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Publisher: EC
Title: Crime SuspenStories
Page Count: 36
Genre: Crime
Era: Golden
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: June 1953
Country: United States
Acton had killed Arthur Huxley and now tried to remove any clue that he had been at Huxley's home and had committed the crime. But his fixation with eliminating evidence of his presence had its consequences.; Harry has killed his wife and made it look as if she never came home from work. A perfect crime, until a nosy detective smells a rat!; As the owner of a cattle ranch, Patricia is getting lonely and longs for a man. That man is Roy Willis, a ranch hand who talks her into making him foreman. But soon he bores of Pat and seeks adventure in town with another woman. But Pat discovers the pair and decides to give Roy something to remember her by!