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Publisher: Harvey Pekar
Title: American Splendor
Page Count: 60
Genre: Biography, Drama, Historical, Humor
Era: Bronze
Cover Price: 2.00 USD
Cover Date: January 1980
Country: United States
Harvey's voice goes on his honeymoon, and it's diagnosed as a vocal cord nodule.; Harvey's friend Freddy is in town and nobody wants him to stay at their house.; Harvey remembers a guy who used to live in his neighbourhood.; Harvey tries to bring two single friends together.; Harvey remembers the owner of a book store he used to frequent.; Harvey overhears a conversation.; The story of how a guy made $800 in one phone call to his broker.; Harvey listens in to an immigrant's conversation.; A story from a concentration camp survivor.; Mr Boats' cold cure.; A view on the problem of drugs.; A patient demands some of a sandwich.; Gabe talks about what he did when he went to L.A.; So much is said in silence.; How not to get what you want.