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Title: Bad Omens: Concrete Jungle
Page Count: 24
Genre: Crime, Mature
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 4.99
Cover Date: November 2023
UPC: 81013165006300351
Country: United States
Award-Winning artist Jeremy Wilson brings his unique hand-painted blend of surrealism and classic forms to the gritty world of Bad Omens: Concrete Jungle. From the mega-viral and chart-topping band known as Bad Omens, comes this comic series based on their newest record, The Death of Peace of Mind. THE GREY: After the events of issues one and two, Bad Omens has put the Concrete Jungle on notice. The four members are taking over districts one by one, and will do whatever it takes to reach the top. But as always, something is ready to bring them down to size and keep the Jungle in the hands of the wealthy.