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Publisher: Archie
Title: Archie Double Digest
Page Count: 164
Genre: Humor
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: February 2012
Country: United States
Archie, Betty, and Veronica go on Dr. Bill to try and get Archie to choose one girl.; Fangs Fogarty is always bullying Little Archie, hitting him with snowballs and stealing his lunch, but when Little Archie retaliates, Fangs complains to the teacher. Little Archie realizes that Fangs is really a coward at heart, and comes up with a way to prove that when they have to fight fair, bullies always get "cold feet."; Archie tries to relieve his dating stress with his new home exercise equipment.; The guys go on a skiing trip and Archie and Reggie wear fake casts to attract girls.; Archie, Reggie, and Jughead have humorous adventures while showing young boys how to sled.; Mr. Lodge causes confusion when he shaves off his mustache.; When the TV reception turns fuzzy, Archie and Jughead go out in a blizzard to uncover the satellite dish.; A potential advertising client of Linda's father tries to test his miracle hair oil on Wilbur's head, but nothing can flatten Wilbur's hair no matter how much of the goo is rubbed into it.; Mr. Bumble thinks Wilbur and Alec have struck oil on the school grounds.; Archie thinks a trip to Snow Valley will be boring-until he meets the girls.; Archie and Jughead go to school, hoping it will close early due to snow.; When Mr. Flutesnoot gets upset because The Archies have no appreciation for classical music, Archie sets out to prove that The Archies can play classical music.; The gang ridicules Archie for believing he saw a flying saucer.; Archie tries to make money so he can buy a new pair of sneakers.; While on a field trip, Archie claims that a student insurance policy is worthless-until he is injured falling down a slope.; Little Archie joins the band so he can play next to Veronica.; When Sabrina goes back in time for a history report, she leads a women's revolt against the boys.; No matter what Mr. Weatherbee does, Archie still manages to get to school on time.; The gang thinks snowball fights are childish-until they are hit with snowballs themselves.; Hal shows Archie some of the hobbies he can take up, but Archie has already failed at most of them.; Archie tries to have a conversation with Veronica without Veronica changing the subject to herself.; Archie and Reggie are caught having a snowball fight.; In a pantomime story, we see Archie go through a vigorous morning routine-only to fall asleep during his first period class.; Archie tries to get out of a test by faking sickness.; Mr. Weatherbee wants Archie away from his office.; Archie and Jughead run away before they have to eat Veronica's food.; Archie has to shovel snow.; After ice skating for a long time, Archie comes home and slips on his floor.; Jughead tells Archie to have some food to give him an excuse not to go to sleep.; Archie is not trusted in Veronica's house.; Jughead heats his birdhouse by putting his mom's toaster inside of it.; Tiny thinks that the chemical formula for water is the letters from H to O.; When Wilbur orders fish because it is brain food, Pop's suggests buying a whale.