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Publisher: Archie
Title: Archie Double Digest
Page Count: 164
Genre: Humor, Teen
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: December 2011
UPC: 72262746951925
Country: United States
Veronica sneaks Archie along on their vacation cruise.; When Veronica has to take a son of one of her dad's clients on a date, Archie isn't convinced it is innocent.; Betty shows Archie the discount bin at the bookstore in the mall.; Jinx Malloy is jinxing the Riverdale basketball team.; Archie and Jughead have to shovel the snow at Pop Tate's shop to pay their tabs.; Reggie tries to start a snowball fight with both Archie and Chuck but the girls convince them to not sink to Reggie's level.; Little Archie's penmanship is horrible.; Little Ambrose dreams about his snowman that has super powers.; Little Archie and his family go on vacation to a cabin surrounded by bears.; Archie falls on the ice outside the Lodge mansion and Mr. Lodge is afraid he's going to sue.; Archie accidently drops a beaker of acid that eats through the chemistry floor. Banned from the chem lab, Mr. Weatherbee asks Archie to polish his chair and desk. But Archie accidently adds a small test tube of acid into the varnish, which eats away the varnish brushes as well as the legs of Mr. Weatherbee's desk.; Archie makes breakfast for his parents.; Linda and Alec scheme to make Laurie act like Pepper, who Wilbur greatly dislkies.; Archie is delivering cakes for Miss Grundy's class and Mr. Weatherbee is convinced an accident will happen.; Veronica and Reggie try to sabotage Archie and Betty in a sledding race.; Archie and Dilton digitally enhance a picture of Jughead until Jughead is no longer in the picture.; Little Sabrina uses her magic to help the boys in their snowball fight against Fangs Fogarty.; Archie offers to drive Veronica to her job narrating a beachwear show.; Linda tries to get Wilbur to play hard-to-get so that Laurie will break up with him and Linda can date him.; Archie and his mom get his father a birthday present of a fancy new TV system but Fred can't seem to figure out the remote control.; Little Archie and Little Reggie fight over a part in the school play.; Archie doesn't feel like doing his homework.; Veronica isn't happy when Archie gives the other girls bowling lessons.; A cola machine cheats Archie out of a drink.; Archie's dad isn't happy when Archie doesn't shovel the snow from the sidewalk.; Denise's father has a lot of bowling trophies.; Archie wonders why he's always in the principal's office.; Archie sets a new personal record in speed skating.; Mr Weatherbee has a new hobby to reduce his Archie-induced stress level.; Archie washes his car in the middle of winter.; Jughead wants some pictures of the guys on a snowmobile.; Archie talks to someone who wants to be a proofreader for the paper.; Archie gets chewed out by the coach at half-time even though he never set foot on the court.; Veronica offers to buy her cousin anything in the toystore.; Archie doesn't believe that opposites attract.; Archie and Reggie have only had one fight.