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Publisher: Archie
Title: Archie's Pals 'n' Gals
Page Count: 36
Genre: Humor, Teen
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 1.00 USD
Cover Date: August 1990
UPC: 07189646750508
Country: United States
While attending a comic convention, Veronica is critical of Chuck's admiration of cartoonists. Later Chuck and Veronica each recruit a pair of artists for a TV game show called "Spin, Lose, or Draw!", with Chuck picking up Stan Goldberg and Dan DeCarlo. Chuck's Archie cartoonists easily defeat Veronica's French Fine Artists in the rebus-like contest.; According to Jughead's stopwatch, Archie has world-record speed in the sprints. At track practice, Coach Kleats finds that Jughead's watch is not working properly.; Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Reggie try to impress Archie, who they think is director of the school play.; Dilton isn't offended by being called a nerd. Later Riverdale High has an assembly for graduate Jay Sliderrule, a self-made tech millionaire who says he was called a nerd in high school.; Aunt Hilda installs a phone on her broom.