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Publisher: Dark Horse
Title: Creepy
Page Count: 52
Genre: Horror-suspense
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 4.99 USD
Cover Date: April 2012
UPC: 76156815862500811
Country: United States
Gary visits a brothel where he pays the succubus Celia to remove his painful memories; after doing so, Celia tells him his soul will restore everything she took, but he'll return and become increasingly desperate each time - just like their other customers.; H.P. Lovecraft sees the very things he wrote about in his pulp stories come to life in Arkham after witnessing Jonah swallowed by a leviathan nearby R'lyeh, then returning as a fish-like being. Lovecraft attempts to warn the police, only to find himself back in Providence, Rhode Island and the police consider him insane; Lovecraft is sent to an asylum, ranting warnings about Cthulhu.; Robert falls in love with mausoleum employee Millie and marries her, but discovers she's dead and only able to be "alive" while within the mausoleum; Robert tries to be with her in death, but finds he doesn't like it and, broken-hearted, leaves the mausoleum.; Recaps various musicians who have used occult imagery in their stage shows.