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Publisher: EC
Title: Crime SuspenStories
Page Count: 36
Genre: Crime
Era: Golden
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: February 1954
Country: United States
Brothers Fred and Harold grew up with Harold given the best of everything, and Fred began to hate his brother. One day, Fred discovered that Harold had committed a theft and decided to take the rap for his brother and went to jail. Meanwhile, their mother, Donna, discovered that Harold had a gun and threatened to call the police. Harold struck her, paralyzing her from the neck down. After Harold was killed by the police, Fred was released from jail and returned to his mother to tell her the truth about Harold. When she didn't react, Fred killed himself.; Gail and Jim are unhappily married to their respective spouses, but, in fact, love one another. They decide on a daring plan to kill their mates and dissolve their bodies in quicklime to leave no trace. Further, they have separate photos taken of themselves together in disguise to fool any suspicious person that might smell a rat. But both soon discovered that the other was quickly becoming like their deceased mates and aim to do something about it.; Alex arrives unannounced at the beach house of his brother who invites him to stick around and stay with him. Alex's intent is to kill his brother after putting into place a whole series of alibis. Unfortunately, blood-stained from the deed, Alex decides to take a dip in the ocean to wash his brother's blood off, not knowing the water was infested with sharks!; A small-time radio announcer devises a plot to kill his wife, while he was broadcasting at the radio station. But he does not foresee a snag in those plans with the pre-recorded record he made and was playing over the airwaves.