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Publisher: Dark Horse
Title: Dark Horse Presents
Page Count: 36
Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 1.50 USD; 2.15 CAD
Cover Date: July 1986
Country: United States
A Black Zone Special Operations Unit comes across an old man and harasses him. Conrad has a change of heart in what they are doing and shoots the others in the unit. As he leaves the scene he tells the old man he is now Black Cross.; Larry and Concrete read fan letters. Concrete accepts an invitation to what he thinks is a celebrity party. It turns out to be a kids birthday party, but he enjoys himself anyways.; Agent Doyle has Myron deliver Mr. Garret to him and has him enter the mind of an old German man who invented some virus. After coming out of the old man's mind he tells Agent Doyle nothing of what he has learned.; A girl who can project light is tired of fighting fantastic creatures and daydreams of just being an entertainer.