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Publisher: Fantagraphics
Title: Critters
Page Count: 84
Genre: Advocacy, Anthropomorphic-funny Animals, Detective-mystery, Fantasy, Humor, Martial Arts, Science Fiction, Superhero
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 4.95 USD; 5.95 CAD
Cover Date: March 1990
Country: United States
Usagi Yojimbo meets a vengeful ghost.; Vippen makes a fly-powered aeroplane.; Demon foot escapes & causes chaos.; Ty Templeton tries to get pedestrian service from a McDonald's drive-thru window.; Jack Hammer hunts a cereal killer.; Plato Potts gets a note from a secret admirer.; Teddy Payne gets thrown out by his girlfriend.; Uncle Erf and Aunt Pansy have a fight.; Inky and Stinky join race.; Ambrose plants a garden.; Ambrose models for Colby.