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Publisher: DC
Title: Action Comics
Page Count: 68
Genre: Adventure, Domestic, Historical, Humor, Superhero
Era: Golden
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: August 1938
Country: United States
While visiting Egypt, Zatara helps Archaeology Professor Dunn find his lost expedition party.; Tex and Bob help a mysterious woman foil a coup attempt in Nestralia.; Lois and Clark compete with one another to get the scoop on the possible collapse of the Valleyho Dam.; Chuck briefly evades Burwell's henchman but Trigger and Butch eventually overtake him.; Scoop and Rusty help police with capturing the Robin Hood of Kentucky.; Pep competes in a sailboat race with the Watkins brothers.; Marco rescues his uncle and father from the coils of a giant python. Their caravan reaches the town of Kerman where they enjoy the comforts of civilisation.