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Publisher: Archie
Title: Archie Double Digest
Page Count: 164
Genre: Humor
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: March 2012
UPC: 76281646951722711
Country: United States
Two months before the Riverdale 500, top racer Dale Jonas and his pit crew leave Hiram Lodge's racing team to join Hiram's arch rival C.C. Carp's race team. Betty offers to drive Hiram's race car in the 500, as she's being taught by "Spinout" Stevens, a former race car driver. Hiram then hires "Spinout" as the new pit boss and "Spinout" suggests a new pit crew: Archie, Moose, Reggie, Dilton, Jughead and Chuck. The new pit crew and the new driver then come together in a short time and are ready for the big race.; Archie paints his car to advertise Veronica's favorite shoe store, not knowing that Veronica had a fight with the owners and now hates the store.; Little Archie and Little Jughead encounter Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zilda using their magic powers to get Salem off the roof.; Archie resolves to do nothing but study for his exam the next day.; Archie tries to use a new robotic vacuum cleaner.; Archie accidentally wears pajama bottoms to school and starts a fashion trend.; Mr. Weatherbee gets stuck in a swivel chair.; When Little Archie leaves his lunch in Veronica's limo, Little Betty bakes him a walnut cake. The problem is, Little Betty didn't take the walnuts out of the shells.; The boys go gaga over the new foreign exchange student.; Little Reggie is jealous of the girls Little Jughead attracts with his job at Pop Tate's. So, Little Reggie makes Little Jughead sleepy and then shows up for Little Jughead's job.; Linda follows Laurie and Wilbur because she feels they are acting suspicious. She follows them to an unknown house where Laurie brings her inside and introduces her to a blind date named Mert.; Linda, not to be beaten by Laurie, goes to great lengths to receive a most helpful student award. It turns out that Laurie was only helping to raise her grades.; Archie takes pictures of Betty and Vetonica's pets.; Archie drops his lucky coin from the third floor of the mall and then tries to find it.; Archie and Jughead have a great dream until Jinx Malloy shows up to wake them up.; Archie becomes a butler for career week so he can spend time at Veronica's house.; Archie teaches his parents about ecology, only to find out that he is the one who wastes the most.; Reggie shows off his talent show act.; Mr. Andrews tells Archie that teens think every performer is a star.; Archie gets detention for flying a paper airplane in school.; Three gag cartoons.; Little Archie and Little Veronica play fetch with Spotty.; Archie tricks his father into signing his report card.; Archie and Reggie try to fix Archie's car.; Archie tries to convince his father to let him grow his hair longer.; Archie gives us tips for watching TV and movies.; Laurie prepares for Wilbur's visit.; Veronica tries to drag Archie away from the TV for their date.; Archie counts girls instead of sheep to fall asleep.