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Publisher: Harvey Pekar
Title: American Splendor
Page Count: 60
Genre: Biography, Drama, Humor
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 3.50 USD
Cover Date: January 1990
Country: United States
Harvey's college days.; Harvey and Joyce come across a squirrel that's been severely wounded by a car.; And the weekend was going so well.; The contrast between Harvey's concerns and a letter he receives.; Harvey chats with a comic dealer taken to court by the city on charges of selling obscene material.; Harvey's keys get stuck in the elevator lock.; Harvey is annoyed about hearing of a bargain picked up by another book collector.; Bob tells how he's nagged to close the window.; Herschel knows he's onto a good thing.; Harvey talks with Chester Brown on the phone about the reputation of publisher Bill Marks.; Harvey and another guy chat after exiting the second hand book store.; Harvey's friend grows dope.; Harvey is almost over-charged.; Vito's a creative guy.; Toby hurts his hand.; A restroom encounter; Harvey joins in a bookstore conversation.; Harvey almost loses a cheque.; Harvey meets someone who recognises him from Late Night With David Letterman.