December 2nd, 2021

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Happy December folks! This week’s Comic Report features books that you may have seen before on this list, returning with huge new high sales! This week we spotlight several fun modern variants increasing in value, we got some news on the Game of Thrones” prequel series “Tales of Dunk and Egg” at HBO, and also had a new optioned title with RECOUNT from Scout Comics. We also highlight our favorite web-spinning pig. He and his Spider-Verse friends are books to get back on your radar (sooner rather than later). Let’s get to it.

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If you recall, we highlighted this book a few months ago. As a recap, Jason Polan is considered one of New York’s quirkiest and most prolific artists. The quick-drawing artist’s goal was to draw every person in New York. While ambitious, he drew hundreds of New Yorkers every day. His work was featured in The New Yorker, The New York Times, and multiple art galleries. Uniqlo, a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer, and retailer located in major cities across the US, formed a unique partnership with Polan and Marvel. Polan created original Marvel art featuring the Marvel logo and his version of Spider-Man swinging through New York. On the Uniqlo site, you could also order one of these exclusive comics with the purchase of two Marvel/Jason Polan graphic T-shirts. This was Polan’s first comic work. He only produced two comic book covers, this and his last cover on Spider-Man #1 Variant (2019), as he passed away from cancer a few months later in February 2020. In many ways, this comic is a work of art on its own and a truly unique collectible. It’s unknown how many of these are or where these copies ended up, but they are scarce. When we last reported on this, the only copy we had ever seen sold for a massive raw price of $1,136. Well, this week, that was blown out of the water by a sale of $8,850 for a rare CGC 9.8!! Suddenly, this makes it one of the most valuable modern variants. His last cover on the 2019 Spider-Man #1 variant, at $5 raw and $100 in a 9.8, is a very affordable alternative.

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SHAKER: BATMAN #171 | DC | 1965

With the first appearance of the Riddler in Detective Comics #140 reaching dizzying heights, like the $456,000 sale for a 9.6 in June of this year, it’s no surprise that collectors are flocking to his Silver Age first appearance in Batman #171. This unique pink cover prominently features the Riddler getting pummeled by Batman and Robin and was historically a relatively affordable comic. Until it was revealed last year, he would be the primary villain facing off against Robert Pattinson in the upcoming Batman film. Immediately after the announcement, there were spikes in the price of this book, but they had peaked earlier this year like many other comics. However, this week we saw a new record sale for a CGC 5.0 of $1,200, beating out the prior record of $1,020 from May 16 and selling for well above the $850 sale from a week ago on November 22. While this may seem expensive, it’s still a fraction of the $25,200 someone spent in November for his true first appearance in the Golden Age for the same 5.0 grade.

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Maya Lopez, who becomes Echo, first appears in Daredevil #9, and that book has been hot since we learned that Alaqua Cox would play Echo in the Disney+ Hawkeye series and into future projects. Savvy readers of this David Mack/Joe Quesada Daredevil run (along with CGC, it seems) noticed that Maya Lopez doesn’t appear as Echo until issue #11, even though she appears in #9, and then again in #10 where we learn her origin story, and she makes a first cover appearance. CGC recently updated its case labels for this book to indicate Daredevil #11 as “1st Appearance of Echo (Maya Lopez)”. All these early Echo keys have been spiking because, well, just watch HAWKEYE on Disney+. We saw a lot of sales this week, and it even hit the top 10 list. 9.8 graded copies sold for $200, $250, and then $300; a 9.6 sold for $140; and a raw copy sold for a high of $36.

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We love error books. This error was a simple mistake where the wrong colors mixed, giving most of the characters a green tint on the cover. For years, this “Green” error was relatively cheap. A year ago, a CGC 8.0 marked a new high when sold for $930.99. Flash forward to today, where the regular version landed on our Top 10 this week due to it featuring the first cover appearance of Agatha Harkness. This new interest helped this error hit an even higher price with a CGC 8.5 sale of $1,500.

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SHAKER: FOOM #10 | MARVEL | 1975

FOOM – short for Friends of Ol’ Marvel – was a Marvel-produced fan magazine from the mid-1970s. In addition to some excellent cover art, FOOM included articles and images of characters before they first appeared in actual comic books (issue #15, for instance, has an article about and images of Captain Britain and Ms. Marvel before their respective #1 self-titled series were released). With X-Men on-screen rights coming back to Marvel and both fans and speculators salivating over key X-Men-related books, FOOM #10 has been getting some attention. The cover features the original X-Men team and the new team introduced in Giant-Size X-Men #1. Many attempts to market FOOM #10 as the 1st true appearance of the new X-Men team (Colossus, Cyclops, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Storm, Banshee, Sunfire, and Thunderbird) with even CGC notating it as “New X-Men cover, article & centerfold – Pre-Dates Giant-Size X-Men #1 & X-Men #94″. This, however, is not true. FOOM #10 has a cover date of June 1975 and likely went on sale closer to July 1, 1975. Giant-Size X-Men #1 has a copyright date (essentially the shipping date) of February 25, 1975, and an on-sale date of April 1, 1975 – clearly well before the Summer 1975 release of FOOM #10. The fantastic release date-related website “Mike’s Amazing World” confirms this with an actual picture from the Library of Congress indicating the copyright date for GSX #1 and cites Comic Reader #117 with the April on-sale date. Despite the common misunderstanding around the first published images of the new X-Men team, FOOM #10 is one of the most popular (and pricey) books from the FOOM series. While there has been a reported CGC 9.8 sale from back in 2015 (and no public 9.6 sales), the highest sale ever recorded just went for $5,000 on November 28 – and that was for a mere CGC 9.4 copy! While this isn’t the actual 1st appearance of the new X-Men team, it’s still an incredible book with a fantastic cover. Compare its meager 109 universal copies on the CGC census (two in CGC 9.8, four in 9.6, and eleven in 9.4) to the almost 10K universal copies of GSX #1 on the census, and you know you have a scarce X-Men collectible in FOOM #10.

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The Green Lama comic series is an eight-issue Golden-Age series from Spark Publications (1944-1946) featuring a powerful green-robed Buddhist who uses his powers to fight crime. Green Lama #6 features several short stories, including The Carnival Cure!, “Weary” Moves Fast, The Trouble With Magic, and The Hero Business. The main story featuring the Green Lama is titled, An American Story!. In it, the Green Lama hunts down the author of a Racist-inspired letter to the editor of Green Lama magazine to educate him on his twisted views. Published only a few months after the end of World War II, issue #6 is one of the more desirable from the run as the cover art references the fight against Nazi Germany, featuring the Green Lama about to hurl a giant stone Swastika. Graded copies of this issue rarely come up for auction. This last week we saw a $900 sale of a CGC 6.0. Two lower-grade raw copies sold for an average of $210 back in October.

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Despite mixed feelings around the recent MOTU content on Netflix, fans are still invested and ready to give the Kevin Smith version another shot. With that said, MOTU books are mostly holding value… with some on the rise. For example, our absolute favorite Terry Dodson Variant. MOTU books were always under ordered, which helped turn his 1:25 variant into an incredibly tough book to find. The highest sold price for this used to be a CGC 9.8 at $600. However, that was beaten this week by a CGC 9.6 at $750! We can’t wait to see what the next 9.8 will do.

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How often do you come across a book where the back cover is better than the front? There are more examples of this than you think. One look at the front; it’s an easy pass. If you look closely at this 1:15 variant, you’ll see an “ant-sized” version of Elsa Bloodstone. However, if you flip to the back, then you’ll find this:

Opena’s gorgeous representation of one of the aftermarket’s favorite characters is a bit of a secret, which is not that much of a secret lately. Interest in this variant increases quickly, with raws now selling for $80.

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In 2004, only die-hard MOTU collectors were buying these comics, let alone any variants. MV Creations was brilliant and directly offered many hard-to-find variants to collectors on He-Man.org. It’s unknown how many of these there are, but this variant by Brett Booth and Val Staples is tough to come by. This week, a rare raw sale came to market and sold for a massive $490. This was the first sale we’d seen in 3 years.

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Illyana Rasputina, aka Magik and the sister of X-Man Colossus, got her start in an unnamed appearance back in the wildly popular 1975 Giant-Size X-Men #1. She has been in over 500 comic books and was portrayed by Anya Taylor-Joy in the underwhelming 2020 New Mutants movie. This mutant magic user is extremely powerful – especially in the dimension of Limbo, where she is the Sorceress Supreme. Magik is a comic artist favorite with her striking beauty and enormous soul sword. There are various Magic cover renditions by J. Scott Campbell, Chris Bachalo, Adi Granov, Artgerm, and Art Adams. Speaking of Adams, New Mutants #25 from the 2009 series is tough to find 1:25 Adams variant with Magik in the typical Art Adams pose. There are only 28 universal copies of this book on the CGC census, with only two in 9.8 condition. The last CGC 9.8 copy sold in 2020 for $400, but what is more notable is that we recently had two raw NM range copies sell for $275 and $300. In light of that standalone New Mutants movie, lack of clarity on how Magik will fit into the MCU, and no notable character news, these sales do not seem to be content-related. Likely, they are primarily based on the book’s relative scarcity, plus Art Adams fandom and perhaps a bit of the interest in the more recent Adams Magik cover for Strange Academy #13. If you own any of these books, make sure to head over to CovrPrice and add them to your collection there so you can keep track of their value on the open market.

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With its recent development announcement, Nocterra is super hot. The standard cover made it to the #1 spot this week. However, with so many covers out there, many wonder what cover is the one to buy. There’s always one that reigns superior in market value. The front runner is Zoe Lacchei’s Metal variant from Trinity comic, limited to 100 copies. Metal comics have been around for years now. While it’s unknown who the first publisher was to do one, X-O MANOWAR #1 – MONIKA PALOSZ (1:500) from Valiant 2017 has long been thought of as the official first. At the very least, the first to popularize it. Today, Metal covers are offered as the lowest and most premium version of a variant. This is a growing trend specifically around store retailers and a few publishers (Scout typically does one for each of their flagship titles). The main issue is their considerable upfront cost. They usually cost $50+ and don’t always draw interest in the aftermarket. Though, when they’re done for a key issue like Nocterra #1, then it’s only going up. This metal variant hit a new high sale of $600 this week and cost the buyer $50 from Trinity comics. That was a smart gamble that paid off.

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Rick & Morty have done many popular homages across their covers. This beloved fan-driven show turned comic has been popular ever since the first issue was featured on the canceled COMIC BOOK MEN. When that hit, various issues, and covers all saw price jumps along with the first issue. This LAST OF US homage was one of those. Available at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 was a mere $10 at the convention. And it had quite a sizable print run of 1,500 copies. This is a perfect example of how fast the right cover at even a high print run can disappear in five years. While its all-time high sale was $440 for a CGC 9.8 back in August 2021, this week marked the highest raw sale of all time at $250.

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SHAKER: SHOWCASE #43 | DC | 1963

Content turned comic books were always considered worthless amongst collectors. However, as you can see from books like Rick & Morty and every 80’s property, content-based books are some of the best investment books over the past five years. Their market boom is quite massive. This book we’re showcasing features the first appearance of James Bond in a comic book. While this has never been “cheap” per se, it just had its biggest sale ever last week at $3,800 for a CGC 9.4. Don’t ignore content-based first appearances!

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Stray Dogs have seen some slight cooling in market value lately. However, this book has lost absolutely no steam in fan interest. The next series, STRAY DOGS: DOG DAYS, is rumored to have 75 covers! This is incredible. While the standard cover might have decreased slightly, some of the rarer covers like this exclusive preview edition are only going up. This week, a CGC 9.8 copy sold for a new high of $701. This was only provided to a handful of retailers to entice them to order the book for their stores, which instantly made this one of the most desired covers for the series. 

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If you recall, in 2001, artist Al Milgrom took his revenge on Bob Harris, the former Marvel Editor in Chief, by hiding the words “BOB HARRIS HA HA HE’S GONE GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH HE WAS A NASTY SOB” on book spines, on a bookshelf, in the background of page 28, 3rd panel. Unlike many recalled issues, this one never made it to the shelf. It was only sent to retailers as a preview issue and was caught in time to fix that one panel. The preview copy was recalled, and “most” copies were pulped. This week, this rare recalled book hit a new high sale of $1,900 for a 9.8, obliterating the last 9.8 sale of $500 back in October 2020. This is simply a book that very few collectors will have. These “brag-books” are legendary and will only continue to increase. Two Dynamic Forces variants also had the recall (which are exceptionally hard to find). What’s fun about this book is that it’s ALWAYS in dollar bins, which makes this a fun treasure hunt. When you see that classic Alex Ross Lizard Spidey cover, open it up to page 28, look for the bookshelf and see if it’s blank or has the recalled slander. Happy hunting!

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Usagi has been a force in the aftermarket lately. While there’s nothing notable about this issue, the fact that it sells for $11 raw and $325 in a 9.8 (like this week’s sale) makes it an excellent GAP book (books that sell low raw and high graded) to pay attention to.

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This was a fun sale to see this week. At a glance, it looks like another fabulous PCH book (which was done by Johnny Craig). However, this book is tied with Crypt of Terror #17 as EC’s first horror comic. EC, as you know, dominated the horror market for decades. This issue is also the first VAULT OF HORROR issue, formerly known as WAR AGAINST CRIME. This week, this rare book hit a new high sale of $7,509 for a CGC 6.0.

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Issue #11 is part of the short story arc featuring “Death,” who forces John Kowalski, a dishonorable Polish soldier killed in the invasion of Poland, to die countless deaths from other lives. Issue #9 is the first issue of this particular story arc, ending in issue #15 with the cancellation of the series. All of these issues are early Claremont works, including this one. We do not often see high sales of any of these issues, but this week we saw a rare CGC 9.8 sell for $1,175 (only one of two copies on the CGC census).

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Michael Turner was the best. Both as a human and as one of comic book’s premier artists. Turner has so many fantastic covers, but this Wolverine cover was one of his most well-known. This relatively easy-to-find Wizard World sketch variant had a new high sale with an ultra-rare 10.0 copy at $900. That’s pretty notable when raws sell for $11 and 9.8’s at $50. That’s the power of a 10.0 grade!

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SHAKER: X-MEN #49 | MARVEL | 1968

X-Men 49 features the first appearance of Polaris (AKA: Lorna Dane, the daughter of Magneto), the first appearance of Mesmero (a mutant supervillain with the ability to hypnotize others), and the origin of Beast! This issue finds Mesmero assembling a mutant army under the orders of Magneto, who wants to take over humanity and features other mutants, including Angel, Marvel Girl, Cyclops, and Iceman. This story arc continues in the following issues of the X-Men series, concluding in issue #53. We saw a remarkable record raw sale this week (9.4) of $2,470, as well as several recent high-graded sales, including a CGC 9.0 selling for $1,010, and a CGC 5.0, reaching $470.

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As noted by Variety, The “Game of Thrones” prequel series “Tales of Dunk and Egg” at HBO has found its writer, Variety has learned from sources. Steve Conrad has been tapped to serve as writer and executive producer on the potential series under his Elephant Pictures banner.” Their first appearance in THE HEDGE KNIGHT (IMAGE, 2003) has been increasing for a while now, hitting a new high sale this week of $50 raw. This should continue to grow until the show’s release.

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As reported by Deadline (and hinted by us a few weeks ago), “Concussion filmmaker Peter Landesman will adapt and direct Scout Comics’ comic series The Recount into a feature film for Don Handfield’s Motor Content and Jonathan Kadin’s KadinCreative. Nick Jones Jr. will co-write with Landesman.” Sales are picking up across all covers with the focus mainly on the Bryan Silverbax (1:10) @ $45 raw and $180 for a 9.8. 

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In a world, nay in a multiverse of madness, where several versions of Spider-Man accept the great responsibility that comes with their great power, we find Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham. The anthropomorphic, porcine web-slinger made his debut in Marvel Tails #1, later appearing in contemporary Spidey titles and the excellent Into The Spider-Verse animated film. Spider-Ham’s first comic appearance was once a heavy hitter with a high sale of $900 for a 9.8 in September 2018, with raw copies hitting as high as $125 in October 2018. Since then, prices have decreased with the market lull between films. Today, raw copies have an FMV of $50 and $590 in a 9.8. There’s one listed at a reasonable $502 on eBay now. This is a wise investment book, as Amy Pascal (Producer, Into The Spider-Verse) has teased imminent news for the SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE! These stories are quite charming and feature a litany of animal-themed Marvel characters, creating a great jumping-on-point, financially, and fun escapism. While we’re at it, you should also be paying close attention to other Spider-Verse characters like Noir, Sp//dr (Peni Parker), 2099, and other rumored new characters like India & Punk!

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There was a huge sale this week for the first appearance of Brother Voodoo that everyone seems to be talking about. After the massive $21,600 sale back in May for a CGC 9.8, things seemed to have died down some for this character, but they came roaring back again this week. A CGC 9.6 sold for a record $10,500, beating out the prior high of $4,500, also from May 9, by a staggering $6,000 or 133%. It is also worth noting that a 9.6 was sold just two weeks ago on November 12 for $4,400, so whoever bought that copy must be feeling pretty good right now. There are all kinds of rumors swirling about the role Brother Voodoo may play in the MCU in the future, and that’s likely driving the demand for this book. Still, we’ll have to wait and see what happens in the Multiverse of Madness, where many think we’ll see him make his first MCU appearance.

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