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Publisher: Archie
Title: Archie Comics Digest
Page Count: 84
Genre: Humor, Superhero, Teen
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 2.69 USD
Cover Date: July 2010
UPC: 76281646850326611
Country: United States
While at the beach, each person tells an unbelievable story.; Set in the Renaissance Era, Archie and his band of minstrels are invited to play before the Earl, if they can ditch a bothersome dragon.; Captain Sprocket dresses up like a Christmas tree to capture the bank robber Treeman.; A Leprechaun turns Slushwell into his hero Super Dazzle for 24 hours.; The girls ignore Archie because they are obsessed with the handsome new lifeguard at the beach.; Archie and Jughead lose a sand sculpture contest but end up catching the eye of a Burger Queen chain and win an even bigger prize with them.; The pain of walking on a hot beach with bare feet leads Archie into even worse disasters as he tries to get some relief for his aching tootsies.; It's the first day of summer and Archie wants to go see his friends but his parents keep him busy doing work around the house.; Archie tries to play tennis with Jughead.; While at the beach, Archie and Jughead discuss all the wacky inventions they think should be invented.; Archie has to attend an outdoor party at the Lodges' on a "hot, muggy and steaming" night, and finds that all the guests except Veronica are just as miserable in the heat as he is.; A porpoise in love.; Reggie doesn't want to lose his sandwich even if it means Moose will beat him up.; Moose knows how to make Archie and Reggie stop arguing.