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Publisher: Archie
Title: Betty and Veronica Annual Digest Magazine
Page Count: 132
Genre: Adventure, Historical, Humor, Satire-parody, Science Fiction, Teen
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 1.65 USD
Cover Date: February 1990
UPC: 071896468625
Country: United States
Captain Trueblue must turn over the cache of United States gold to the pirate Black Blech in order to ransom the life of wealthy debutante Cynthia Snobnostril.; Lamenting not having a date for the dance, Ethel is confronted by a handsome youth who asks her. But he's not your ordinary youth.; Seeing how despondent Betty is at not selling any of her macaroni sculptures, Veronica goes around and charms, bullies and blackmails the gang into buying them.; After unintentionally insulting a gremlin, Betty's life becomes one mishap after another.; Alex books The Pussycats to play a date in winter, in Alaska.; Alex's lavish floral gifts to Josie are crushing Alan's confidence. So Melody of all people steps in with an answer.; In the far future, humanity is forced to live under the oceans due to catastrophic pollution. For the class history lesson, Mr. Weatherbee's descendant teaches his class about the impact Archie and his friends had on current human civilization.; Reggie's example of a joke for a class presentation is a picture of Archie.; Archie finds the perfect necktie, but it's already been bought.; Archie is breath-taken; Reggie slams Archie; Jughead explains his two favorite things.; Everything seems to break right for Archie, so it can't possibly be real.; Sabrina grants a few wishes to celebrate her birthday.; Archie blames the ref for losing the basketball game.; Moose misunderstands his football assignment.; Veronica offers Archie a penny for his thoughts.; Jughead shows Reggie his new bird call.; Archie stops working out to meet Veronica.; Veronica tries to get Leroy to stop exaggerating.