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Publisher: Archie
Title: Archie Comics Digest
Page Count: 132
Genre: Adventure, Children, Humor, Teen
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 1.50 USD
Cover Date: February 1990
Country: United States
The Archie gang celebrate Christmas and the 100th issue of Archie's Comics Digest.; Chuck is fired from his job and arrested when $100 goes missing. Chuck and Archie save Mr. Mason after his store collapses in an earthquake and then prove that Mason's son Harold is the one who stole the money.; Dilton builds a pair of shoes that can make him a great dancer.; Archie does such a bad job wrapping Christmas presents that he gets Veronica to wrap the present he is giving Betty and vice versa.; Archie wants to cut down a real tree for Christmas, while Reggie and Veronica prefer the greater convenience of store-bought artificial trees.; Della forbids Sabrina to do any good deeds during Christmastime but Sabrina finds a way to be "evil" while helping those who need it.; Mr. Weatherbee decides to be more friendly to the students and try some new techniques in his job.; Dilton builds an android named Stacy to keep Ethel away from Jughead during a skiing trip.; Reggie kisses Midge in front of Moose claiming that it's in the Christmas spirit but Moose gets even with his present to Reggie.; Mr. Weatherbee is convinced that all the students are talking about is Christmas.; Reggie and another student frame Moose by misspelling graffiti on the side of the school.; Betty and Veronica learn that the school's truant officer isn't a bad guy.; Alex refuses to drive more slowly: the energy crisis doesn't affect the Cabots because they don't have shortages of oil, and safety issues don't affect Cabot cars.; Archie makes a hand-made pendant for Jughead for Christmas and it's such a hit that everybody wants one.; Veronica fills in for Santa Claus at her father's department store and then Betty plays Santa at the Christmas party for the orphanage.; Archie and Jughead get all their friends to pay off their tabs at Pop's shop for his Christmas present.; Charley explains why he's suddenly nice to his sister.; Archie and Jughead get shots at school but Archie's has a delayed reaction.; Archie insults Reggie and Big Ethel takes it as a compliment.; Jughead attends a French fashion show for the pastries.; Miss Grundy tries to get Jughead to think.; Archie is late for his dinner with Veronica.; Archie and Jughead spot Santa taking a large bag into an unexpected place.; Charley tries to name all Santa's reindeer.; Reggie doesn't have a costume for the Christmas party but Archie has a solution.; When the fireplace at the ski lodge is crowded Jughead finds a way to stay warm.; Jughead doesn't need a coat in the cold weather.; The Ice Cream Man makes deliveries to Jughead's house in the middle of winter.