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Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment
Title: Amazing Agent Luna
Page Count: 196
Genre: Fantasy, Spy, Teen
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 10.99 USD; 12.50 CAD
Cover Date: July 2011
UPC: 9781934876466
ISBN: 978-1-934876-46-6
Country: United States
Luna discovers that Anders is The Knight Errant. And her secret life may cost her relationships with Oliver and Francesca.; Jennifer and Count Von Brucken extract information about The Knight Errant from an old colleague. Francesca probes further into what's going on between Timothy and Jia, and it may harm her friendship with Luna.; Jonah abducts Jia and has her nuclear fusion heart wired to explode, which would take out most of the city. Luna and Timothy are assigned to see that it doesn't happen.; Luna reaches out to Jia, then confides in Timothy in order to get Jia repaired. However, this act arouses suspicions in Francesca. Count Von Brucken drops what he suspects are Elyse's plans onto Jennifer.; While Luna, Jonah and The Knight Errant battle for possession of Jia, Jia is overcome by the discovery that she is an android and flees from her "father". Luna also makes a discovery about Jennifer and Andrew.; Luna and Timothy are able to succeed through a timely intervention from Mark Dreyfus and Oliver.