September 2nd, 2021

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This week we see some movement for the “Blue Galactus” error print in Secret Wars, Shang-Chi punches into an all-time high sale, and we dip our toes into a big Manga sale for Naruto. Let’s do this!

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There’s no shortage of Action Comics #1. For a book that will literally cost millions, it’s really the only chance most of us get at picking up and reading this first appearance of Superman. However, due to their age, many high-grade copies do quite well in the aftermarket. For example, this reprint from 1976 is simply called “the sleep bag” reprint, due to the Sleeping Bag ad (sponsored by GH Wood Sponge Towels) on the back cover. It had its biggest sale yet for a rare CGC 9.8 copy for $729.

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Collectors love “last” issues… even when it’s technically not a last issue. As we know, America Chavez went on to a series titled with her full name. Regardless, this last issue for her first ongoing series is getting to be a pricey book, which hit a new high raw height this week of $75. However, with an estimated print run under 7K, it’s a tough book to find in the wild… hence this escalating price.

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Until this week’s new high sale of $970 for a 9.8, this first appearance of Harley Quinn in DC continuity was greatly undervalued. With her first appearance in Batman Adventures #12 selling 9.8 copies for well over $2K, her first in-continuity appearance is (and should be) a pretty big book. However, almost all previous sales for 9.8 copies sold for around a mere $400. With such an iconic Alex Ross cover AND a key issue, this is definitely not flying under the radar anymore. If your LCS still has cheap copies on their wall, now’s a great time to pick one up. 

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When it comes to Black Adam, there are VERY few iconic variants for this Shazam villain. We present you with another Alex Ross cover with this 1:10 variant. As DC builds their new DCU, we’re told that we will see a first look of the character (played by The Rock). As that builds, so does this cover with raw sales from $172 to $200.

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Daredevil (or Matt Murdock) is already set to appear in the MCU via SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME. With Echo appearing in HAWKEYE for Disney+, there is already plenty of speculation that his rogue gallery may not be far behind. His biggest two, Kingpin and Bullseye, have had their appearances. Marvel tends to be a little more cautious of repeating things and, because of this, has lead to spec of Lady Bullseye. Her first appearance in this issue has been getting attention for all covers. However, this Dodson cover is really picking up lately with raw sales hitting new highs of $100 this week.

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When Ultimate Fallout #4 shot up, the subsequent printings went up with it. However, even with Edge of Spider-Verse #2 first print now hitting around $1,400+ in a 9.8, her subsequent printings have been relatively slow in catching up (except the Comic Bug covers). However, that may be changing. This issue has been selling for roughly $50, though this week it shot up with two new big sales of $103 and $124.

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We’ve been waiting for a 9.8 copy of Hulk 181 to sell publicly for almost 6 months and it finally happened on ComicLink last week. The last public 9.8 sale according to the CovrPrice records occurred on March 3rd when it sold for $45,500, falling short of its record $59,500 sale on February 16th. But this week we finally had a new sale for this book since the prices of comics spiked and it hit a new record of $86,000! This new record beat out the prior high by $28,500, or just shy of 50%. Outside of the shocking $264,000 sale of a rare CGC 9.8 copy of Marvel Spotlight #5 in June, this puts the first full appearance of Wolverine back on top as the most valuable comic book of the Bronze Age. But don’t forget, there is a single CGC 9.9 out there, and being the single highest-graded copy of one of the most desirable books of all time, there’s no telling what it would sell for if it ever comes up on the open market again.

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As noted in America #12, here’s another last issue with Ironheart #12. Same deal… while this issue marked the end of the first Ironheart series, Riri is still present and included in other big Marvel titles. We’ll see her in her own series again. Regardless, with all the market attention around her right now, this last issue is selling for $20-$30 right now. This may not be a big, hard-hitting number… it’s definitely one to grab if you see it in the wild.

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As interest in Riri Williams was ramping up earlier this year, we brought this Elizabeth Torque variant to your attention. It hit an impressive $700 for a raw copy and we haven’t seen a raw sale since that time. By the time you read this, another raw copy will have sold off eBay for at least $800. We also just had a CGC 9.8 copy go for an all-time high sale of $2,450 on August 26. But why? Sometimes books get a lot of hype and their value increases to irrational highs because no one stopped to ask “why”? So here we go. This Invincible Iron Man series is the first solo series for Riri Williams. While she is featured on various covers in the Ironheart armor with the “Ironheart” name, she actually receives the name from the Tony Stark AI in issue #3 of the series. It’s cool that Riri is having coffee with the owner of Amalgam Comics & Coffee owner Ariell Johnson and it’s a heartwarming cover combining the comic world and the real world, but there’s no “Ironheart” name and there’s no 1st look in costume like with Captain Marvel #17 2nd print. Right now you might be yelling “scarcity”! You’d be correct on that front as the book was limited to 1,000 copies (Marvel made an exception to their standard 3,000/1,500/1,000 variant cover format in this case – confirmed by the retailer directly to COVRPRICE) but there are other variants with low print runs as well. The 2nd print has an unknown number of initial sales but likely is at 2,000 or less. The Artgerm Copic variant was limited to 1,500 and the Inked Line Art version has less than that (actual number not advertised but the retailer, Legacy, states it to be the lowest print run of its Artgerm variants). Those Artgerm books are going for less than $20 and they actually have Riri from the torso up in the Ironheart armor. Why the discrepancy? Could it be Artgerm fatigue or maybe simply store incentive fatigue (especially with triplicate covers that merely shift in color tone)? Either way, when one cover becomes such a powerhouse like this Amalgam variant, it’s always worth taking into account factors that go into a good variant spec: scarcity, cover art quality, key cover art, and on-screen pertinence to see what other investment opportunities there might be.

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Jungle Comics is back again this week with another record breaking sale. The cover again features an attractive woman battling a dinosaur, but she looks like she’s in pretty big trouble this time. The sale of a CGC 8.0 copy of Jungle Comics #37, the second highest graded copy on the census behind a single 9.2, hit an overall record for this book with a price of $2,640. This absolutely crushed the prior high sale of $498 for a CGC 7.0 from just April of this year. This is a rare book, with only 14 copies on the census. According to our records, the last time an 8.0 sold was in 2003 where it went for a mere $155. Not a bad return over the last 18 years. There must be a few avid collectors out there hunting for these rare golden age gems, because it’s probably not a coincidence that we saw two huge records in this title over the last two weeks.

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This week we had a new record sale of a CGC 9.8 copy of Shang-Chi’s first appearance in Special Marvel Edition #15. With the first release of his new movie, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, happening this week, it was perfect timing for this book to sell. It’s relatively tough to get in high grade because of the black that lines much of the front cover and that relative scarcity led to a knock-out sale of $20,050! This sale beat out the prior record of $15,700 from June of this year, a respectable jump of over 27% in just two and a half months. If this movie is as good as the early reviews seem to indicate, it may mean big things for Shang-Chi, and his first appearance in the future.

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All our favorite Marvel heroes and villains are gathered together in the first of this 12 issue series. Issue #1 finds them unaware of their situation stuck in a giant construct in outer space. A bright light appears and the Beyonder reveals himself, telling all they must battle (heroes vs. villains) with the winners getting anything they desire. Villains being villains, bicker amongst themselves with Galactus and Dr. Doom refusing to cooperate. This results in Beyonder showing them who’s boss! Iron Man and the group of heroes sense the impending confrontation and ready themselves for battle…To Be Continued in issue #2! One of the more interesting aspects of this issue is the “Blue Galactus” error variant. It is hard to know the ratio of these error copies, but it is somewhere along the lines of 1 in 10. Along with a blue (and white) error Galactus, there is a red “The Thing” and a fiery red explosion (both instead of being orange). It seems these error variants are attributed to no magenta plates used in the printing process. Instead, magenta was printed on a separate set of yellow plates, hence all yellow areas are red, and all pure magenta areas have no color at all (the color of the white paper). As for recent sales, Dr. Doom and Galactus both factor into this comic more than other Marvel villains which might account for the recent bump (well that and rumors of a potential Secret Wars storyline in the MCU). Although unknown if the recent record high raw sale was an error variant copy, it did hit $153 (graded NM-), with other raws selling in the $60-$70 range (up from an average of $30 just a few weeks ago). We also saw many CGC 9.8 sales in the $700 range. Grading companies do not recognize the “Blue Galactus” error copies on their labels, but this might change with enough people pointing it out on their submissions. The error variant occurs in both direct and newsstand editions, so be sure to check your copies!

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SHAKER: NARUTO #1 – HOLO (LTD. 5000) | VIZ MEDIA | 2003

Manga has long been ignored when it comes to significant market values. Their thick, digest-sized books tend to be overlooked by U.S. comic collectors. This is mostly due to being reprinted non-stop. However, when they have an exclusive printing, that’s when we should take more notice. For example, this Naruto variant features a holo cover that is numbered on the cover of 5,000 copies. This variant was released in 2003 alongside other popular Shonen Jump titles in the US to celebrate their first U.S./English release. Now, for comics… 5,000 is a huge variant print run. Yet, that’s a number that easily dried up into collections for this book. Affordable copies RARELY show up. And apparently, this week’s new high sale of $700 raw is just that… especially when the only listed copies range from $1 to $3k raw. If your LCS has a large Manga section, take a look for this one. Chances are good that you might just get lucky and find one.

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SHAKER: MOON GIRL #2 | EC | 1947

No, this isn’t the Moon Girl that first appeared in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1, but it is a character that goes by the same name that was created by EC back in 1947. This early good girl art title has a very confusing run of issues as a result of multiple title changes over its short lifetime, but it does have a dedicated set of collectors that search out these rare issues. This week we saw an ungraded copy, estimated at a 4.5 sell for a noteworthy $780. With only 21 copies on the CGC census, it doesn’t sell often, but a 4.5 did sell for $262.90 back in 2016, which means an increase in price of 200% in 5 years for this raw copy. There was a significant sale back in June of this year of a CGC 9.8 from the Promise Collection Pedigree for $15,600, so it’s possible that massive sale and the attention it brought to this book may have started to trickle down to the lower grade copies as well.

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SHAKER: RED SHE-HULK #58 – HORN (1:50) | MARVEL | 2012

We’ve seen The Hulk (both Rage filled and Smart) and we’re getting She-Hulk soon. Then there are rumors of a General Ross Red Hulk showing up in a future speculated Thunderbolts (or Dark Avengers) project. But, Red She-Hulk (revealed to be Betty Ross) has a LONG way to go before we see her in the MCU. However, this Greg Horn 1:50 variant is probably one of the most (if not THE most) coveted variants for Red She-Hulk. This week, a CGC 9.6 sold for $505… which is catching up to the highest sale we’ve tracked of $625 for a 9.8 back in 2018. This is one variant that just doesn’t show up very often.

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If you’re a fan of Rick & Morty, then SCUD is technically its creative cousin. Creator Rob Schrab, was both roommates and a long-time writing partner of Ricky & Morty co-creator Dan Harmon. Dan has directed episodes of Community, Parks & Recreation, and many other high-profile comedy shows. However, his first big creation was SCUD (which Dan Harmon also wrote a few issues of) and has been a growing indie title, hitting a new high sale of $510 for a 9.8. When it comes to Rick & Morty, SCUD was there at the beginning when Justin Roiland called them Doc & Marty. In fact, Roiland created this very early SCUD commercial for Rob HERE, featuring Doc & Marty. You can tell how close this character is to the Rick & Morty universe. The question is, will we ever see SCUD in some content capacity?

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As you well know by now, Shuri books are on fire. One variant on the rise is this hard-to-find 1:50 variant by Travis Charest. It hit a high sale of $175 raw this week. Prices seem to only be increasing.

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With the recent announcement of the onscreen resurrection of the Rocketeer franchise through Disney+, the 1st appearance of the Rocketeer in Starslayer #2 is blasting off. With a Rocketeer backup story and a sweet Dave Stevens full-back cover spread, it’s no wonder this is THE Rocketeer book to grab. Starslayer #2 was historically in the sub $200 range in CGC 9.8 condition but started to rise in mid-March 2021. Two CGC 9.8 copies just sold on August 30 for all-time highs of $500 and $565.  There are currently 522 Universal copies on the CGC census with 1 copy in 9.9 condition, 206 in 9.8 conditions, and 152 in 9.6 conditions. That’s a massive 68.8% of the Universal copies at 9.6+ condition. Some serious Rocketeer fans grabbed and stashed their Starslayer #2 copies – keeping them in pristine condition. Be on the lookout for the 1st appearance of the Rocketeer because with the off-brand publisher and series, this book has “long box dive” written all over it! Just a heads up, some other fun Rocketeer books include Starslayer #3 (Rocketeer backup story) and Amazing Heroes #37 (early Rocketeer appearance and an interview with Rocketeer creator Dave Stevens).

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A giant Sub-Mariner throwing around Nazis on an Alex Schomburg cover from 1941, doesn’t get a whole lot better than that. Add in the fact that this is the first issue of his self-titled run from the Golden Age and a copy from the Eldon Pedigree and you’ve got a recipe for a big record sale. This week we had all these factors align with the sale of a CGC 8.0 copy of Sub-Mariner Comics #1 for an overall record for this book of $90,000, beating out the prior record of $84,000 for a CGC 9.0 that sold in 2019. Many people like to point out the significance of Captain America punching Hitler on the cover of Captain America Comics #1 because it was before the United States officially joined World War 2, but Namor was beating up Nazis well before Cap even picked up his shield.

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Prices of many comics have been coming down over the last couple of months, but one segment that has been consistently defying that trend is high-grade Silver Age keys. This week we had a few monster books come up for sale and one of those that set a new record was a beautiful copy of Tales of Suspense #39 in a CGC 9.0. This high-grade first appearance of Iron Man sold for $145,000, almost tripling its prior record sale of $52,800 from February of 2019. This is the 4th highest public sale we have on record after 3 sales ranging from $262,900 to $276,000 for a CGC 9.6, beating out even the prior highs for 9.2 and 9.4 copies of this book. Tony Stark may have died defeating Thanos in the last Avengers movie, but the demand for his first appearance remains strong and has driven this book in all grades to dizzying new heights.

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Despite DCU’s problems, one thing everyone agrees on is how perfect Gal Gadot is at playing Wonder Woman (when Diana isn’t taking advantage of dudes from the ’80s possessed by the spirit of her dead ex). Gal graced the cover of a few convention covers, like this 2016 connecting cover for Batman Vs. Superman. Most photo covers tend to have little to no market value. For those that do retain some value, they tend to lose value quickly. Though, that’s not the case for Gal variants. They seem to only increase, like this week’s sale for this cover at $125 raw. This follows two other recent sales of $200 and $150… way up from the CovrPrice FMV of $50 it had in 2020.

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The immense success of Stray Dogs has been great for everyone involved. The creators, publisher, stores and fans all seen to be benefiting from the significant fanfare and high market value this horror homage-centric series. The covers are as much a part of it as it is the story. So, what better way then for Image to send a “Thank You” exclusive, filled with all the covers (up to this point) to all their retailers who have supported the book. Fans drove raw sales as high as $250 this week. However, due to market flooding, copies are now trending at $100. There’s a perceived notion that “one-per store” variants are rare. They’re not. It’s unknown how many shops were eligible for a copy… but there are roughly 2K U.S. retailers. So, when a copy sells for big money, a whole ton of copies usually follow. The question is, will this book be able to keep up with fanfare and go up in price?

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Hinted weeks ago and then confirmed by Scott Snyder earlier this week, it appears Nocterra is in development. Per Scott Snyder on Twitter, “So huge news! Tony S. Daniel and I just finalized our ‘Nocterra’ TV deal! Couldn’t be happier with our partners and excited for what’s to come. The official announcement with all the details will follow in the coming weeks — thanks so much again.” This slowly started moving copies until other sources finally found it and shared it, pushing all the cheap(ish) copies off eBay and online sources. There are MANY great and low-printed variants for this title. The big question is “which one variant will take the market lead?” It’s too soon to tell, but there will be one that rises to the top. 

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As alluded to above, per Deadline “Disney is reviving a cult classic favorite, The Rocketeer, with a new Disney+ movie titled The Return of the Rocketeer. David and Jessica Oyelowo are producing under their Yoruba Saxon banner. The project, written by Ed Ricourt, will also be a possible starring project for the Selma actor.” As MASSIVE fans of the original film, we can’t wait! As noted, The Rocketeer’s first appearance is in STARSLAYER #2 and is on fire right now (see above).

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As reported by Variety, ‘Life Is Strange’ Series From Legendary TV, dj2 Entertainment, Enlists Shawn Mendes, Anonymous Content to Producer” Adding a musician, like Shawn Mendes, is a surprising deal. Though, from a music perspective… it might make sense. The first print is already hitting $50 and the two Game Art variants (Chloe and Max) are both hitting $80 raw.

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If you’re following the trends lately, character content announcements typically move the first appearance (Luna’s is in WAR OF THE REALMS: NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 in this case) and the first issue + variants. With this in mind, Luna Snow’s 1st solo series variant is already increasing, with this week’s new raw high sale of $65. Giving Elsa (from Frozen) a run for her money, Luna is shaping up to be one character to watch closely. Let it Snow!

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Let’s keep this quick, a CGC 9.8 copy sold for a MASSIVE new high of $245,000 on ComicConnect this week! This obliterates the last 9.8 sale we tracked back in 2019 when one sold for $90K. So, yeah… Cowabunga indeed.

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