March 30th, 2021

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Amadeus Cho goes by many names, MASTERMIND EXCELLO… BRAUN… TOTALLY AWESOME HULK… etc. Regardless of those various identities, MCU speculators still have faith that he’s coming to the MCU. This started and has been supported with his mother Helen Cho’s appearance in AGE OF ULTRON. However, despite absolutely no MCU confirmation or news, his first appearance hit a new high this week at $1,350 for a CGC 9.8. It’s unknown when we’ll see Amadeus or in what form, but for now… collectors are investing.

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One theme we’ve started to see this year as prices continue to increase for major keys is how collectors are transitioning to alternative books that depict their favorite characters. For example, as the prices of Tales of Suspense #39 have risen rapidly, Iron Man #1 followed suit soon after as Iron Man’s first appearance started to become prohibitively expensive for many collectors. We are starting to see the same thing with Daredevil. His first appearance in Daredevil #1 has crushed records recently with a CGC 7.0 selling this week for $16,200, so collectors are starting to look for other options. This week they found one in Amazing Spider-Man #16, which is an early appearance of Daredevil in his original yellow costume, plus it’s also his first crossover into another title. This book set a record this week with a CGC 6.5 selling for $1,020, a $300 jump over its prior record at this grade of $720 in November of last year. The rise in price of this book seemed almost inevitable with the rumors about his appearance in the upcoming Spider-Man movie, but we’ll have to wait and see if those rumors play out.

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SHAKER: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #316 (Marvel, 1989)

We covered this first full cover of Venom (and his third appearance) a couple of weeks ago when CGC 9.8 Direct Editions were hitting $1,300, This week that price has already been squashed with a huge new sale of $1,900 for a CGC 9.8.

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With all the BLACK ADAM news (most recently Pierce Bronson as DR. FATE), this Alex Ross variant is really starting to pick up steam. This week it hit a new high of $449.95 for a CGC 9.8. Get this book now, because it’s only going up.

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With the recent content news, Canto #1 has hit big new high sales. With those sales, some covers have proven to be quite hard to find. This NYCC variant was floating around $70 pre-news. With only a few listed copies, scarcity brought a new high sale of $499.99 for a raw sale. This high sale brought several more high-priced copies to the market, with new and more competitive listings at $100 and $200. This is an interesting book and is one to watch and see if falls or if we have another $499.99 sale.

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While this 2nd cameo appearance of Kamala Khan only shows her back in a few panels inside the book, it’s this 2nd print full cover appearance that really delivered its high demand. Despite fully appearing within ALL-NEW MARVEL NOW #1, many collectors consider this #17 2nd print her first appearance. For the past year or so, this book has slowly climbed its way to the top of Kamala’s/Ms. Marvel’s key issues. This week, that’s cemented with an all-new high sale of $5,000 for a CGC 9.8. AND it’s probably still stretching upward!

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It was recently announced that Netflix’s live-action COWBOY BEBOP film has wrapped. While this series’s roots lie in Manga, the closest U.S comic appearance is this first traditional comic book. This book was not widely distributed and is very hard to find. However, this news coupled with its rarity, helped it hit a new high sale of $249.99 raw. Sales are sparse, but this book will do well if the Netflix film works and honors the source material and fandom.

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Spider-Gwen is really trying to catch up to Miles here. This week a raw sold for a new high of $540 and a CGC 9.8 sold for a new high of $1,750. With no rumors of content (outside of INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE #2), this movement seems to be just drafting in Miles’ wake. However, her fanbase does seem to be growing and sales surely haven’t dipped in quite a while… except for the 1:25 Land variant. A recent CGC 9.8 hit eBay at $3,999, where a buyer snatched it up immediately. That’s $3K less than the last sale just a few weeks ago. So, someone got a great deal!

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With SPAWN #1 hitting all new highs, it makes sense for his highly debated “first” appearances to all go up. For example, Spawn’s appearance in Malibu Sun #13 is considered to be his first cover appearance (with a nice splash page on the back). However, this highly sought-after error edition sports inverted colors on the back cover giving Spawn an overall green appearance. Due to its low-page count thinness, high grades are VERY hard to come by… leaving collectors to pick up whatever copy is available. Take this week’s CGC 8.5 at $2,299 as an example, which marks a new high sale for this error oddity.

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Wow, that is one huge Man-Thing……….sale. This week we saw a massive record, the biggest we’ve ever seen, for a CGC 9.8 copy of Man-Thing #1 with a sale of $3,840. The prior high sale for this book was $1,100 back in 2017, and there was a $1,094 sale just a few months ago in December of 2020, making this an astounding 300% increase in only 3 months. We aren’t aware of any news or rumors that would have caused such a spike in demand for this book, so maybe someone knows something we don’t, or they’re just a huge fan of making childish jokes like us. If you’re looking for the first appearance of Man-Thing, you won’t find it in this title, you’ll need to go back to 1971 where they whip him out in Savage Tales #1. This book has also set records recently with a CGC 9.6 copy selling for $3,200 earlier this month, so maybe someone really does know something we don’t.

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During the ’70s, the exchange rate between the US and Canada was nominal. However, around 1981, the exchange rate started spiking and began cutting into profits, therefore prices needed to increase for copies sold in Canada. Between 1982 and 1986, both Marvel and DC charged an extra 15 cents over the US current market price of 60 cents. In 1984, the current US direct edition price for a Marvel book was 75 cents. At this point, Canadian prices were 95 cents. For some reason, both Marvel & DC had a VERY limited selection of titles that they charged a full $1 for these Canadian Newsstands. For Marvel, there are only a few titles (SECRET WARS #1 through #9) with the $1 price. For Marvel, it wasn’t until 1986 when there was one uniform Newsstand Edition for the two territories. With that said, Canadian newsstand price variants are hard to find (especially here in the U.S.). While always sought after, it’s the post covid craze where rarities like this saw sharp increases, like this SECRET WARS #1, which sold for an all-new high of $2,995 for a CGC 9.8. The previous high was $399 one year ago. “Oh Canada” indeed.

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Netflix has big plans for MOTU. If their animated content works, then watch out. These key MOTU books are going to get even bigger than this book’s new high sale of $1,027.43 for a CGC 9.8.

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In February Disney announced the cast for their animated series based on Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur featuring Diamond White as Lunella Lafayette (aka Moon Girl), and Fred Tatasciore as Devil Dinosaur. Ever since the show was announced, sales of the main cover and variants have been gradually picking up steam month after month. This week we logged two record sales of graded 9.8s for $405 and $425, which is more than double the price of this book a year ago. The series ran for 47 issues and was full of surprises and entertaining turns, and it all started here with an interdimensional-traveling Tyrannosaurus Rex, a preteen tech genius smarter than Reed Richards, and a gang of cavemen called the Killer-Folk wreaking havoc in New York. It should be a really fun show! There are also some interesting variant covers for this comic: the 1:25 ratio Von Eeden variant recently cracked $1,000, and the Veregge Hip Hop variant also sold this week for an all-time high of $125 for a raw copy.

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Back in 2014/2015 this Jorge Molina 1:50 was one of the hottest new variants. 7 years later, it still is. In fact, demand is only increasing… and will continue to as Kamala is integrated into an MCU mainstay character. This week a raw sold for $554. However, the highlight is the new high sale of $2,099 for a CGC 9.8.

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Except for John and Sarah Connor, who doesn’t love robots! In an industry where a 1st appearance is everything, this 1939 issue from Quality Comics marks the first appearance of a robot on a cover. A rare listing sold this week for $3,500 for a CGC 3.5.

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Joe Schmalke is the creator of some fantastic books like ELECTRIC BLACK, MURDER HOBO and PHANTOM STARKILLER. However, he’s been an established artist for years. His variant for SIKTC, limited to 500 copies, hit a HUGE new high of $750 raw. He’s definitely a creator to pay close attention to.

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It’s amazing how a good trailer/content can help for a book’s market demand. After the last SUICIDE SQUAD film, all related books became instant market Kryptonite. Values plummeted almost immediately. Even Harley saw a dip. However, last week’s new red band trailer gave DC fans some hope for a significantly better film. With that said, the instant star out of the trailer was KING SHARK, who has seen his own questionable content appearances in the past. Voiced by Sly Stalone only enhances this instant fandom… which landed the standard cover of this on this week’s Top 10 and pushed this rare DC Universe Logo variant to a crazy new high of $889.99 raw… for King Shark… King…. fricking Shark. You know what… we’re on board.

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Sweet Primus! (note: Primus is the Creator/God of the Transformer race, whose body became the planet Cybertron). We saw a MASSIVE $3,750.00 for a 9.8 this week. This snuff’s the Allspark out of the previous high sale of $2,187.70 by almost $1,600. Wow. 

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Behold, the RAREST video game-based comic… and it’s a fun one (and man… the time we spent playing this game). To obtain a copy, you had to complete a series of highly tough challenges for TWISTED METAL 2 which were laid out by Sony’s TIPS AND TRICKS magazine. 100 copies of this comic were printed, yet due to high difficulty, only an estimated 50 players won a copy. The remnants were rumored to be given to fans or “destroyed”. To add to its rarity, it also depicts one of the New York Trade Towers falling 5 years before 9/11. There are only four copies on the CGC census, with two 9.6’s as the highest graded. This week, one of those rare copies came to market and sold a CGC 9.0 for a whopping $2,429.99!

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Week after week the first appearance of Miles Morales hits our Shakers list, and this week is no exception. The main cover and variants continue to test new ground with the main Bagley cover and its 2nd print variant both hitting record highs again this week. Sometimes we don’t even write about these sales because, well, what more can we say?! But let’s talk about Sara Pichelli for a minute. Pichelli drew a lot of the interior art for the early Miles appearances, including much of this issue along with the last page where Miles takes off his mask and says “Maybe the costume is in bad taste”. That interior image with the background removed is used for this 2nd print cover. This variant has been colder than the other covers, but this week a 9.8 graded copy sold for $800 and a 9.6 sold for $499. The previous high sales in those grades were $500 for the 9.8 and $350 for the 9.6 so it’s a big step up for this variant, an averaged 50% increase. In addition to her work on the Miles interior art, Pichelli has drawn a number of terrific Miles covers such as the Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1 1:15 and 1:30 variants, the Spider-Men #2 1:100 variant showing Peter Parker and Miles Morales unmasking each other, Spider-Man #12 showing the first kiss between Miles and Gwen Stacy, and many more. We should also mention the fantastic colorwork by Justin Ponsor who collaborated closely with Pichelli and Bendis on Miles Morales, including in this comic. Pichelli’s drawing with Ponsor’s coloring brought a youthful and urban feel to the character and makes his gangly kinetic movement feel chaotic, charming, and strong all at once.

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It’s quite clear that the YOUNG AVENGERS are slowly being introduced into the MCU. Eli Bradley’s brief appearance on THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER quietly introduces another YA member. His first appearance is in this issue, taking the moniker PATRIOT harkens back to the mantle of his Grandfather Isaiah Bradley. Isaiah’s more prominent role in episode 2 caused his first appearance in TRUTH: RED, WHITE & BLACK #1 (MARVEL, 2003) (see below) to skyrocket. Now, we’ve seen Cassie Lang in previous films (though not yet as Stature), we’ll see Kate Bishop in the HAWKEYE series and we had Billy (Wiccan) and Tommy (Speed) as kids in WANDAVISION. Future members like America Chavez, whose MCU intro via DR. STRANGE #2, also leads to joining this future team. It’s unknown if they’ll be called YOUNG AVENGERS… but the bones of Marvel Phase 4 seem to be forming here. With that said, this sketch variant is jumping in price with a new high sale of $1,250 for a CGC 9.8. (The standard cover also did quite well with a new high of $885 for a CGC 9.8).

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Per the Hollywood Reporter, “’Static Shock’ Movie Enlists ‘Safety’ Writer Randy McKinnon”. It’s nice to see things progressing for this film, which will help market values continue to increase.

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In this week’s ABOUT DAMN TIME news… Deadline reports that “‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ Director Adam Wingard To Helm ‘ThunderCats’ Movie For Warner Bros”. While nostalgia has recently taken sales to new heights, this news is going to set sales on fire. The most recent sale already hit a new high at $1,599.99 for a CGC 9.8. Thundercats, time to goooooooooooo digging! (sorry)

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While this doesn’t surprise anyone, Comicbookmovie.com reports that there’s a ”New Live-Action Movie In The Works From THE DEFENDERS Showrunner And Angel Manuel Soto”. This will only help cement these ever-increasing after-market sales.

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In honor of Invincible hitting Amazon Prime this past week, let’s talk through some of the harder-to-find variants and later printings in the series. This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list, but rather just some highlights from the 144 issues (plus one issue #0) regular series and some preview issues.

    • Invincible #1 (which just hit a new high sale of $2,500 for a CGC 9.8) was released in early 2003 to a fairly limited printing of around 9,000 copies. There were no variants and no immediate additional printings. In December 2003, a retailer by the name of Larry Doherty did a show headlining Robert Kirkman. Kirkman agreed to a 1,600 copy reprinting of Invincible #1 with Larry’s logo and the copies were given out to the attendees. The show flopped and only about 100 were given out leaving 1,500 for the aftermarket. Larry sold many to people on the CGC forums in 10 packs, but a few people bought most of the copies and slowly rolled them out over the years. The market value for this has steadily risen to its current $100+ raw and $300 9.8 value. There are also some other harder-to-find reprints of Invincible #1 including 5th Anniversary Skybound Blue Sketch (Limited 250), Blue Foil (Limited 200), and Red Foil (Limited 200).
    • Going to cheat here, but just for giggles, the lowest sales regular covers are Invincible #10 (around 5,600, 1st Doc Seismic) and Invincible #11 (also around 5,600).
    • We have to go all the way to issue #50 to get our first variant – and it’s a cool one. Invincible #50 David Williams variant is a connecting cover whose brethren are Brit #7 (David Williams) and Astounding Wolf-Man #7 (David Williams. The Invincible book goes for hundreds of dollars, but the other connecting books are notably cheaper. There’s also a graytones 2nd print of the hard core Ryan Ottley regular cover that can fetch a solid premium over cover price.
    • Next up is Invincible #60 2nd print that, like its regular, has a wraparound cover – but the covers have completely separate art. While we’ve seen some cheap sales, those times have past. Expect to pay $35+ for this book.
    • Skipping ahead 15 issues is another Invincible #1 homage, but this is on a variant cover for Invincible #75 and is a 1:50 ratio. This high ratio book will set you back hundreds for 9.4+ CGC copies.
    • Its interesting to see what books get a 2nd print in this series … Issue #92 is one of those books. The 2nd print has the same cover art as the regular, but the title is in pink instead of blue. These seemingly random 2nd prints can be some of the hardest to find as people may not even know there’s a 2nd print, and there likely weren’t all that many of them. To that point, we have not recorded a single sale!
    • Invincible #98 has yet another Invincible #1 homage – this one by Chris Giarrusso. It’s one of the more affordable homages selling for around $20 of late (although current asking prices are higher in the wake of the show’s premiere).
    • Issue #100 has a BUNCH of covers but the biggest ones are the Ottley B&W 1:100 and the Comixology B&W (Limited 500). They go for hundreds of dollars – raw.
    • Issue #101 is a bit like #92 – random 2nd print and super hard to find. We’ve recorded several super cheap sales, but the last copy went for $20 so folks may be catching on to the scarcity.
    • People must be getting ready for Con season because there’s actually a relatively pricey Blank variant for Invincible #111. There’s also a mildly pricey Diamond Retailer Summit (2014) B&W variant of this book as well. Both seem to be in the $50 range.
    • Issue #127 is yet another one of those random tough to find 2nd prints. It’s actually tough to distinguish as the top and bottom cover text is pink instead of blue and the language at the bottom references the second printing. It’s another one of those ghosts that if you see it, you might want to grab it.
    • Getting down to the wire here – Invincible #140 has a variant cover by Lorenzo De Felici that can be tough to find. A recent copy sold for $39.99!
    • Last but not least, there’s the final issue of the series, #144. While there’s no super rare cover for this book, both covers go for more than double cover price and there’s surprisingly not all that many available on eBay right now.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this walk down memory lane of the harder-to-find Invincible variants and later printings. Check out the show on Amazon and remember – in spite of the art this is NOT a show for kids!

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This seven-issue series had great early speculation, but recently catapulted into the spotlight with the introduction of (spoiler alert) Isaiah Bradley in the Disney+ series, ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’- one of 300 African American soldiers experimented on by the US Army in an attempt to create super soldiers. By the looks of what we saw in episode 2, this Army vet still has it! As soon as this lesser-known super-soldier officially hit the TV screen, sales of issues in this series (including complete sets) have been flying off the eBay shelves. Here are the prominent comics in the run with recent sales:

Titled, “The Future” issue #1 features the first appearance of a silhouetted Isaiah Bradley on the cover, a young black man who wants to fight for his country during World War II. Leaving his wife and young child to enter the military, our hero begins his journey faced with systematic racism, and the realities of military life for African Americans in the 1940s. The issue also features the key story element of super-soldier serum being injected into black soldiers, including Isaiah. The comic features bold artistic lines with a noir-esque feel, which only better serves to tell this complicated story taking root here and further unfolding in subsequent issues. Interestingly, the cover of issue #1 at the bottom says, ‘Part I of VI,’ which was expanded to ‘VII’ on all subsequent issue covers. It also features a three-page preview of Uncanny X-Men #416. With the big reveal in episode 2 of ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ of Isaiah Bradley, it is no wonder we saw a record high sale of $500 for a CGC 9.8 this week (the same grade selling for only $250 earlier this month). That is a pretty serious bump in value! Raws sales also did well with a $180 sale, and multiple sales in that vicinity.

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This issue titled, “The Cut,” finds Faith questioning the supposed death of her husband, who, unbeknownst to her, is very much alive, carrying out missions with other black super soldiers while the white Captain America reaps the glory of their dangerous work. Due to circumstance, Isaiah is forced to take on this next mission alone. This comic features the first appearance (albeit, on the last page) of Isaiah donning the Captain America uniform for the first time, which has helped drive up sales of this hard-biting issue in the series. Sales were steadily holding at the $4 mark for a long time, but this week we saw the first major jump with a sale of $27, only to be followed by a $40 sale. This spike has happened so quickly there are currently no recorded sales (or listings) of CGC graded copies. Our guess is this is going to soon change!

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Titled, “The Whitewash,” issue #6 finds Isaiah face to face with Adolf Hitler and Josef Goebbels who are trying to decide what to do with their captured hero. It also features the first full cover appearance of Isaiah in the iconic Captain America uniform. Much like issue #4, copies were selling all day long at the $4 mark earlier this month. This week saw a number of $30 sales, with very few copies currently listed. This will likely change as it looks like a seller’s market for this issue in particular. There are currently no sold or listed graded copies.

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A tale of betrayal and redemption, the story unfolds with the dirty secrets the US military was keeping with its desire to keep racial lines pure in conjunction with Nazi Germany, and ending with a visit from Captain America to Isaiah and Faith in their home. This last issue in the series saw the biggest percentage jump in overall sales. We saw raw copies of this issue averaging $3 all day long until a record high sale of $20 this week. We expect this issue to keep spiking in value as it likely has a slightly smaller print run being the final issue in the series. There are currently no sold or listed graded copies.

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While individual sales of certain issues in this series are harder to find than others, there are a number of sales of the complete set. The latest being $350, while a set sold on the same day for only $70. Another set sold for $250 the day before. With the likelihood of spiking values in all issues in the next days and weeks, trying to find a complete set might be the best way to get all of these issues in your collection at once, and for a better overall price. Happy hunting!





With Marvel’s focus on Asian-based superheroes, most collectors rushed to WAR OF THE REALMS: THE AGENTS OF ATLAS, which feature several new first appearances. However, most of this team actually first formed in this TOTALLY AWESOME HULK issue. Agent Jake Oh, Jimmy Woo, Ms. Marvel, Shang-Chi, and Silk meet-up during a charity event to raise awareness for Asian-American bone marrow donation and end up hanging out and, of course, fighting some bad guys. After working together, they form a new team called THE PROTECTORS. Jimmy Woo eventually enlists them to join The Agents of Atlas. Randall Park’s portrayal of Jimmy Woo is already the new fan-favorite character that we want to see more of. So, the question is… what do we see first… THE PROTECTORS or AGENTS OF ATLAS? We’re leaning towards THE PROTECTORS. We’re closely watching this and it’s 3 other covers (including a gorgeous standard cover by Stonehouse), despite this 1:25 variant’s new high sale of $405 for a 9.8 this week.

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In today’s craze around content-based heat, it’s nice to see some good old-fashioned key books trend like this first appearance of Ra’s Al Ghul and classic Neal Adams cover. Last week, this book hit a new high on COVPRICE for $7,995 for a CGC 9.8. Books like this are simple evergreen collectibles. 

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