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Publisher: Archie
Title: Betty and Me
Page Count: 36
Genre: Humor, Teen
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 1.00 USD; 1.20 CAD
Cover Date: October 1990
UPC: 07189646753610
Country: United States
Betty follows the 5 magic step advice from Ethyl's book "Fanning Love Flames" to try to win Archie over from Veronica.; Archie and Betty save a little girl from drowning. She is the daughter of one of the richest men in the world, Ronald Frump. They are invited to visit the Frump yacht which is the largest privately owned ship in the world.; Betty and Archie decide they've been seeing a lot of each other so break a date to spend some time apart. They both end up at the local mall and keep running into each other. They run into each other so many times they decide to have lunch together.; Jughead takes Betty's parrot Sinbad to Pop Tate's. Sinbad repeats revealing tidbits.