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Publisher: Hachette Book Group USA
Title: Bunny Drop
Page Count: 228
Genre: Adventure, Domestic
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 12.99 USD; 14.50 CAD
Cover Date: March 2011
UPC: 9780759531208
ISBN: 978-0-7595-3120-8
Country: United States
Rin personally takes a hand in getting Kouki to stop acting up in school. Masako begins to show signs of emotional stress.; A chance meeting at the grave of Daikichi's grandfather gives Masako her first look at Rin in four years.; Keeping a family ritual, Daikichi and Rin plant a tree in the back yard to commemorate Rin's first day of school. Later, Daikichi researches whether his grandfather planted a tree commemorating Rin's birth.; It's Rin's first day of school and Daikichi is more nervous than she is.; One of the temporary employees at Daikichi's job begins to come on to him.; Kouki invites himself and his mother over for dinner and Daikichi, under pressure from Rin, accepts.