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Publisher: Harvey Pekar
Title: American Splendor
Page Count: 60
Genre: Biography, Drama
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 3.25 USD
Cover Date: January 1988
Country: United States
Harvey has been invited back on the David Letterman show and is determined to turn the discussion to political matters.; Mentioning he has to work on President's Day leads Harvey into literary criticism. The day itself is extremely cold.; The trials of clothes shopping.; Harvey is visited by a fan who's hitching across the USA.; Harvey meets a musician friend.; Frank and Harvey discuss Ollie North.; Inky is a record critic.; Harvey retrieves a lump of rubber from the road.; Harvey has to be reminded that it's bad form to enter a corner shop with a supermarket bag.; Louie loses the thread.; Assorted messages left on Harvey's answering machine.; Elmo is fixing a socket.; Toby's White Castle preference.; Harvey witnesses bystanders stopping a thief.; Toby is congratulated by a nurse.