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Publisher: Harvey Pekar
Title: American Splendor
Page Count: 60
Genre: Biography, Drama
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 3.00 USD
Cover Date: January 1987
Country: United States
Harvey's not feeling great and bawls out a sympathetic editor for not giving him enough coverage.; Harvey and Joyce go to San Diego for the comic convention and are hosted by a local comic store owner.; Harvey is offered a spot on the David Letterman show, talks with the researchers and wonders how he should be with David. Then he goes on the show.; Forever breaking windows with baseballs when younger, Harvey hits ball when told not to by his father. This has consequences.; Mario plays basketball hard.; An old Jewish lady tries to push in the supermarket queue.; A guy tells Harvey about Cleveland's old rag peddlers.; Toby has a Blue Angels t-shirt.; Harvey pays Dale by cheque, but may have to stop it.; Some guys discuss a new Cleveland State basketball player.; Overheard at a bakery.