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Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Title: Amelia Rules!
Page Count: 184
Genre: Children, Humor
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 19.99 USD; 22.99 CAD
Cover Date: October 2011
UPC: 978144244540651999
ISBN: 978-1-4424-4540-6
Country: United States
Trishia's parents send apologies to Amelia, revealing that they are hyper-cautious since Trishia has a ventrical septal defect, which had earlier claimed the life of Trishia's sister. Amelia is overwhelmed by this knowledge, but still manages to enjoy an end-of-vacation sleepover until on a dare she takes a nighttime bicycle ride that leaves her alone and unconscious in the woods.; Amelia hallucinates of Princess Powerful (herself) supporting Princess Trishara in her struggle for life. After Amelia's recovery Trishia takes her leave -- she and her family are moving to California where she will face cardiac surgery. Amelia hears nothing more for years, until she receives by mail a handwritten conclusion to the life of Princess Trishiara. When her life is despaired of by all around her Trishiara takes up her wand (Trisha takes her pencil) and starts to fight back. She didn't live happily ever after -- no one ever does -- but she lived.; Amelia and her friends finish fourth grade and get the summer off to a good start, only for Amelia to be suddenly told that she's moving.; Amelia's mom has inherited a house on the other side of town, in another school district and away from Amelia's friends. In a flash forward Amelia describes how she drifted away from her friends, and how her life into adulthood became a tragedy. None of that happens, though, because Tanner, who had earlier opened her home for her sister and niece, now sacrificed her home and moved to the new one herself.; Over in Tanner's neighborhood Amelia and Rhonda get acquainted with the local kids, who introduce them to their own self-published zine. They become fascinated by Trisha's ongoing fantasy story about Princess Trishara. Meanwhile, Reggie and Pajamaman convince themselves that they must save the world from a conspiracy of evildoers, all named Steve.; Reggie gets G.A.S.P. to prowl the streets looking for a Steve to foil. This delights Mary Violet, though most of the other girls drop out. The kids are enjoying a great afternoon of playing in the park when Trishia's Dad appears without warning, chastises Amelia as a troublemaker, and drags his daughter away. Amelia doesn't see Trishia again for a long time.