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Publisher: Archie
Title: Archie Double Digest
Page Count: 164
Genre: Humor, Teen
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: September 2012
UPC: 76281646951723311
Country: United States
Archie meets the new family in town, the Weirdleys.; Veronica throws a Halloween party and the gang bobs for apples.; Little Archie and Jughead test their experimental formula on Ambrose.; Archie and the gang, on their way to a costume party, find two aliens in the country and help them refuel their spaceship.; Archie has to rake leaves but asks Jughead to help him when he remembers an errand he needs to run. The chore then gets passed off to Ethel, then Betty as each volunteers to help for their own reasons.; When Coach Kleats breaks his leg a substitute coach is found, a woman, who helps the team win its first football game.; The Archies need to find a location to play a Halloween party for some orphans.; Betty is violently frightened of the horror films Archie likes. Dilton suggests they watch a triple feature of the film type to get her used to them.; The kids have a contest to see who can go into a haunted house and count all the fireplaces.; Fred takes Archie and Jughead to a cabin in the woods.; Archie offers successful dating tips gleaned from his years of experience.; Archie races to the school to use the shop's saw to cut a piece of wood. But he didn't have a ruler to measure the piece he needs, so he used his hands. Now he mustn't change his hands' distance or else the measurement will be lost.; Archie and Jughead stay out too late bowling and have to sneak into their houses without waking their parents.; Archie is having his picture taken in his football uniform for the yearbook.; Archie stops a freshman from writing on the walls of the school and teaches him how to behave in society.; Coach Kleats desperately wants a tall new student for the basketball team, but the boy is only interested in poetry.; Archie gets the drop on Reggie when he asks Veronica on a date to the Sports Banquet. Reggie isn't concerned though, because he knows that Archie will mess up the date somehow, leaving Reggie to go out with Veronica instead.; The girls are upset at Archie's reluctance to say "I love you." Jughead comes up with a way to devalue the word "love" so it's no longer so special to girls.; Mr. Lodge is pouring concrete for a new patio but Archie is making a mess of the project.; Archie tries to find a parking space at a busy mall.; Archie has a new digital camera but has trouble finding something interesting in which to take pictures, until he runs into Betty and Veronica at Pop Tate's.; When Wilbur won't cook him a hamburger, Red tricks him into thinking the electricity is off in the house.; Reggie and Archie have a bet on who will have the higher score on their Spanish test.; Wilbur cannot persuade his father to give him money for a football ticket, and must instead watch the game on television.; Veronica throws a costume party.; Slats sat on some knitting needles and injured himself.; Archie wants to change an answer on his test.; Reggie pokes fun at Archie's batting skills as Archie helps coach a little league team.; Reggie is hiding from a girl that has a crush on him.; Archie is practicing spiking the football.; Archie knows why it's so warm in the Lodge house.; Red's uncle was a lion tamer until he died of indigestion.; Wilbur's father asks Wilbur to see if he left his razor and slippers upstairs.