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Publisher: Fox
Title: Blue Beetle
Page Count: 52
Genre: Adventure, Humor, Non-fiction, Superhero
Era: Golden
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: June 1944
Country: United States
German saboteurs blow up a building and leave evidence that the Beetle is responsible. But the Beetle uses his super powers to rebuild the entire building by morning. But the saboteurs continue their campaign to blacken the Beetle's name.; Dan Garrett is given the assignment of protecting Colonel Denton who is delivering information of the utmost importance. But Gestapo agents infiltrate the plane Denton is flying on, and Dan and the Colonel end up stranded on a "Jap infested" island in the Pacific.; Joan solves the mystery of a broadway booking agent's murder.; After being declared 4-F by the draft board, the O'Brine twins join the Merchant Marine. There they foil a submarine attack and volunteer to sale the captured submarine back to Washington. Only trouble is, they don't know the way!