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Publisher: Marvel
Title: Deadpool
Page Count: 108
Genre: Humor, Superhero
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 4.99 USD
Cover Date: October 2010
Country: United States
Deadpool dreams he is the star of a crazy version of The Maltese Falcon with the Mandarin's rings hidden in a chocolate bunny being the ultimate prize.; Deadpool is searching for a missing young man when he is captured by a pack of loquacious vampires who plan on fattening him up for dinner.; Deadpool is playing poker in Vegas when a beautiful woman sidles up to the table and begins to guess which of his opponents is his latest target.; The young son of an old criminal buddy hires Deadpool to appear at his Bar Mitzvah in order to publically take out his much hated, soon-to-be step father; Deadpool is asked to save his friend's favorite goat from a pack of vicious goat suckers.; The Deadpool Corps are holding a memorial for the deceased Avengers when a large striped planet appears in the sky and starts raining berets on earth. When berets resurrect a few of the Avengers as undead mimes, battle ensues. Things get tricky when a beret falls on Deadpool himself, turning him into a silent, yet dexterous agent of violence.; The Canadian government asks Deadpool to lead their new national super hero team.; Zeus creates a host of new Deadpools to serve as his entertainment.; DP is asked to retrieve a little girl's cat that is stuck in a tree and ends up taking a psychedelic head trip in the process.; A week in the life of Deadpool (underground comix style).; Dr. Doom drops Deadpool from his friends list after being forced to read DP's terrible weekly web comic.