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Publisher: Archie
Title: Archie Double Digest
Page Count: 164
Genre: Children, Humor, Sword And Sorcery, Teen
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: June 2011
UPC: 76281646951721911
Country: United States
Betty tries to be more like Veronica and Veronica tries to be more like Betty.; Archie gets a AAA membership so he can have his car towed around town.; Fred takes Archie to a professional wrestling match.; Little Reggie tricks Little Betty into barking like a dog but Little Betty gets even.; Reggie and Chuck feel sorry for Archie and his summer job at the county park.; Mr. Lodge asks Archie and Jughead to house-sit while the family is on vacation.; Archie has a job helping with beach umbrellas.; Little Archie makes a movie with Little Veronica's video camera.; Reggie wins the jet ski race but soon wishes he hadn't.; Betty and Veronica plead with Archie the Barbarian to free Reggie the Ruthless from the Amazons who captured him.; Archie imagines himself as a hard-boiled private eye hired by Veronica to find out who robbed her safe.; Archie gets a job selling ice cream.; Fred, Archie and Jughead take Fred's new boat to the lake.; Archie explains to the reader how to have fun at the beach with your friends.; Archie gets soaked all day long.; Everyone is more accident prone in the summer, including Archie.; Mr. Weatherbee calls Archie to ask him to help clean the leaves out of his eaves.; Chuck tries to help Archie pick out a movie to rent to watch with Veronica.; Pop Tate is loosing business to a new restaurant and Archie suggests he give out coupons.; A reporter from Teen Fanzine comes to interview the Archies.; Archie drops a fly ball.; Archie makes faces at a baby.; Little Ambrose spills the paint.; Little Reggie bets two kids they are twins.; Archie is late on purpose to show Veronica how it feels when she is always late.; Archie asks if his steak is rare.; Archie explains to Moose how to find his way in the woods.; Archie needs a check pad after Veronica slaps him.; Archie and the gang find a beach where they can dance.; Archie can't decide between black and white swimsuits.