the first cameo and appearances in Hulk 180, 181, and 182, the third appearance in Giant-Size X-Men #1, or the 4th appearance in X-Men 94, this book is way more affordable. No surprise there, but as those other key Wolverine comics hit astronomically high prices weekly, it makes sense that collectors increasingly look to this miniseries to get in on Wolverine. As one of the most recognizable comic covers from the 1980s, as landmark work by Chris Clairemont and Frank Miller, and as the first cameo appearance of Yukio, this book does have a lot going for it.

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