October 28th, 2021

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This week we focus on a bunch of MCU-driven books. Sales for the first ongoing series for many of these characters are creating big market trends that are spilling over into older books. This week we write about Beavis & Butt-Head (of all the books we could’ve covered), we highlight PCH legend Gus Ricca, we call out a McFarlane cover that’s not a McFarlane cover but IS a McFarlane book (what the!?), we cover Sam Alexandar’s first, and we feature a cool Jock Venom cover! There’s something for everyone in this one. Check it out!

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Every time one of the other big silver age keys tries to make a move to claim the crown from Spider-Man, his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15 swings back and shows why he is the king. This time it was a huge record sale for a CGC 4.0 that hit $75,000, beating out the prior record of $60,100 from just two weeks ago on October 13th. There isn’t much question now that the record $3.6 million dollar sale from last month is still having ripple effects on the lower grades as the rush to get copies of this book seems to be sending buyers into a frenzy. Keep an eye on other big Spider-Man keys like Amazing Spider-Man #1 because it’s also been following the same trend and hitting records of its own.

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This issue features the first time Spider-Man is unmasked. And while that’s not really key information, this book sells for huge amounts in 9.8. For example, this week a 9.8 sold for a high sale of $6,928. However, that’s not even the highest. That goes to a sale back in February 2021 for $7,877. Due to its age, 9.8’s are tough to get. There are only 12 on the CGC census. Amazing Spider-Man is one of the most valuable comic series, so this high premium on a book that sells for $24 raw… makes some sense.

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As word gets out about the upcoming Marvel movies, speculators and fans commonly jump in an attempt to get ahead of the masses. Such is the case with the recent (and well-supported) rumor/leak about an Eros (aka Starfox) joining the MCU (sorry Nintendo fans… not THAT Starfox). Now, this rumor is out there in a big way. However, we’re doing our best to skirt around it… despite him landing 3 books on our TOP 10 this week and this blurb. But, still, it’s nice to NOT know sometimes.  With that said, we’re talking about Eros the Eternal. Eros, the brother of Thanos and the son of a Titanian Eternal and a Terran Eternal, first cameoed in the already highly prized Iron Man #55 (named in a single panel). As such, people have been recently gravitating towards more affordable Eros keys such as his first full appearance in Captain Marvel #27 (on this week’s CovrPrice top 10 list) and his first appearance as Starfox and an Avenger in Avengers #232. The latter recently hit a record high of $950 in CGC 9.8 condition with a couple of near $700 sales around the same time. That’s quite a feat for a book that sold for around $220 in mid-October and could be had for under $100 as recently as this summer. Savvy investors should be on the lookout for the ever-elusive Canadian price edition. Other Starfox books heating up include the aforementioned Captain Marvel #27 and She-Hulk #6 (also on this week’s top 10 list plus a hot cover and story covering Starfox on trial). Will Starfox play a major role in the MCU? – perhaps somehow linked to the Guardians of the Galaxy? We don’t know, but we do know that a lot of people are doubling down on the character.

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Here’s another nostalgia-based book for you. In the ’90s, Beavis & Butt-Head were immensely popular. So much so that even had their own feature film BEAVIS & BUTT-HEAD DO AMERICA, which opened as the #1 film back in December 1996. With the duo returning in a new feature film on Paramount+, they’re suddenly relevant again. With all these factors, their first comic book is trending. Specifically, this “Red Glove” 2nd print hit a new high sale of $325 for a CGC 9.8. Many sellers list this as an error since the first print had a pink glove. However, since it affected the entire line, it’s really not a major manufacturing mishap. Regardless, it is harder to find than the more common 1st print. These are definitely out there though. So, keep a lookout for the red glove when digging.

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Batman has had all kinds of villains over the years, and while the Silver Age gave us some greats like Poison Ivy in Batman #181 and Mr. Freeze in Batman #121, it also gave us some pretty obscure ones as well. One of those lesser-known villains with a first appearance that has been “heating up” is Calendar Man with his fun and campy cover from Detective Comics #259. This week we saw a relatively rare high-grade CGC 8.0 copy come up for sale and it set a huge record with a price of $1,920. This beat out the prior record of $1,200 from 2019 by 60%. With only 81 graded copies on the census and just 9 graded higher, the demand was strong as bidders fought it out to claim this book. So don’t ignore this book if you see it out there in the wild, and maybe keep an eye out for Kite Man’s first in Batman #133 as well. You never know when the first appearance of Kite Man might “fly high” as well.

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When it comes to pre-code horror, another prolific artist during this timeframe was Gus Ricca. His influence on early comics is immense. He provided artwork for books like Haunted Horror, Dynamic Comics, and Punch Comics. In fact, his cover for PUNCH COMICS #12 is one of the most in-demand pre-code horror books. It’s almost always in any TOP 10 MOST VALUABLE PCH list. As books from this time period gain more popularity, the market moves like a wave across an artist’s, like Gus Rocca, covers and lifts the market values across those as well. His “Dr. Doom” cover for Dynamic Comics #11 is one of those, which sold for a new high raw sale of $3,011. Gus’s last work was in 1950 and he died a few years later in 1956, which was 2 years after SOTI and the formation of the comics code.

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Everybody loves an iconic comic book cover! Fantastic Four 112 features the Hulk and the Thing battling it out in NYC. Cover art by Buscema and Giacoia, the bright green and orange colors of our combatants are further highlighted by the black background (also making high grades of this issue quite rare). Loved more and more by collectors, we have seen multiple raw sales hitting $200 with a record high CGC 9.2 reaching $1425 (doubling its previous high sale), a 7.5 hitting $355, and a 6.0 selling for $300 (also doubling its previous high sale)!

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Lately, the market has been favoring Todd McFarlane covers. This is especially the case for any book outside of Spawn and Spider-Man (which are all already pricey). This particular G.I. Joe Special reprints issue #61 and was released two months after the core series ended with issue #155. Aside from the great cover, what makes this book interesting is how Marvel replaced the interior artwork with unpublished art from Todd McFarlane. In 1987, McFarlane, an inexperienced new comic artist, drew this issue #61 but was ultimately rejected as his artwork was deemed unusable. Marvel instead brought in veteran Marshall Rogers to re-do the issue. However, by the end of the G.I. Joe series in 1994, McFarlane was a full-blown comic book superstar and Marvel saw the value in reprinting the issue as originally planned (not so unusable it turns out). So, with his name on the book, many tend to think that this is also a McFarlane cover, but it’s not. Artist Phil Gosier created this on-point homage to Todd’s Spider-Man #1. Overall, it’s a cool book for McFarlane fans just on the overall history of the book alone and is now a highly valuable collectible that just hit a new high sale of $992 for a CGC 9.8.

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We cover this subsequent printing for Ms. Marvel #1 frequently, but they simply keep hitting new highs. A trailer for Disney+’s Ms. Marvel series is just around the corner, now’s the time to pick up a copy. However, prices are already pretty darn high for many of them… like this 7th print which hit a new high sale of $750 for a CGC 9.8.

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Nova rumors have been circulating for years. They specifically focus on Marvel bringing both Richard Rider AND Sam Alexander into the MCU in the near future. While we haven’t received any formal news, Sam’s first appearance in this POINT ONE issue continues to increase in value. This very hard-to-find 1:100 made a rare appearance this week on eBay and sold for a new high raw sale of $828. The color version of this cover is a little more accessible at a raw FMV of $40. That might be a good book to jump into.

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As we noted, the “first series” of today’s hottest characters are seeing significant increases as collectors are priced out of their key first appearances. Well, this trend has continued on to old Marvel staples like THE PUNISHER. This first issue to his ongoing series has been long undervalued. Though that’s quickly changing as seen by this week’s newsstand sale of $750 for a CGC 9.8. This destroys the last high sale of $387 back in August 2021. So, clearly, these market corrections are moving fast. It’s definitely time to look at every first Marvel core series… especially for those characters from the ’80s. The end of Bronze, leading into the Neon Age (yeah, we made that up).

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And while we’re on The Punisher, many 90’s collectors knew the Punisher War Journal just as well as the core series. It was in this series where Frank Castle teamed up and interacted with the other big Marvel characters of the time. So, on the heels of THE PUNISHER #1’s new high sale, War Journal also had a new high sale of $500 for a CGC 9.8.

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SHAKER: SANDMAN #10 | DC | 1989

Are you still looking for Halloween costume ideas that will scare the crap out of the kids? Well, Sandman #10 is packed full of horrific nightmare monster ideas for you! Look no further than the grotesque Brute and Glob, or the teethy-eyed Corinthian, the nightmares Niel Gaiman brings to life on these pages. Brute and Glob first appear in Jack Kirby’s Sandman #1 from 1974, and they reappear here at the beginning of the “Doll House” Story Arc. They are nightmares gone wild, originally created by Morpheus but they take over the Dreaming dimension while Morpheus is imprisoned by Roderick Burgess. This issue also features the first appearances of Desire and Despair, two more of the seven Endless; and it includes the first appearance of Fiddler’s Green and Rose Walker. As news of the Sandman Netflix series accelerates, this book with its many first appearances is catching fire. A 9.8 sold for $749, shattering the previous high of $549 set in July, and the previous high of $575 from 2020. Among the key Sandman books, #10 has been a bit of a sleeper (wink), but it seems to be becoming a big book, like #1, #4, and #8 of the run.

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While Silk’s first full appearance in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #4 yo-yos in price, this hard-to-find Comicspro variant for her first solo series is hanging in there with this week’s $810 sale for a 9.8. However, the highest sale still belongs to the $1,100 sale from back in June 2021.

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With Gorr the God the God Butcher’s first appearance in THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #2, the Daniel Acuña 1:50 variant is already super-pricey. However, this R.M. Guera 1:50 variant for issue #5 is trying to catch up with this week’s high sale of $699 for a CGC 9.8. Issue #5 features the origin of Gorr, which will most likely play out on screen. The first 5 issues of this series all have fantastic 1:50 variants and are definitely worth picking up. The 2nd appearance of Gorr in issue #4 has a fantastic Olivier Coipel 1:50 that’s reasonably priced and sold for $115 in a 9.8 two weeks ago (though, current listed prices are much higher).

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The art of Jock has a kinetic, upward-rising quality that is both satisfying and unsettling. His covers often use symmetrical and centered elements but then transform in texture or form across the page. The covers are memorable, and some of them have become wildly popular among collectors. For example, his most well-known cover, Detective Comics #880, shows the Joker’s white face and red lips dissolve into a cauldron of bats. Other notable covers include the Thunderbolts #127 1:10 variant, Detective Comics #871, and this 1:500 ratio variant for Venom #200. Here Venom’s tongue seems to rest on the ground as the rest of the head shoots up into a blur of symbiote goo. Set on a stark white background, this is a bold and bemusing piece of art and it’s starting to heat up on the aftermarket. A 9.8 sold for $660 this week, and raw copies sold for $400 and $500. For a 1:500 that’s only at ratio, but it’s worth noting that this is double the sales prices we pulled in last month. In addition to this Venom 200 cover, we are also keeping an eye on the recent Jock covers for Nocterra #1 and Catwoman: Lonely City.

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SHAKER: X-MEN #64 | MARVEL | 1970

We’re seeing continuous increases in key X-Men books. With Marvel’s focus on diversity in the MCU, Sunfire’s future inclusion is HIGHLY likely. His first appearance in this issue set a new record for a 9.6 at $2,650 this week. That has almost caught up to the all-time high sale of $3,321 for a 9.8 back in 2019.

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Per The Hollywood Reporter, actor Brendan Fraser “will play the villain in ‘Batgirl,’ The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. He is playing the pyro-themed Batman villain Firefly, according to sources.” Its unknown which version he will portray, though it’s likely it will be the Garfield Lynn version that first appeared in DETECTIVE COMICS #184.

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Deadline is reporting that “Michael B. Jordan’s ‘Val Zod’ Superhero Project Lands Darnell Metayer & Josh Peters To Adapt For HBO Max”. This is already giving Val-Zod’s first (Earth 2 #19) appearance and key issues a nice boost in sales and price.

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Back to Thor, there’s been renewed market interest in Black Winter’s first appearance. Several escalating sales of the 1:25 happened this week. With Black Winter dead, this book’s value plummeted over the past year. In fact, 9.8’s of this sold for as low as $276 just this month. Yet, this week, it sold copies at $311, $350, and then $400 for 9.8s. With Donnie Cate writing HULK, fans might be anticipating a return of the character. While unlikely, this is still a book to watch right now.

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The first appearance of the Mighty Thor is one of the most celebrated moments in comic book history. As the story goes, Stan Lee did a version of Thor for DC comics in the 1950s, before reinventing the character for Marvel. Lee was looking to give the Journey into Mystery comic series a shot in the arm, so he turned the character into a Norse-God, taking the “Thor” legend and modernizing it. He asked his brother, Larry Lieber, to help with the writing, and hired Jack Kirby to handle the art. The story takes place in Norway and involves the Stone-Men from Saturn invading earth. Visiting American scientist, Dr. Blake, flees into a cave where he finds a walking stick. In a fit of frustration, he slams the stick into a boulder and in a flash of light, the stick is transformed into a hammer, and Blake into Thor – the mythical Norse God of Thunder! This comic is considered one of the most important Silver-Age comic books of all time. Prices have steadily been on the rise, but lately, we have seen some significant sales including a $20K raw sale this past week, as well as some lower-grade record sales including a CGC 3.0 for $13K, and CGC 4.0 selling for just over $16.5K! There is a reprint of this issue that came out a year later in 1963 known as the “Golden Record Reprint” as it came accompanied with an LP record. This is a much more affordable option if you are looking to purchase a Silver-Age copy of this issue!

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