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Publisher: Harvey Pekar
Title: American Splendor
Page Count: 60
Genre: Biography, Drama, Humor
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 3.50 USD
Cover Date: January 1989
Country: United States
Harvey is called from work as his wife is locked out of the house. Later on he can't find the Italo Svevo novel he's been reading, but does find a wallet.; A guy Harvey knows turns up for treatment in the hospital where he works.; Harvey goes back on David Letterman's show and talks politics.; Harvey gets up early to drive to the airport.; Harvey is told a joke.; A unique stage act.; George's son pukes in the car and George thinks he's got a result, but...; A rant about the Oliver North case.; Overheard at a diner.; A gun belt drops.; The city re-zones the parking areas.; Harvey and Dave talk about the USA stockpiling weapons.; Harvey gets Toby to type an article for which he'll be paid by the hour, but isn't pleased at the speed.; Mars are giving away free bars in New York.