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Publisher: D.C. Thomson
Title: Commando
Page Count: 68
Genre: War
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 1.50 GBP; 4.30 NZD; 5.70 AUD
Cover Date: June 2011
UPC: 977026226219525
Country: United Kingdom
Pilot Sam Gilbert gets a new Stirling bomber, but his crew are sure it's jinxed because its number (535) adds up to thirteen. After several mishaps they convince Sam to replace it. Having finished their tour, they transfer to a test unit and try out a new radar bomb sight. The Stirling they are using crash-lands and its replacement turns out to be 535. The German raider Admiral Eisen is spotted in port and they, the only crew who have used the new equipment, are sent to bomb it. The sight works perfectly and the ship is sunk. Badly damaged 535 gets them home, but is wrecked by the landing.