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Publisher: DC
Title: Action Comics
Page Count: 68
Genre: Adventure, Detective-mystery, Historical, Superhero
Era: Golden
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: July 1938
Country: United States
Overhearing a crooked college football coach at Dale University plotting to populate his team with thugs to defeat rival Cordell University, Superman impersonates a football player from Cordell to straighten the situation out.; Rabb Khazan attempts to overthrow the Gorrah of the Sealed City.; Chuck rescues his horse from Steve and is chased into the mountains by the Sheriff, Trigger and Butch.; After the Bulletin is bombed, Scoop tracks down the culprits.; Evans, a glazier, operates a protection racket for local merchants: those who don't pay, get their windows broken. Bobby attempts to blackmail the blackmailers, with deadly results.; Zatara defends the lovely dancer, Joan, from the advances of Big Bill. With a single punch, the brute falls to the ground - dead!; Pep is leading in the Camp Indian Head swimming competition until some campers lives are endangered.; After the desert storm passes, the caravan finds fresh water. A giant python attacks a lioness, who is saved by her mate. Then the snake turns on the Polos!