October 7th, 2021

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This week we see more sales movement for Venom related titles, we chat a bit about Lady Deadpool and Bullseye, and we reveal the most powerful, Omega level mutant ever, read on and learn more!

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While Albedo #2 gets all the focus (as it should) with the first appearance of Usagi Yojimbo, don’t pass over this incredibly hard to find first issue, of which there was only an estimated 500 copies printed with 31 copies on the CGC census. CGC notes this as the “Prototype of Usagi Yojimbo”. However, this is referring to the first appearance of Nilson Groundthumper, who became a regular character in the Albedo universe. So, this prototype notation is fairly arguable. Regardless, this week’s new high raw sale of $780 is quite the jump from the last raw sale of $293 back in April of this year. If you think you have this, there’s a 2nd printing that is far more common. This first printing has a dark red color and the face of the character is a lighter shade as opposed to bright red second printing. Also inside the front cover of the 2nd printing is noted as “Cover Revised; Reprinted Sept. 1984”. With that said, the 2nd print is still $150+ raw. So, maybe don’t pass that over either.

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SHAKER: AQUAMAN #1 | DC | 1962

For some reason, one of the lesser loved comic book heroes has always been Aquaman. Even with one semi-successful major motion picture under his belt, his first solo issue and silver age first ongoing series have always been undervalued in relation to other mainstream DC heroes. That might be starting to change with some nice sales of late for both Showcase #30 (first full appearance) (see below), and Aquaman # 1 (premiere issue of first solo series). Coming out just one year after Showcase #30, this issue finds Aquaman and Aqualad fighting the Fire Trolls, who are plotting to turn the surface world into a blazing inferno. Along with their new magical friend, Quisp (first appearance), they fight off the magma-minded trolls, returning them back to middle earth via a crack in the ocean floor. At this time, we had a recent record sale for a CGC graded 5.5 for $1,000, a CGC 5.0 hit $900, and a low grade record sale of a CGC 1.8 for $233. A raw copy (VG) sold for $400. This comic is another affordable ‘bluechip’ comic one should consider adding to their collection. As we get nearer to the second movie’s release, prices of this issue will continue to spike.

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It’s officially the month of Halloween so we’ve got to give you some big horror sales. This week we saw a new record in grade for a CGC 3.0 of Beware #10 with a sale of $2,280. This beat out the prior record of $1,900 from September of 2020 by a respectable 20 percent. The demand for pre-code horror comics continues to be strong.  This awesome cover by Frank Frazetta, featuring his often-used “woman in the red dress”, is just another piece of the ongoing story of increasing prices for these rare and horrifying books.

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We mentioned BOY’S CLUB #1 back in December 2020 when that book was hitting new highs. If you recall, that issue features the first appearance of Pepe the Frog in printed comics, whose stoner filled glazed stare became one of the world’s most recognized memes. Then in the 2010’s Pepe became the mascot and symbol of alt-right groups, which creator Matt Furie fought hard to stop. This cultural infamy turned this key comic into a big collectible. While the first issue was produced under artist Tim Goodyear’s imprint. issue #2 & #3 were printed by Buenaventura Press and this 4th issue under Pigeon Press. All are hard to find. This week, a rare copy of this 4th issue came to market and sold for $300 raw. If interested in hearing the full story around Pepe, there’s a fantastic documentary called FEELS GOOD MAN (trailer), detailing all this abbreviated version of his history. It’s definitely worth a watch.

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The old collecting market would have ignored buying into first appearances in an animated series, let alone the specific characters that are showing up in it. However, this is a new market where even the smallest cameo can instantly change a book’s market value. With Daredevil and Echo coming into the proper MCU, there was speculation that we would see Lady Bullseye (Maki Matsumoto) as well. However, we were all surprised to see her appear in the recent HIT MONKEY trailer for Hulu. Even though this quite possibly reduces her chance of appearing in the MCU now, her first appearance in this issue just kept moving upwards. Most notably, this hard to find Aja variant, was selling for $50 raw and $400 in a 9.8 prior to this trailer. Now, raws sell for $150 and a CGC 9.8 just hit a new high sale of $1,250. That’s a huge jump for this book, despite its circumstances. Also notable is the Terry Dobson variant which had a new high 9.8 sale of $540 this week. This just shows how deep the Marvel/MCU aftermarket runs.

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While on female versions of characters with “Lady” in the name, this 3rd printing of the first appearance of LADY DEADPOOL sold for $750 last week… which matches the highest sale for the same amount back in February 2021. Seeing the rag-tag collection of heroes Deadpool wrangled together for DEADPOOL 2, seeing a cinematic version of his personal Deadpool team isn’t impossible. Lady Deadpool, Wanda Wilson, is an interesting character who’s an alternate version of Wade in another universe. So, she doesn’t seem to be just a tongue in cheek character. With that said, Gwenpool has seemingly taken a lot of her thunder in both popularity and market value.

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Again, this is a perfect example of how this new market destroys old norms. This variant gained traction back in December 2020 and throughout Disney+’s WANDAVISION in January 2021. At the time, there was speculation that Wanda would possibly introduce Mutants into the MCU in a flipped version of this storyline where she says “No More Mutants”. While that didn’t happen, collectors liked how this variant showcased the same fragmented and broken mind that she did face in the show. With that said, in the old market, collectors would have moved on and this book should be dead by now… but it just had its highest sale ever with a CGC 9.8 at $600. Speculation does still hold on to Wanda being the key to introducing mutants into the MCU, so maybe this does have longevity if that proves to be accurate.

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In a recent tweet from James Gunn responding to a fan’s question of “Any shot we get the introduction of a new character in the Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special?”. He responded with, “In my incredibly subjective & admittedly often odd opinion, we’ll be introducing one of the greatest MCU characters of all time.” This immediately sent folks speculating on who this could be… when most landed on the most powerful Mutant in the Marvel comic book universe… Santa. That’s right! In this Holiday Special issue, Cerebro discovers the most powerful Omega level mutant it’s ever registered… which turns out to be this Christmas Icon. It’s noted that his abilities include: reality manipulation, immortality, time manipulation, teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis, global weather manipulation, molecular matter manipulation, gravity manipulation, and complete immunity to extreme temperatures. While this is not the crazy price book we normally see on a shakers list, its current trending price of $30 for a NM copy is notable… while a tad silly at the same time.

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This is the second week in a row we’ve mentioned THE MAXX. ’90s nostalgia is in full swing as we saw this hard to find Glow in the Dark variant hit a new high sale of $440 for a 9.8. Back in the day, you could only get this variant if you ordered it off of a diamond order form that tended to be passed around by fellow comic collectors. These weren’t books that showed up to shops back then. So, obtaining one even back then was difficult… if you even knew about it.

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The origin of Galactus was told by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby across several Thor comics in 1969 (specifically 161, 162, 168 and 169) and it’s in Thor 169 that we learn of the early life of Galan of Taa, before he became Galactus. It also features the first appearance of Galactus’ home-world, Taa, and the Creeping Plague which destroys this utopian civilization. This comic has a lot of resonance for modern readers and collectors because it forms the foundation of Galactus in the 2019 Silver Surfer Black run, and the 2020 Thor run where the Creeping Plague is retconned into the Black Winter. The Black Winter first appears in Thor #4 and #5 from 2020 and that is in fact the “1st appearance” because the plague is invisible and therefore doesn’t “appear” in Thor 169 even though it is a primary component of the plot. This Jack Kirby cover features an all-white silhouette of Galactus which is often marred by dirt or writing and for this reason high grade copies are elusive. A CGC 9.0 copy of sold for $575 beating the previous high sale in grade of $459 set in April of 2021

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Before Disney purchased 20th Century Fox, MOUSE GUARD was in active development when the House of Mouse scrapped the project two weeks before production was set to begin. If you look online, you can find the test animation they created for it and man… It’s gorgeous. While its future is unknown, this is still a beloved title from creator David Peterson who’s first issue is actively sought out by collectors. But that’s a huge challenge seeing how hard it is to find. This self-published first issue (through Comixpress) was released in 2005, a year before Archaia republished it with a new #1. With an estimated 250 copies printed, it’s one of the toughest modern books to find. Though one rare copy came to market this week and sold a CGC 9.8 for $2,700, which is a fantastic deal when there’s only three on the CGC census (31 copies altogether). To be able to spot the difference, the Comixpress edition has a $3.00 price at the top right, where the Archia version does not. So, keep an eye out for this. Maybe some convention retailer may have priced it as the Archaia edition, which sells for $30 raw and $150 in a 9.8 (though many online sellers have priced their 9.8’s to appear like the rarer edition).

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We should all be well aware of “first series” price bumps that new (and old in many cases) MCU characters are getting. While this #1 issue for Kamala’s first ongoing series is already pretty hot, it still has room to grow. This is especially the case for some of the harder to find subsequent printings, like this 7th print. It hit a new high sale of $500 for a 9.8 this week. However, that’s going to seem like a deal this time next year. 

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Who says the demand for Archie books isn’t strong? This week we saw a huge sale for a CGC 8.5 of Pep Comics #61. There are only eight graded copies on the census, so it’s not a book we see sell often, but this cover featuring Archie, Veronica and Jughead sold for an incredible $1,920. The prior record for this book was just $334 for a CGC 8.0 that sold in 2018, so this is quite the jump in price for a half grade. This is the second highest graded copy on the census, but there is a 9.6 out there somewhere that would undoubtedly set the record but we’ve never seen it come up for sale publicly. With numbers like this, don’t overlook those golden age Archie books if you ever come across them, you might be missing out on something big.

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If you’re a comic digger, then you’ve probably come across a copy or two (or twenty) of FISH POLICE (No? Well, that just may be us). Well, the same publisher released this new series a few years after by creator Steve Purcell. His Dog & Rabbit anthropomorphic/ vigilante private investigators found their way to numerous video games since their iteration AND an animated TV show. In fact, they had a series of successful Telltale games from 2007 to 2020. Most recently, they have their own VR game that has been released across multiple VR platforms and is coming soon to the Playstation 5. While this book may not be on many of your radars, it should be. It’s one of those properties that have decades of content, proving significant staying power. While their first appearance has been flying under the radar for a VERY long time now, collectors have been paying more attention to it as seen by this week’s new high sale of all time at $100 raw. Back in March 2021, prices suddenly jumped after the favorably reviewed VR trailer hit. It went from $3 raw to around a FMV of $60. Time to start paying attention to this undervalued series.

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SHAKER: SHOWCASE #30 | DC | 1961

Although Aquaman originally made his debut in More Fun Comics #73 (1941), Showcase #30 is his first solo issue. Featuring his origin story (as shown in the DC movie), this issue also finds Aquaman captured by a group of criminals from another dimension who have enslaved the people of Atlantis. It is with the help of his underwater friends that enable him to win the freedom of his people and send the villains back to their home planet. As more information is leaked regarding the next movie (including a first look at his new ‘stealth’ suit, cast and director confirmation), we have seen a nice spike in mid-grade copies of this book. Recently, a CGC 4.0 hit the $600 mark, with a very low grade (FR) raw copy selling for $92. Interestingly, graded copies can still be found at very reasonable prices with a CGC 5.5 selling for only $665! As silver age “blue-chip” keys get more and more expensive, this is a great comic to add to the collection. Get it while you can!

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Everyone loves a good battle cover. Toss in artist legend John Buscema, a black background and Marvel’s first mutant poised to strike The Thing and you have a Fantastic mix. However, even great books like this ebb and flow. Earlier this year we saw a CGC 9.6 copy go for $1,560 – almost double the previous year’s high. Yet a CGC 9.6 copy actually went for over $2K back in 2009 and a CGC 9.8 went for over 3K in 2012. Considering the recent rise, you probably would not be surprised to hear a CGC 9.4 went for $1,500 about a month ago – but that’s not the end of the story. A CGC 9.4 copy just sold for almost $2.5K! That’s higher than any 9.6 copy has gone for and close to the one and only CGC 9.8 sale we’ve seen. With that black background there just is not a lot of high grade supply out there – 44 CGC 9.4’s, 23 CGC 9.6’s and a mere 6 CGC 9.8’s (all blue label Universal). Lesser grade copies are still surprisingly affordable, but if you just want some great art for cheap there’s also a 1994 JC Penney reprint sporting the same cover. Get out there and get yours! It’s CLOBBERIN’ TIME.

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Vampirella is one of those characters that artists love to draw. Her connection to legendary artist Frank Frazetta (who did her first cover) puts them all in great company. With so many talented artists, the print run for modern day Vampirella covers have been exceptionally low. During both the Harris and Dynamite run, the variants produced are known to be some of the rarest in the industry. Shops simply never ordered enough Vampirella covers to qualify… if they even ordered any copies. As Vampirella gains popularity as well as today’s top artists gain popularity, fans are seeking these hard to find covers for their collections. It also helps that most of these variants are absolutely gorgeous. One example of this is this week’s sale for this Joe Chiodo variant which has a clear Frazetta influence. This week, this variant had a new high sale of $200 raw.

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FYI – This is kind of a Venom spoiler… so, skip this entry if you absolutely don’t want to hear any references pulled from the film. This isn’t a big one if it helps… but If you watched Venom, then you know that Venom refers to himself as “Lethal Protector” throughout the film. This caused the direct edition of this first issue to land in our top 10. However, while the focus has always been on the rare Gold, Black and White cover… we just wanted to highlight how expensive this newsstand is now… with a new raw height of $158. Go back in time just 5 years and tell comic fans that this book would be worth anything. It’s amazing to see… and just continues to prove how powerful content affects the aftermarket.

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Heads up…. Another VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE SPOILER: Back in our May 19, 2021 newsletter we mentioned the growing market heat around both the first issue and this second issue of VENOM VS. CARNAGE. It looks like those early trends were onto something as this book is scorching hot right now! The first issue features the first appearance of Pat Mulligan. This second issue features Mulligan bonding with a Carnage-Spawned symbiote to become Toxin. Back in May, we knew Mulligan was going to appear in the film. However, at the end of the film, it clearly hints that he might have undergone some transformation. Will we see Toxin in the future? Either way, we saw commanding record high sales this week for Venom Vs. Carnage #2 including a raw sale for $170 (high sale was $177.50 in May), a record CGC 9.6 for $300 (previous high was $230) and a record CGC 9.8 for $528 (previous high was $350).

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We don’t have to go into this one too deeply. We’re all hyper aware of how hot Young Avengers #1 is. However, this Director’s Cut just hit a new high raw sale of $266 this week. This is impressive when you think of how undesired Director’s Cuts were prior to 2020.

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Back in our July 15, 2021 Newsletter, we had this issue in our WHAT THE WATCHER IS WATCHING. Back then, we noted how all of Voltron’s ’80s brethren were all super expensive books in a 9.8. As of July, 9.8’s were selling for around $500 and were due for a price bump. Well, that bump just happened this week with two 9.8 sales: one for $900 and the most recent at $1,470.00. Go! Go! Ferret! (oops, wrong franchise)

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It was recently announced by The Hollywood Reporter that “Jake Gyllenhaal, Director Sam Hargrave Team for Studio 8’s ‘Prophet’” and “Gyllenhaal will star as John Prophet, a man conscripted by Germans near the end of World War II and subjected to scientific experiments that gave him superhuman strength. Hargrave will direct the film, which is based on Rob Liefeld’s comic books. Marc Guggenheim, the scribe known for his work on The CW’s Arrowverse TV shows, is penning the script.” This should reignite the market fire for his first appearance in YOUNGBLOOD #2, first Prophet, that Liefeld hinted at months ago.

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It was recently announced by BLOODY DISGUSTING that “Heavy Metal Studios Turning Comic Book “Moon Lake” into an Animated Horror Anthology Series”. Due to its hardcover graphic novel format, it’s not currently trending.

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We can’t think of many other characters that have had more of a yo-yo market trend than Silk. There’s content news, this first appearance spikes… then there’s no news and it drops… then new news again and it spikes higher… then no news and it drops again. Well, it appears we’re in the downswing for Silk AGAIN. Just this week, a NM raw copy of this variant sold for $120 and a 9.8 sold for recent low sales of both $699 and $675. These prices are a far cry from the 9.8 all time high sale of $1,175 this past may and an all-time high raw sale of $500 back in July. These prices are almost all the way back down to where they were a year ago. So, what does this mean? Well, it means it’s a great time to buy. This show still seems to be in development. The next bit of news will most likely be casting confirmations and production dates. So, if you’ve been wanting a copy… now’s the time. For now, we’ll be watching.

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Chris Calremont and Jim Lee’s 1991 X-Men series was the quintessential comic of the ’90s. It was, unarguably, the highest point of success the team book ever had. It was ALL about the X-Men in the ’90s. Nostalgia is so high for this initial series that, despite its high print run, this first issue is almost always in the MOVERS list and is selling constantly. The recent attention and massive sale around Torpedo Comics’ sale of the original art for the Gatefold/variants of X-Men #1 shows just how much love this series had. So, what if the first appearance of this new team happened a few months before X-Men #1 released in Oct. 1991? Well, that’s exactly what we have here, with Marvel Age #104 released in July 1991. This preview issue of X-Men #1 featured an 7-page preview of the upcoming new series, showcasing the gatefold spread that would grace the cover of X-Men #1, a few internal panels of Magneto and a full interview with Jim Lee about the history of X-Men and this new book. With all that said, collectors are already moving on this, with a new high sale for CGC 9.8 at $320. Though raws are still affordable in the $10-$30 range. So, in this market where previews matter, this is definitely one to watch.

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While many in the comic collecting community are giving lackluster reviews to the Venom: Let There be Carnage movie, the film seems to be a hit with viewers. Rotten Tomatoes reports that weekend sales were $90.1 million exceeding the first Venom movie which made $80.2 million on its first weekend in theaters. That first film would go on to sell $213.5 million in tickets (domestic) which might give us an indication of where Let there be Carnage is headed. Even without exuberance from the comic community, all this buzz has Venom and Carnage keys hitting our Movers and Shakers lists repeatedly. Amazing Spider-Man #300 (1st full app of Venom) surged to a high sale this week of $7,750, regaining much of the value it had lost since May of 2021 when we saw multiple sales over $8,000.

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