September 23rd, 2021

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This week we see fan-favorite, Jeff the Shark chomping at higher sales, we see the effect Hulu’s Hit Monkey trailer had on the market, and we see what happens when you recall a comic for putting a baby Superman in a microwave! Enjoy!

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This is the first cover appearance of the third incarnation of the Black Knight (Dane Whitman), and the one that will be featured in films (played by Kit Harington). It is hard to believe Marvel would bring in an actor of Harington’s stature to play a passing character. And with that sort of speculation, we have seen impressive sales of this issue including a record-shattering high-grade raw sale of $1,500! CGC 8.5 sales have also regularly surpassed the $2,200 mark and a CGC 9.0 hit $3,000. A CGC 5.0 also sold for a record $600 (doubling its previous high sale).

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Once optioned by Legendary films, the project was deep into development when the production company opted to not renew earlier this year. While Black Hammer’s content future is unknown, the market sure seems to not be backing down from investing in this first issue. In fact, it hit a recent all-new high sale of $550 for a CGC 9.8. For the studio or streamer looking for a superhero franchise, this is one of the few that’s still available.

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Lots of heated speculation on the Black Knight these days. But which Black Knight is which?! It can be a bit confusing as there are a few different ones found in comic books. The original Black Knight (Sir Percy of Scandia) was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Joe Maneely and first seen in Black Knight #1 (May 1955, Atlas Comics). The second Black Knight, Professor Nathan Garrett (also created by Lee, artist Dick Ayers), was a supervillain descendant of the original and made his first appearance in Tales to Astonish #52. The third Black Knight and the one that will be featured in the movies (portrayed by Kit Harington) is Dane Whitman (Garrett’s nephew). This Black Knight made his debut in Avengers #47, with his first cover appearance on Avengers #48. The first female Black Knight appears in the Vengeance limited series (2009). This incarnation is a villain. With that said, none of these Black Knights from Marvel Comics should be confused with the Toby Comics Black Knight (1953) that has no connection to these other than in name. This issue seems to be the most desirable Black Knight book from Marvel, as it is the first iteration and is from the Golden Age of Comics. Sir Percy of Scandia is a 6th-century knight serving King Arthur. He wields the Ebony Blade forged from a meteorite and made for him by Merlin the Magician. Although he dies (killed at the hands of arch-enemy Mordred the Evil), his spirit has appeared several times to counsel his descendant, Dane Whitman. Does that mean Sir Percy might show up on the silver screen at some point in the future? Let’s hope so! Sales of this issue have been on the incline with a recent CGC 4.5 selling for a record $3,900. Numerous raw sales have eclipsed $2,500.

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We covered this book back in March when raw copies jumped from an average of $200 raw to $1,175. Flash forward to now, this book has since sold for $1,657, $1,499.99, and this week’s most recent sale of $1,439.99! Why is this book relevant and so highly sought after? As a refresher, Leader Comics Group was a black-owned comic publishing company out of Merrillville, Indiana back in the early 1980s. One of their goals was to publish materials with positive role models for minority youth. The short-lived company published one comic for the Dallas Forth Worth test market – Blackman #1. It appears this book is relatively rare because there are only 5 total copies on the CGC census, with the highest as a lone 9.2.

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The new Promise Collection Pedigree keeps delivering some incredible books, and the sale this week of a CGC 8.5 copy of Contact Comics #5 was no exception. This rare World War 2 era cover by L.B. Cole has his trademark look and sold for a sky-high $7,800, beating out the prior record for this book of $900 for a CGC 5.0 from May of this year. With only 8 copies on the census, this isn’t a book you’re going to come across very often, but this copy is miles ahead of any other book that has been graded to date, with the next closest book being a 6.5. The combination of this unique pedigree and being the highest graded book was definitely the right mix to set this massive record. Contact Comics consists primarily of airplane-related covers, but we recommend checking out Contact Comics #12 if you’d like to see one of L.B. Cole’s most famous sci-fi covers, which is simply incredible considering it’s from 1946. A 9.6 of issue #12 sold in June, also from the same pedigree, with an astounding price of $63,000!

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If you watched the recent HIT MONKEY Hulu Trailer, there’s a quick shot of what looks like Lady Bullseye. There are two notable takeaways, the good: this book has spiked in price with raw copies selling for $50+ raw. The TERRY DODSON variant is doing even better at $100 raw. However, the bad: this means the character was released to Hulu by Marvel, which they only do if they have no plans for the character. While every contract is handled differently, there could be some hope long term. For now, we’ll have to wait and see how her character is handled to see if this will go even higher or drop in value.

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John Tyler Christopher is an artist that is finally getting more and more attention past his negative (color) variants. He’s arguably one of the best cover artists in the industry and has been producing fun/playful covers for a while now. Then, when you add in a quickly growing fan-favorite character like Jeff the Shark and do a Coppertone homage… you get this ignored cover. However, recently, it’s been circulating various comic channels and sites and has seen a significant bump in price, like this week’s new high sale of $75. There are currently no copies listed, so expect to see a continued bump on prices… when one gets listed.

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Between titles like SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN, DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH, HAHA, ICE CREAM MAN… there are a TON of exclusive retailer variants out there. So much so that it can be immensely difficult to keep up as a collector or know which one you should invest in. However, with that said, there are always one or a few that rise to the top of the pile that collectors decide that they want and thereby increase its value significantly. This Banksy homage by artist Chinh Potter is this for Department of Truth #9. It’s recently dried up after collectors bought copy after listed copy, driving the price up to its most recent sale last week of $290 raw. If that’s too pricey for you, he also did a Bansky homage for issue #10… which sells for around $70.

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We’ve well covered White Fox (Ami Han)’s big covers recently, like the pricey FUTURE FIGHT FIRSTS: WHITE FOX #1 – IN-HYUK LEE VIRGIN VARIANT. Well, this mystical Korean shapeshifting nine-tailed fox’s first appearance in this issue is also seeing some price bumps. While she’s visible on 3 of this book’s variants, it’s this specific Lenil Yu 1:25 that collectors are paying top dollar for, like this week’s new high sale of $200 for an NM raw copy after 14 bids. There are currently cheaper copies listed, however, they’re all VG to VF copies.

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This is one of our favorite recalled comics ever. Featuring nine short stories around DC’s various characters, the story in question was “Letitia Lerner, Superman’s baby-sitter” by Kyle Baker and Elizabeth Glass. The description for it was “Childcare: the never-ending battle” and features a baby Clark Kent constantly putting himself directly in harm’s way while his unknowing baby-sitter rushes around to save him. One panel shows baby Clark climbing into a Microwave, the sitter shuts the microwave door, turns it on and we see the specific recalled panel of baby Clark “cooking” within the microwave (of which he remains in for the rest of the story). Then DC Editor and VP of DC Comics, Paul Levitz, found the scene too extreme and destroyed the entire print run, and reprinted it without the microwave panels. It’s hinted that the Jack-Jack storyline from the first Incredibles film pulled inspiration from this specific short story that actually ended up winning an Eisner Award (despite its censored recall). With all that said, this week it hit an all-new high 9.8 sale of $950 (note, a rare 10.0 sold for $4,877 back in June 2016). While there’s only a very rough estimate of 1,000-ish copies of this book out there, it’s not uncommon to come across the reprint. So, make sure to open it up to the second story in the book and look for that microwave scene. You might just get lucky!

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Fans of Klaw the “Murderous Master of Sound” may have been disappointed by the portrayal of this character so far in the MCU. In Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s story, Klaw mutates into a being made of living sound, and he can create and weaponize solid sonic objects. He first appears out of costume in Fantastic Four #53, and here in #56 he first appears in costume and in his new form after transformation through the “sound converter”. It’s actually an awesome idea, one we wish the MCU would get to (if they can stop killing him off as they did in Black Panther and What If?). In the MCU he is cast as an arms dealer, played (wonderfully well) by Andy Serkis. But Fantastic Four 56 reveals the full potential of the character as a powerful villain for Black Panther and Fantastic Four. It’s worth noting that in this comic the Fantastic Four are surprised to see the new Klaw because, like us, they believed Ulysses Klaw had died. A graded 8.0 sold for $245 this week.

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Here’s another book trending due to the HIT MONKEY Hulu Trailer. Like Lady Bullseye, there is a very quick shot of FAT COBRA, a 111-year old fighter from China with the ability of Chi manipulation and augmentation. In the comics, he’s an ally to characters like Wolverine and Iron Fist, though it’s unknown how he’ll be portrayed in this series. Regardless, his first appearance in the issue went from a $2 book to now $40 raw. Keep in mind that the longevity of this book’s market heat may be short.

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To promote the new selling app WHATNOT, Skybound’s Comic Vault Live created several VERY limited Invincible Whatnot exclusives that could only be purchased via 36 limited blind packs during a limited live stream event. Each blind pack had a trade dress (limited to 1500) and one additional variant (Gold Foil (limited to 150), Color Virgin (limited to 1000), B&W Virgin (limited to 500)), plus 2 recent skybound books and one “buy-back” hit (which are Skybound keys) and a raffle for a first print Walking Dead #1 CGC 9.6. It’s unknown if the print run of each is that low (36 trade, and possibly less for the other covers), but one of the Invincible Gold Foils hit eBay a few days later and sold for a massive $711 raw. Some of the other covers also sold: a virgin color raw sold for $449, b&w virgin for $275 raw, and a color trade at $250. It’ll be interesting to see how these progress.

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This recalled Matrix preview, featuring the first appearance of The Matrix in comics, continues to sell well after the new Matrix: Resurrection trailer hit. This book heated up quickly, with raw hitting $100+, even landing on our TOP 10 a few weeks ago. However, this week’s new high sale of $750 for a 9.8 set a new bar for not only this book… but what “non-comic book” IP can do. 

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With the massive resurgence of Pokemon trading cards over the past several years, the original series 1 Pokemon cards are now extremely valuable. Even today’s cards can command hefty market prices if you pull a rare holo-foil. With the success of Pokemon, can a new card series that feels like Pokemon come in and start their own collecting card game on Kickstarter. Yep, that’s exactly what MetaZoo did. Per the Kickstarter, “MetaZoo is a trading card game (TCG) about Cryptids with Bigfoot, Mothman, Slide-Rock Bolter, Indrid Cold, and the Flatwoods Monster!” It’s already catching on and a huge success in its own right with Topps picking up the rights to officially produce the card series, set to release on September 30th. In addition to the cards, the creators released 2 issues (plus a 2nd print for each). Limited to 1,000 copies, this Metazoo #1 sold a raw copy this week for $400, though the highest was $500 back in August. There’s definitely some heat behind this new card game. With an official Topps release, these prices could seem like a deal if the game catches on with its upcoming worldwide distribution.

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Memetic offers a creepy analogy for the mob conformity of social media memes. It starts with an apocalypse premise based on the viral spread of a “good times sloth” meme that turns the masses into zombies who scream, bleed from the eyes, and pile up into grotesque towers of human bodies as their flesh melts together. This early James Tynion IV story for Boom Studios seems even more sinister today than it did in pre-TikTok 2014. We now know that social media manipulates and consumes us, and we’ve seen the real impact memetic disinformation can have on society. Tynion himself recently quit all social media, and he’s writing Department of Truth, so maybe things have gotten increasingly serious in his view. It’s been over a year and a half since we had any updates on the Lionsgate-optioned movie production of the comic. But this week we pulled in our highest sale yet of a graded 9.8 copy for $285, up from the previous high of $200. Perhaps this is reader-driven, and those collecting Something is Killing the Children, Department of Truth, and Nice House on the Lake are discovering Tynion’s earlier work.

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While Skottie Young’s baby covers were pretty prevalent for several years, in 2014 it was at its height and made Skottie Young a household name for comic collectors. While the focus on “rare” covers goes to early issues, this Moon Knight #1 is officially now the most expensive with this week’s huge sale of $675 for a CGC 9.8. So why the high price? Well, Marvel had some tough incentive requirements to get this. In order for a store to be eligible to order a copy, they had to exceed 200% of their orders for Daredevil #31. Once they met that, this variant was “order all you want”. At this point, most stores had seen plenty of the baby cover… nor did they need 2x the amount of Daredevil books sitting on their shelves. With that, this instantly became a hard-to-find variant.

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During the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, if you stopped by the Viz Media booth then you would have been able to pick up one of these variants for MY HERO ACADEMIA #1 for $10. With the live-action film announced to be in development with Legendary Pictures, the FCBD flipbook edition with One-Punch Man took off on its own. While the print run for the first issue of My Hero Academia is massive, this variant may have the most potential. One collector thought so after grabbing a copy for a new high sale of $260.

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With all the various market heat around content announcements, first cameos, first full appearances, first meetings, etc… sometimes a book can see significant gains due to scarcity. This Silk 1:25 variant is a perfect example of this. While 1:25 isn’t a tough incentive to meet, it’s safe to say that by issue #14 stores most likely reduced orders to just a handful. Then, when a character like Silk gets hot, eyes are all over incentive variants for the character. If it’s hard to find, then desperate collectors end up pulling the trigger on high market prices, like this week’s new high raw sale of $200 for this variant. Since 2017, we’ve only tracked 8 sales. There are only 8 copies on the CGC census. Among our users, there is not even one copy in any collections. The true test of scarcity is what it does post those high sales. Typically, a sale like this will draw copies into the market, which then ends up dropping the value significantly. With no major event tied to the book, its scarcity is the key driver. We’ll see. For now, there are none listed. If you have one, the market is yours.

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Over the past several years, collectors (smartly) tend to wait until there is absolute proof that a character is appearing in the MCU. Despite any rumors and market increases prior to this proof, they simply ignore it and wait for that first trailer or some significant news (like Riri’s confirmation of her appearing in BLACK PANTHER 2). The problem is, with some characters, the market is so heavily investing in them that collectors are priced out long before that confirmation comes. This is the reason why 2nd appearance, 1st solo series, 1st meetings, etc. are trending more these days. Angela, who appeared in Image’s Spawn #9 and then sold to Marvel by rights holder Neil Gaiman, is one of those characters. With her introduction to the MCU, rumors persist that she’ll appear in THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER. This newsstand is already one incredibly expensive book. This week we saw a 9.8 sell for $1,900, though the all-time high is $2,500 this past May. What’s interesting is that raw copies are VERY cheap, ranging from $35 to $60. Granted most are not NM, but even an NM copy is relatively cheap. The last NM copy only sold for $152. That’s one huge gap book with an excessive 9.8 premium. 9.6 copies sell for about $350, so there’s a steep drop-off. With that said, if you’re looking to get into this spec now, buy the best NM copy you can find and get it graded. Or just grab one of those ways more affordable 9.6 copies and call it a day. If these rumors prove to be true, those are going to see significant increases.

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With production completed on LOVE AND THUNDER, we’re getting closer and closer to finally seeing Christian Bale in his full Gorr The God Butcher glory. Even without that glimpse of the character in action, this variant of Gorr’s first appearance is already an expensive book. While there are several very high-priced copies sitting on eBay, we rarely see sales or any new copies come to market. Well, one of those pricey copies finally sold this week, at a new high of $1,800. It’ll be interesting to see what this book can do when a trailer finally arrives.

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SHAKER: X-23 #1 – MARKO DJURDJEVIC (1:75) | MARVEL | 2010

For years, this book’s variant little sister, Gabriele Dell’Otto’s 1:25, was the more valuable variant (despite the lower incentive ratio). With a 9.8 market value of $1,110 raw and $2,600 in a 9.8, it was a tough one to beat. However, this 1:75 has been climbing for a while and officially just surpassed that 1:25 with a new high sale of $3K for a 9.8.

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Per an official press release for the Marvel Animated series of the same name, Rollins will voice NEW-GEN’s central antagonist, Deadalus, a twisted nanotech-scientist who has sworn revenge after being cast out of the futuristic utopia of NEW-GEN, where “human beings, alien creatures, and mechanical life-forms peacefully co-exist.” The sci-fi series follows twin brothers — voiced by Finn Wolfhard and Nick Wolfhard, respectively — who “live as ordinary teenagers and nanotech enhanced superheroes.” Both Deadalus’s and the title’s first appearance is in NEW-GEN #1 2008, which is selling for $100 raw.

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If this book wasn’t on your radar before, it should be now. This issue features the first appearance of the fan-favorite and loveable character, JEFF THE SHARK. Due to the fanfare around the character, he’s getting his own solo series by Kelly Thompson and Daniele Di Nicuolo. This issue was previously selling for $15 and is now selling for $50. However, despite the ridiculousness of the character, we feel that he has so much long-term potential. The character is adorable and is immensely marketable. If this new upcoming series works well as an all-ages comic, then the future could be pretty bright for Jeff the Shark. For now, we’re closely watching this book.

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It’s no surprise that we’re talking about a new record sale for the first appearance of Spider-Man this week. After last week’s incredible $3.6 Million dollar sale for a CGC 9.6 copy, setting the record for the highest price ever paid for a comic, there was bound to be an impact on the lower grades. This week we had a new record sale for a CGC 4.0, breaking that $55,000 mark with a sale of $55,200. Now, this wasn’t a big leap in price, it was actually about the smallest price change you could ever expect to see for a new record with a book this expensive. It beat out the prior record in this grade, set in April of this year, by a mere $205. But what’s important is that it validates that prior record. Additionally, it’s a big jump from a $42,600 sale that happened more recently in June. Spider-Man has definitely proved himself to be the king of comics, and with sales like these, we wonder who will ever be able to challenge him for that throne.

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